Will be replaced by Lee AI-mastering is real mastering engineers?
Making music is the most human and human activity in the world, but in recent years artificial intelligence has also begun to play on this field. Algorithms are involved in…

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Faith No More "The Real Thing": a thing for all time
After a long pause, the band Faith No More reunited to record "Sol Invitus", but this year we would like to celebrate the anniversary of the most punchy album of…

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Freaking out in earnest: interview with Carlos Beneto Grau of the Spanish Brass quintet
"Rock band from the wind" or a serious circus? The Spanish Brass wind quintet from Barcelona performed at the international music festival in Yaroslavl. Spanish macho virtuosos first appeared in…

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Summing up: Russian jazz in 2018

It is difficult to divide music into years, especially to sum up some results for a certain period of time. Music is too Grand to be measured in days, even if there are 365 of them. But a ritual is a ritual. So, what did your reviewer personally remember about 2018 in Russian jazz? Analysis of what happened through personal impressions with conclusions.

The most popular event of the year is “jazz Day” in St. Petersburg. UNESCO Ambassador Herbie Hancock brought this new holiday to us, in Russia, in the Northern capital. A lot of real stars, events, events-jazz finally began to look like something cool-status-dynamic. Judging by the stories of insiders, a large-scale event was prepared quite quickly, and often directly as if with God’s Providence! Continue reading

Ten Christmas covers that have overtaken the originals in popularity

They say that everything new is well-forgotten old. We decided to support this expression and have prepared for you a fresh selection of “bearded” Christmas hits in new arrangements, which in all points outshone their originals. Let’s go!

Carol of the Bells [original]One of the most popular Christmas songs is nothing other than the Ukrainian folk song “shchedryk”, adapted by Nikolai Leontovich. The composer worked on it for almost twenty years: the first edition was presented in 1901, and in 1916 it was first performed by the choir of Kiev University. The English-language equivalent of “Shchedrik” – “Carol of the Bells ” – was heard in” South Park”,” the simpsons”,” family Guy”,” the Addams Family”,” die Hard ” … this list can go on indefinitely. Continue reading

Tales for adults: four new albums with unexpected genres

By January, many artists are preparing either albums of new year’s songs, or something very special that may not work without the festive hype. So, both the final of the year and the first month of 2019 were pleased with interesting finds. Here you will find veterans of the Russian rock scene with ironic songs, folk-rockers with psychedelic tales, The Beatles in avant-garde costumes and Gregory porter reincarnated as NAT king Cole.

Eugene Margulis ” Back and forth!”Let’s start with a big name, but not for the sake of hype, and justice for. In the final of last year, Eugene Margulis released another solo album, which is so bluesy and homely kind that it would be unfair to miss it. Continue reading

Classics from contemporaries: five new albums of academic music

Hits of concert halls and premiere recordings of little-known composers. Young virtuosos are nuggets and collectives with a century-old history. Baroque, reminiscent of minimalism. So, we continue our review of contemporary classical music recordings released at the end of last year and the beginning of this year. We tell you in the genre of “Classics for dummies” – in simple words about pleasant works that are worth listening to in any case.

Seong-Jin Cho, Yannick Nezet-Seguin, Chamber Orchestra of Europe “Mozart: Piano Concerto N°20 K466-Sonatas K281 & K332″ ” I Love playing Mozart, but not because he is lighter than other composers, just his music is very joyful. Continue reading

Jazz together: six bright duet albums

Jazz is an abundant genre. Lush orchestras, lengthy improvisations, dueling soloists, a meandering rhythm section, and so on. But not always the more the better. When jazzmen consciously limit themselves, sometimes a miracle happens. So sometimes a simple piano duet can sound as broad as an orchestra. Today we have selected several albums for you, where just two instruments create a whole universe of sound and drive.

Charlie Haden & Brad Mehldau “Long Ago And Far Away” Two eras of jazz. The great double bassist Charlie Hayden and the popular pianist-innovator brad Meldau collaborated a lot, having met back in 1993. Continue reading

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