Why is music no longer recorded the way it used to be? [translation]
When the old fans complain about songs that have been nominated for a Grammy this year, there's a reason. It's time for the annual Grammy awards, and as always, Sunday's…

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Canned food and clones, or Where is the new classic
They say: they don't argue about tastes. To be honest, I never understood the meaning of this expression. How can you argue about tastes? "My taste is better"? "The taste…

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Classics from contemporaries: five new albums of academic music
Hits of concert halls and premiere recordings of little-known composers. Young virtuosos are nuggets and collectives with a century-old history. Baroque, reminiscent of minimalism. So, we continue our review of…

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Will be replaced by Lee AI-mastering is real mastering engineers?

Making music is the most human and human activity in the world, but in recent years artificial intelligence has also begun to play on this field. Algorithms are involved in almost every stage of music production-from creating beats on drum machines to writing the melodies themselves, which can hardly be distinguished from the creations of people. Now AI is starting to work in mastering, and this raises the question of the need to use qualified specialists in one of the most difficult areas of music production.

Mastering is the final step in post-processing audio, and its task is to ensure that the final track sounds balanced regardless of what you listen to it on: even in Spotify, even in iTunes, even on disk. Continue reading

Nineties without Linden: seven great forgotten songs

The initiators of the Alice in Chains grunge will come to Moscow in the summer. The band recorded the first exemplary album of this style “Facelift”, and in 1992 AIC released the Swan song of grunge — the album”Dirt”. In General, there were many musical breakthroughs, discoveries and shocks that year. Something has been forgotten, but it seems that the 90s are with us for a long time.

From the point of view of show business, the main achievement of the nineties, probably, is that almost any non-commercial music has learned to make commercial. “Reposition”, in the language of marketing textbooks. Continue reading

Listen to video game soundtracks while you work

As I write this text, I can hear the sound of triumphant pipes mingling with the rhythmic notes of violins. You know, if you read my article, turn on this track and find “Battlefield One”. You’ll focus a little better if it plays in the background, I promise. After all, this is what video game soundtracks are aimed at.

Actually, at this point, this is the best life advice I’ve received — listen to music from video games if you need to concentrate. After all, this is a special genre of music created in order to enhance the sensations and, at the same time, stay somewhere in the background, in the subcortex of the brain. It should engage and engage the player without distracting them. Continue reading

Musical anhedonia, or Not everyone likes music [translation]

To the sides of both unmanned spacecraft with the same name “Voyager” (eng. Voyager), launched in 1977, are attached identical round aluminum boxes with gold-plated disks on which images are applied. The goal of the Voyager mission is to introduce us to possible extraterrestrials and show the diversity of life and culture on planet Earth.

“The spacecraft will turn on the phonogram if it encounters advanced civilizations in interstellar space. Continue reading

On the rage of the day: four new jazz albums

Jazzmen-in principle, people are not indifferent to everything in life (and to what will happen after it). Otherwise, they are not jazz musicians. That, however, does not prevent them from combining wisdom with drive, and thoughtfulness with entertainment. We present four new albums by cool artists that have this balance in one way or another.

Tommy Emmanuel & John Knowles “Heart Songs” Here at first glance everything is simple. Continue reading

Live season: five new jazz albums
It has always been assumed that summer is the dead season in the record usinessb. All high-profile / significant releases are traditionally planned for the beginning of autumn,and then-for the…


In dark alleys: five new jazz albums
April is full of the intoxicating spirit of renewal. And it happens every year. And, thank God, for more than a hundred years, new jazz albums have been released at…


Unknown about Miles and more
"The critics were still not up to me, but my albums were in demand. This was evident, if only because around this time Bob Weinstock, on Prestige, gave me $…


Gregory the Minister: "Rock and roll-limited music!»
Old-timers of our portal probably do not remember that the hero of my  a writer-actor-musician and, at the same time, a music lover who is always looking for something new…