Madonna's discography as a mirror of digital recording evolution
Madonna's first albums coincided with the distribution of CDs on the market and her subsequent works clearly show how priorities changed in recording. Let's look at them in more detail.…

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"Music is a single language of the world": interview with Mikhail Mamonov, owner of SmartAudio Studio
SmartAudio Recording Lab is a modern, professional recording Studio based in Kirov and consciously focused on working with analog. About this and not only in an interview with the founder…

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American experts named the best and worst infotainment systems of car radio
A popular American analytical magazine compiled a traditional report that collected the best and worst infotainment systems that appeared on the market in the latest car models. To compile the…

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Alexei Syumak: “Beautifully drawn musical scores and sound beautiful!»

Composers are rapidly getting younger. And use unusual tools, strokes and harmonies. I was personally convinced of this by the review of young talents at the Winter International Art Festival in Sochi. “I’m looking for a new Schnittke,”as the festival’s founding father, violist and conductor Yuri Bashmet has often said.

Bashmet is a great friend of the composer Alexander Tchaikovsky, head of the composition Department at the Moscow Conservatory. Yuri Abramovich has a thirst to search for and play new things in his blood: for half a century, music for him was written by modern composers all over the world, from Schnittke onwards, and many, now classical, works are strongly associated only with the basmet viola. There were just not many works for solo viola. Continue reading

Historical paintings: new albums of classics

Operatic thrillers and self-absorbed chamber works. Historical records and the latest versions of netlens. Beethoven’s Anniversary. This is an interesting climate in the academic recording of the winter-spring of this year.

I will say the banality that has already been imposed in my teeth: quarantine is a time to get acquainted with some “complex” art. Large-scale works, such as books of a thousand pages, operas of three hours, and so on. Personally, I have never really liked the Opera genre, but then I suddenly realized that if you listen carefully to a good production, it is as if it is visualized. In particular, today we will talk about such strong recordings of the Russian Opera school. Let’s start with one of the main Russian Opera composers — and his most complex and ambiguous work. Continue reading

12 best headphones of 2018 for real music lovers and sound lovers

Your perfect headphones.

In today’s busy world, technology gives a person a unique opportunity not to part with the beautiful. Thanks to the headphones, which are getting cooler every year, you can listen to music anywhere and at any time: on public transport, in the office, at the machine, and even at a meeting, if you are really bored. This review contains headphones that have recently entered the market and have already earned an almost perfect reputation.

The Sony WH-1000XM2 model has small but important improvements over the previous model, including better battery life and a lower price. Continue reading

American experts named the best and worst infotainment systems of car radio

A popular American analytical magazine compiled a traditional report that collected the best and worst infotainment systems that appeared on the market in the latest car models. To compile the rating, experts had to interview more than 60 thousand respondents, of whom only 56 percent were completely satisfied with the performance of car systems.

According to the American publication Consumer Reports, which conducts comparative tests of consumer goods and services based on user responses, the best automotive infotainment system can be considered “IVI”. This system is currently installed on Tesla cars. It is a rare case when 86 percent of the respondents surveyed turned out to have the equipment. Continue reading

Melody of the Universe: how the Soviet “father of electronics” created a cosmic musical instrument

This, without exaggeration, unique musical unit could not be attributed to any type of instrument. Moreover, the melody that he plays after a couple of mysterious passes with his hands is so amazing that it is called alien. And the biography of its inventor is full of riddles and rumors. All this is about the theremin-an amazing musical instrument, and its author Lev Theremin.
Lev theremin is rightly considered an avant-gardist and pioneer of electronics. And he lived a long, eventful life, covering, in fact, all the historical and political periods of the changeable 20th century. However, keeping faith with science, theremin did not pay attention to external vicissitudes, until his last days he was engaged in electronics. Continue reading

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