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Out Of Print items copied onto CDR (recordable compact disc)

CDRs are recordable CDs that have music recorded onto them.  This
music  is  stored on the disc in regular audio tracks just like a
CD  you  buy from the store and can be played on your home or car
CD player, computer CD-ROM drive, etc, just like a regualar CD.

The following items are available on CDR.  These items are either
copied direct from CD  or  are remastered from LP or tape.  Items
from LP or tape are often at a lower volume than those done  from
a CD.

If you don't see what you're looking for below, you can also  get
CDR copies made from your own LPs or tape or from LPs or tapes in
the regular CMX catalog.  The cost is $30 per LP or tape.   These
take longer, usually several weeks.

Occasionally the  copying process will leave a short gap during a
song.  Unfortunately  there  doesn't  seem to be much that can be
done about  this  short of spending a lot of money on a whole new
computer.  This  only  applies to CDRs from section 1.  CDRs from
others sections seem to be fine.

There are also sections for DVDs.  Please check sections below.
Titles may be in more than one section so it's best to check
them all and see which you want to get.

Below is further information on the remastering process:

---------------------------  [ Note ]  --------------------------

To comply with copyright law you should own an  original copy  of
the item on  record, tape, 8-Track or damaged CD to aquire a copy
of the item on CDR.  If you don't  already have a copy you may be
able  to  purchase one from the catalog on tape, LP, etc.  Please
check the catalog for  available  titles  if you wish to do this.
For any items  that  have  received permission from the copyright
holder to  copy, a  double  asterisk [**] will be added after the
listing.  If you are the  copyright  holder of any of these items
and you're willing  to have  them copied onto CDR (without having
an original copy) please send  an  email  to  CMX.  If you're the
copyright holder and would  prefer your item not be be available,
CMX will gladly honor your wishes.  Again, please write to CMX at

Items listed below should all be out of print and unavailable via
normal  channels. If you see something below that IS available as
a regular  CD (from the band, as a reissue, etc),  please  notify
CMX so it can be removed.  Thank you.

---------------------------  [ Note ]  --------------------------

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further information, customer comments and detailed price and go directly to listings, click HERE.


Vinyl  Restoration is an ARCHIVAL process used to restore old out
of print vinyl records  &  cassette  tapes  on  CD.   Remastering
involves   using  sophisticated  equipment  and  highly  advanced
software to reduce or eliminate pops and clicks from records  and
to  filter  out unwanted noise such as tape hiss.  Once the music
has been cleaned up, it is recorded on CD and thus archived to be
enjoyed for years to come.

Since a lot of golden oldies released prior to the late 80's were
never  released  on  CD,  this  is the best way of archiving your
precious vinyl and rare music collection so that you'll  be  able
to  enjoy  it for a long time to come. Vinyl records and cassette
tapes wear out rather quickly, therefore having them backed up on
CD offers a lifetime of listening  pleasure.  A  number  of  rare
titles  which have been requested by customers in the recent past
are listed below.  In the table below in addition to  the  artist
and  titles  available  on  CDR  we have also listed the original
source used in producing the remastered CD.  Quality  is  usually
the  best  when  an  original  CD  is  the source but clean vinyl
records and cassettes in good condition also  make  good  sources
for remastering.

All CDs play on any standard CD players just like CDs  you'd  buy
in the store.

NOTE:  If source is listed as "CD", the copy should  be  just  as
good quality as the original. If it's listed as "LP" or "TAPE" it
will  depend  on the quality of the original, the equipment used,
etc.  There  will almost certainly be some pops and such if  it's
from  LP  and the sound will  probably be somewhat "flat" if it's
from  tape.  If you're very dissatisfied with the quality you can
return it for credit.  Credit is for price of  the  CD  only  and
doesn't include any shipping or other costs.  If you  return  the
CDR you must also return any copies that were made.

Here are some customer comments regarding the CDRs:


 Wow!  Did I ever hear some great music when I received my last
 order. Your vinyl rips exceeded my expectations my a long bit.
 Sheila Walsh sounds almost like a CD.  I look forward to
 ordering more music from you.  Good Job.

 -- ml

 Just want to say, "Thanks." I just got back from a trip and
 picked up my CDR's. As usual, your service is great. One of the
 best (if not the best) music sites/servers.  Also, please extend
 my appreciation to the person/persons who produce the  CDR's in
 CDR Section III. The CDR's are very well produced (this was my
 second order from Section III). They look like, for lack of a
 better term,  the real deal. I'll be ordering again.  Thanks

 -- ch

 I am amazed!!  They arrived today and I am just blown away by
 the quality of the color inserts, the artwork on the CDRs
 themselves, and of course by the music!!!!  True audiophiles can
 no doubt tell these are recorded from tape/LP, but for the
 listening pleasure and convenience of one who just wants to hear
 good stuff from the past on the CD player in the car or the home,
 this is great!  Thanks so much for a great product, and God bless

 Warmest regards,

 -- gf

 God bless you for providing this service. With a dying turntable
 and disintegrating cassettes, and no CDs available of these great
 albums, I thought I'd never hear them again.
 -- db

Just writing to thank you one hundred times for the two 1986 CDs
I received  from you! I had the cassette version of one of them
and had been looking for the  CD version FOR YEARS, before I
discovered your site. I played "Hymns in Colour"  as the
gathering music for my wedding in 1998. I remember making THREE
COPIES of  the cassette just in case the original broke. Thanks
for bringing this great music back into my life and prompting
very  fond memories. I have played them daily as my worship and
quiet time music. May  the Lord continue to bless and use your
ministry to bless others.

-- cp

Thank you very much; you've helped make a rare asset available to
the common man ! Well worth the money, Bless you,

-- tm

There are several different sections to the remastered CDs  list.
The reason for the different sections is that there are different
sources.  If you don't see the item you're  looking  for  in  one
section, please check the  next section. All items listed are the
full albums copied onto  CDRs (recordable CDs)  unless  otherwise

All items are remastered onto CD regardless of  original  source.
All CDs are new but not sealed.  All  prices are in U.S. Dollars.
CDs come with either a regular CD case (when ordered with inserts
or usually a slimline CD case if no inserts are  ordered.  If you
want a regular CD case instead, please note this on your order.

If  you own an item on vinyl or tape and want it copied onto CDR,
you can also have it done.  If the item is currently in stock  at
CMX in the catalog, update or section 1 only of the remastered CD
list and is opened, it's not necessary to send the  original.  If
there are only unopened copies in stock you would need to add $3.
When sending your items to be copied the original item will  also
be  returned with the new CD unless you say otherwise.  Costs are
listed below.  You can either send the orginal LP or tape or  you
can make a tape of your item and send that instead. This is a bit
safer since it's possible, though unlikely, that your original LP
or tape could get lost in the mail.  If your  item is lost either
to or from  CMX  there  would  be  no  way to replace it. You can
insure the package but you would have a  difficult  time  proving
the value of your item.  If you  do send a tape copy of your item
you should use good quality tape. Also, converting an LP to a CDR
usually takes  longer  since  these  are done by someone else and
sometimes they get backlogged. Please allow a minimum of at least
3 weeks, and probably more.

When source is listed as CD,LP it means that the CD  version  did
not contain all the tracks that were on the LP.  In this case the
missing tracks were added from LP.

This  page  is usually updated each month at the same time as the
regular catalog.


PRICES: All prices are per disc.  Price does not include Shipping
/handling, insurance, etc. All inserts are color unless otherwise
listed. If you have questions please send an email to cmxmusic@gmail.com

Also, if you have CDR copies of rare CCM music not  listed  here,
please contact CMX about possible trading.

There are several different sections.  Section 1 has  the  lowest
prices. Other sections are higher but have items not available in
section 1. You may want to search the entire page before ordering.

Please make sure you're looking at the correct price for the item
you want.  Each section has pricing at the top.

All items from section 1 and items that need to be copied from LP
or tape are plain CDRs without any  printing  or  inserts  unless
otherwise listed. If available you can have a song list mailed or
emailed to you for an additional $3.

CDR copied from your record or tape without inserts:..........$30  Please check first with CMX to make sure this service is currently available
CDR copied from your record or tape with color inserts:       $40  "
CDR copied from used record or tape from CMX catalog(no insrt)$30  "
CDR copied from used record or tape from CMX catalog(w/ insrt)$40  "
CDR copied from unopened record/tape from CMX catalog(noInsrt)$35  "
CDR copied from unopened record/tape from CMX catalog(w/insrt)$45  "

CDR copied from your CD (no inserts):                         $10
CDR copied from used CD from CMX catalog (no inserts):        $10
CDR copied from used CD from CMX catalog (with b/w inserts):  $15  (not generally available if CD isn't in regular catalog - see listing to find out)
CDR copied from used CD from CMX catalog (with color inserts):$20  (not generally available if CD isn't in regular catalog - see listing to find out)
CDR copied from unopened CD from CMX catalog (no inserts):    $15
CDR copied from unopened CD from CMX catalog (w b/w inserts): $20
CDR copied from unopened CD from CMX catalog(w/color inserts):$25

For other prices please check individual sections.


Links to some older music currently available on regular CD:

Darrell Mansfield
Larry Norman
Rick Cua
77's, etc
N'Soul Records
================================================================= ================================================================= Section 1 CDRs in this section have no printing or artwork on the CDR face. The items in section 1 usually don't have inserts available. Many of these titles are available with inserts in sections 3 or 4. If the title is listed in the regular catalog you can also get color or black and white inserts. If you want inserts for a title in this section please contact CMX for availability. PRICE PER DISC - $10.00 (2-CD sets are $20) -- without inserts $15.00 (2-CD sets are $25) -- with black & white inserts IF available $20.00 (2-CD sets are $30) -- with color inserts IF available ---------------------------------------------------------------- Large Order Bonus - For each 10 CDRs purchased from section 1 in the same order, get an 11th CDR from section 1 for free. ---------------------------------------------------------------- All CDRs come with a regular or slimline CD case. If you want inserts please make sure they're available or contact CMX first. (All items in sections 3 and 4 have full color inserts available otherwise noted.) If you would like the artist and title written on the CDR and/or CD case spine, please specify this when ordering. You can also get a CDR copy of any item in stock. Please see the price list above. [!] = 2 Albums on 1 CDR [B] = Best Of collection [R] = contins CD-ROM Data [S] = Copy from CD reissue * = inserts not available unless same item is already in stock in regular catalog section. (AC)=ADULTCONTEMPOR (AL)=ALTERNATIVE (AM)=AMBIENT (AP)=ACAPPELLA (BG)=BLUEGRASS (BL)=BLUES (BP)=BLACKPOP (CT)=CELTIC (CL)=CLASSICAL (CM)=COMEDY (CW)=COUNTRY/WESTRN (DA)=DANCE (FO)=FOLK (GO)=GOSPEL/CHOIR (GT)=GOTHIC (HL)=HOLIDAY (HS)=HOUSE (HY)=HYMNS (ID)=INDUSTRIAL (IN)=INSTRUMENTAL (IS)=INSPIRATIONAL (JZ)=JAZZ (KI)=KIDS (ME)=METAL (MS)=MESSIANIC (NW)=NEWWAVE (MR)=MODERNROCK (PO)=POP (PU)=PUNK (PW)=PRAISE/WORSHIP (RP)=RAP/HIPHOP (RG)=REGGAE (RV)=RAVE (RO)=ROCK (SG)=SOUTHERNGOSP (SK)=SKA (SO)=SOUL (SP)=SPANISH (SW)=SWING (TE)=TECHNO/ELECTRN (TG)=TRADITGOSPEL (VS)=VARIOUS (WB)=WORLDBEAT (..)=UNKNOWN LATEST ADDITIONS TO SECTION 1: Plain CDR: No labels Artist/Band Title or papers Source Notes ----------- ----- ------- ------ ----- FULL LIST (including items above). --------------------------------\\-------------------------------------- In addition to items listed below, any out of print item (tape, record or CD)listed in the catalog or on the update page (if not already sold) can be transferred onto CDR for $12 for used CDs or $15 for new CDs, $35 for used records and tapes and $38 for new records and tapes. Please see above for prices on inserts. Unless otherwise listed, all items in this section are plain CDRs without any labels or paper inserts. If you would like artist and title written on front please request this on your order. If the same item is available in the regular CD section you can get black and white photocopies of inserts for $5 per set. Were noted or if the item is in the regular catalog, you can have the track titles emailed to you for an additional $2 Plain CDR: No labels Artist/Band Title or papers Source Notes ----------- ----- ------- ------ ----- CDR 12th Tribe(RP)Knowledge IsTheTreeOf 91$10 CD CDR 12th Tribe(RP)Livin' In Babylon 92....$10 CD CDR 2nd Chap Of Act(AC)20 disc 2..........$10 CD CDR 2nd Chap Of Act(AC)Far Away Places 87.$10 CD CDR 2nd Chap Of Act(AC)Mansion Builder 91.$10 CD CDR 2nd Chap Of Act(KI,AC)The Roar Of Love$10 CD CDR 2nd Chap Of(AC,PO)Rejoice/SingerSow[!]$10 CD 2 albums on 1 CDR y CDR 2nd Chap,Mich&StOmart(AC)Together Liv1$10 LP (this disc is also available with 2 longs tracks (one for each side of the LP) if you prefer that for some reason. unless otherwise requested you'll receive a disc with the normal 1 track for each song) CDR 2nd Chap,Mich&StOmart(AC)Together Liv2$10 LP (this disc is also available with 2 longs tracks (one for each side of the LP) if you prefer that for some reason. unless otherwise requested you'll receive a disc with the normal 1 track for each song) CDR 2nd Chap,Phil Keaggy(AC)How TheWestOn1$10 CD Disc 1 of 2 CD set CDR 2nd Chap,Phil Keaggy(AC)How TheWestOn2$10 CD Disc 2 of 2 CD set CDR 2nd ChapActs(AC)In The VolumeOfTheBook$10 LP also available with b/w inserts for addtional $5. You can get a CDR of both this and "With Footnotes", both from CD, for the same price rather than buying them seperatly if you prefer. CDR 2nd ChapActs(AC)With Footn/In TheVolum$10 CD CDR 2nd Chapter Of Acts(AC)Encores 81/00..$10 CD CDR 2nd Chapter Of Acts(AC)Night Light 91.$10 CD CDR 2nd Chapter Of Acts(AC)Singer Sower...$10 CD CDR 2nd Chapter Of Acts(AC)With Footnotes.$10 CD You can get a CDR of both this and "In The Volume Of The Book", both from CD, for the same price rather than buying them seperatly if you prefer. CDR 38th Parallel(..)Turn The Tides 02....$10 CD CDR 441(..)441............................$10 LP CDR 441(..)Mourning Into Dancing..........$10 LP CDR AD(Kerry Livgren+(RO)Compact Favorit88$10 CD CDR AD(RO)Art Of The State................$10 CD CDR AD(RO)Reconstructions 86..............$10 CD original album. See "Kerry Livgren/AD" for 1997's "Reconstructions - Reconstructed" with 3 bonus tracks CDR AVB(AP,AC)Song In My Soul 90..........$10 CD CDR Aaron Sprinkle(..)Moontraveler 99.....$10 CD CDR Able Cain(..)s/t 94 5 song EP.........$10 CD CDR Acappella Company(AP)Hear ItInOurVoic3$10 CD CDR Acappella(AP)All That I Need 99.......$10 CD CDR Acappella(AP)Gospel Long Play 00......$10 CD CDR Adam Again(AL)Homeboys 90.............$10 CD CDR Adam Again(AL)In A New World Of Time86$10 CD also available with b/w inserts for addtional $5. CDR Adam Again(AL)Ten Songs By Adam Again.$10 CD CDR Adrian Snell/EternDancT(..)We WantToLi$10 CD CDR AdventuresInTheLandOfBigBeats&H(..)s/t$10 CD CDR Agape(RO)Gospel Hard Rock 94..........$10 CD CDR Agape(RO)Victims Of Tradition 94......$10 CD CDR Al Denson(AC)Al Denson 89.............$10 CD CDR Al Denson(AC)Be The One 90............$10 CD CDR Al Denson(PO,AC)The Extra Mile 92.....$10 CD CDR Al Green(BP,GO)From My Soul 87 Arrival$10 CD CDR Al Green(BP,GO)One In A Million 91Word$10 CD CDR Al Green(BP,GO)Soul Survivor 87.......$10 CD CDR Alan Chase(AC,PO)One Step Closer 87...$10 CD CDR Alan Chase(AC,PO)One Step Closer 87...$10 CD CDR Alan Chase(AC,PO)One Step Closer 87...$10 CD CDR Alice Cooper(RO)Last Tempta{Christian}$10 CD CDR All Saved Freak Band(..)Anthology.....$10 CD 9 tracks starting with "The Old Rugged Cross". There's a (very) limited edition album issued only on CDR called "Anthology 1973 - 1981: Rock The world Revival" with 19 track CDR All Saved Freak Band(..)Brainwashed.. $10 LP CDR All Saved Freak Band(..)My PoorGenerat$10 CD CDR All Saved Freak Band,The(..)For Christ$10 LP CDR All Star Band:Stoneh/Keag+(..)One ByOn$10 CD CDR Alleluia Music(PW)All Creation Worship$10 CD CDR Alleluia Music(PW)Shine Jesus Shine 94$10 CD CDR Allies(RO)Allies......................$10 CD CDR Allies(RO)Long Way From Paradise 89...$10 CD CDR Allies(RO)Man With A Mission..........$10 CD CDR Allies(RO)Shoulder To Shoulder........$10 CD CDR Allies(RO)The River 90................$10 CD CDR Allies(RO)Virtues.....................$10 CD CDR Alpha Band(..)Spark In The Dark.......$10 LP CDR Altar Boys(NW)Gut Level Music 86......$10 CD CDR Altar Boys(NW)Gut LevelM/Against Th[!]$10 CD CDR Altar Boys(NW)The Collection 91 Alarma$10 CD CDR Altar Boys(RO)Forever Mercy 89 Alarma.$10 CD CDR Altar Boys(RO,NW)Against The Grain 87.$10 CD CDR Alvarez, Jason(..)Just Give Me Jesus..$10 LP CDR Alvin Lee&Mylon LeFevre(RO)On the Road$10 LP On The Road To Freedom CDR Alwyn Wall(..)Invisible Warfare.......$10 LP CDR Amarachi/Gail Moore(RE)Keep OnSingin90$10 CD CDR Ambience(HL)ChristmasSoundtrackForSeas$10 CD CDR America Gomorrah(..)Exchanging TruthFo$10 CD CDR Amy Grant(AC)Amy Grant 77.............$10 CD CDR Amy Grant(AC)Music Of The Spirit 94...$10 CD A Choral Celebration Of Sacred Music Through The Ages Featuring Amy Grant CDR Amy Grant(PO)Age To Age 82............$10 CD CDR Amy Grant(PO)Unguarded 85.............$10 CD CDR Amy Grant,MWS,GaryChapman(AC)One Momen$10 TAPE "One Moment In Time" Amy Grant, Michael W. Smith, and Gary Chapman: "One Moment In Time" live concert. CD is from a tape, one CD track for each side of tape. Contents: "stay for awhile", "emmanuel", "o come all ye faithful", "el shaddai", "friends" and "say once more" with talk from Amy, etc between each song CDR Amy Wolter(RO,NW,PO)Hit Me In TheHeart$10 CD CDR Anberlin(RO,ME)Blueprints ForTheBlackM$10 CD CDR Anberlin(RO,ME)Never Take FriendshipPe$10 CD CDR Andrae Crouch(GO)Vol. 1 The Classics91$10 CD CDR Andrae Crouch(GO)Vol. IIIThe Contempor$10 CD 1991 14 tracks CDR Andre Crouch&TheDiscip(GO)Take Me Back$10 CD CDR Andre Crouch(GO)More Of The Best 81...$10 CD CDR Andrew Culverwell(AC)Alive! Again.....$10 LP No noise reduction on this, just taken straight from LP CDR Andrus Blackwood&(AC)Soldiers OfTheLig$10 CD you can get track titles for this email to you for $2 extra CDR Andrus,Blackwood &Co.(AC)Grand Opening$10 LP CDR Andrus,Blackwood&(AC)Soldiers Of/StepO$10 CD 2 albums on one disc (Soldiers Of The Light/Step Out Of The Night. you can get track titles for this email to you for $2 extra CDR Andrus,Blackwood&(AC)Step OutOfTheNigh$10 CD you can get track titles for this email to you for $2 extra CDR Andy Denton(AC)Midnight Of Hope 99....$10 CD CDR Andy McCorroll&MoralSup(..)Zionic Bond$10 LP a single insert is available showing front of LP cover on one side and back of LP cover on the other side. Color front insert would be $10, black and white front insert would be $5 CDR Andy Pratt(AC,RO)Not Just For Dancing.$10 CD CDR Andy Pratt(AC,RO)Perfect Therapy 89...$10 CD CDR Angelica(ME)Angelica 89...............$10 CD CDR Angelica(ME)Angelica 89...............$20 CD CDR Angelica(ME)Angelica/Rock,Stock&Bar[!]$10 CD CDR Angelica(ME)Walkin' In Faith 90.......$10 CD CDR Annie Graves(..)Shine 93 IlluminRecord$10 CD you can get track titles for this email to you for $2 extra CDR Annie Herring&Kids(KI,PW)Sharing Songs$10 LP "Sharing Songs Of Worship" - Annie Herring & Kids Of The Kingdom CDR Annie Herring(AC)Flying Lessons 89....$10 CD CDR Annie Herring(AC)Search Deep Inside...$10 LP CDR Annie Herring(AC)Through A Child'sEyes$10 LP CDR Antithesis(..)Dying For Life Nightmare$10 CD CDR ApologetiX(CM,PARODY)Grace Period 02..$10 CD Christian parodies of 20 popular secular songs CDR Apostle(..)Prepare To Meet God 94.....$10 CD CDR Arcade(PO)Arcade 89...................$10 CD CDR Archers,The(AC)All Systems Are Go.....$10 LP CDR Archers,The(AC)Colors Of Your Love....$10 CD CDR Archers,The(AC)Keep Singin'ThatLoveSon$10 LP No noise reduction on this, just taken straight from LP CDR Archers,The(AC)Things We Deeply Feel..$10 LP CDR Archers,The(AC,PO)Colors Of:BeOurGuest$10 CD "Be Our Guest" & 4 interviews:23:24min CDR Archers,The(AC,PO)Fresh Surrender.....$10 LP CDR Archers,The(RO)Golden Classics........$10 TAPE also available with b/w inserts for addtional $5. you can get track titles for this email to you for $2 extra CDR Argyle Park(RO)Misguided 94...........$10 CD CDR Ark(RO)Voyages........................$10 LP? CDR Ark/David Kelly(..)The Angels/Crowning$10 LP 2 LPs on 1 CDR:The Angels Come/Crowning Of A Simple Man 2 LPs on 1 CDR: CDR Arkangel(ME)Warrior 80................$10 CD CDR Armageddon(ME)Money Mask 89...........$10 CD CDR Arsenal(ME)Armored Choir 90...........$10 CD CDR Ashley Cleveland(RO)Big Town 91.......$10 CD CDR At Foot Of Cross I(PW,AL)Clouds, RainF$10 CD CDR At TheFootOfTheCross2(PW,AL)Seven Last$10 CD CDR Athan Asia(ME)Through A Glass Darkly94$10 CD CDR Audio A(RO,AL)Don't CensorExtendRemixs$10 CD Audio Adrenaline CDR Audio Adrenaline(RO)Hit ParadeRadioSpe$10 CD Radio Special 58 minute CDR Audio Adrenaline(RO)Lift 01...........$10 CD CDR Audio Adrenaline(RO)Underdog 99.......$10 CD CDR Audio Adrenaline(RO)Worldwide 03......$10 CD CDR Aunt Betty's Ford(AL)Demo.............$10 TAPE CDR Avalon(AC,PO)A Maze Of Grace 97.......$10 CD CDR Awakening,The(RO)Into Thy Hands 88....$10 CD CDR Awakening,The(RO)Sanctified 87........$10 TAPE CDR BJ Thomas(AC)Home Where I Belong 76...$10 CD CDR BJ Thomas(AC,HL)Christmas Is Coming...$10 CD CDR Balance Of Power(ME)Book Of Secrets...$10 CD you can get track titles for this email to you for $2 extra CDR Balance Of Power(ME)Perfect Balance 01$10 CD CDR Barbara Fairchild(CW)Stories 95.......$10 CD CDR Barnabas(RO)Little Foxes..............$10 LP CDR Barnabus(RO)Artifacts And Relics 00...$10 CD CDR Barnabus(RO)Artifacts And Relics 00...$10 CD CDR Barren Cross(ME)Atomic Arena 88.......$10 CD CDR Barren Cross(ME)Rattle Your Cage 94...$10 CD CDR Barren Cross(ME)Rock For The King86/90$10 CD also available with b/w inserts for addtional $5. Includes 4 additional live tracks not on cassette CDR Barren Cross(ME)Rock ForThe King 86...$10 CD original 9 track lineup without the bonus tracks CDR Barren Cross(ME)State Of Control 89...$10 CD from the original release and contains additional track "2000 Years" not on cassette CDR Barry McGuire(AC)Best Of Barry 82/95..$10 CD "Best Of Barry McGuire" CDR Barry McGuire(AC)Cosmic Cowboy........$10 CD CDR Barry McGuire(AC)Have You Heard?......$10 LP CDR Barry McGuire(AC)Seeds................$10 LP CDR Barry McGuire/2nd Chap(AC)To TheBride1$10 LP "To The Bride" disc one CDR Barry McGuire/2nd Chap(AC)To TheBride2$10 LP "To The Bride" disc two CDR Barry Mcguire(RO,AC)Lighten Up 75.....$10 LP CDR Bash 'N The Code(RO,PO)More ThanEnough$10 CD CDR Bash-N-The Code(NW,PO)Big Mouth.......$10 CD you can get track titles for this email to you for $2 extra CDR Bash-N-The Code(NW,PO)s/t.............$10 LP CDR BeBe & CeCe Winans(GO)Heaven 88.......$10 CD CDR BeBe & CeCe Winans(GO)s/t 87..........$10 CD CDR Believer(ME)Dimensions 93.............$10 CD CDR Believer(ME)Extraction FromMortality89$10 CD CDR Ben Okafor(RG)Coffee With Lazarus 00..$10 CD CDR Ben Okafor(RG)Nkiru 91................$10 CD CDR Benny Hester(AC,PO)Nobody KnowsMeLikeY$10 CD CDR Benny Hester(AC,PO)Personal Best 88...$10 CD CDR Benny Hester(AC,PO)United W+Perfect[!]$10 CD CDR Benny Hester(AC,RO,PO)Perfect 89......$10 CD CDR Bethlehem(..)Bethlehem 78.............$10 LP CDR Betrayal(ME)Renaissance By Death 91...$10 CD CDR Betrayal(ME)The Passing 93............$10 CD CDR Bill Baumgart(..)The Kindling 88......$10 CD CDR Bill Gaither Trio(SG)The Very Best [B]$10 CD CDR Bill Gaither Trio(TG)Welcome BackHom87$10 CD CDR Bill Gaither&GaithVocB(SG,CW)Lovin' Go$10 CD CDR Billy & Sarah Gaines(AC)Friends Indeed$10 CD CDR Billy & Sarah Gaines(GO)s/t 86........$10 CD CDR Billy &SarahGaines(GO)He'll FindAWay88$10 CD CDR Billy &SarahGaines(GO)No OneLovesMeLik$10 CD CDR Billy Crockett(AC)Portraits 85........$10 CD CDR Billy Crockett(AC)The Basic Stuff 89..$10 CD CDR Billy Penn's Brother(..)Ruckus InRealT$10 CD CDR Billy Sprague(AC)Serious Fun..........$10 LP CDR Billy Sprague(AC)What a Way to Go.... $10 LP CDR Billy Sprague(AC,PO,RO)I Wish89-BestOf$10 CD CDR Billy Sprague(AC,PO,RO)La Vie 88......$10 CD CDR Billy Sprague(AC,PO,RO)The Wind &TheWa$10 CD CDR Bjorn Stigsson(ME)Together WithFriends$10 CD CDR Black And White World(RO,ME)s/t 91....$10 CD CDR Blah(RO,PU,RP)Blah 96 Rescue Records..$10 CD Different songs from 98 CD CDR Blenderhead(PU)EP 96 7 songs..........$10 CD CDR Blessed Rain(..)Conscience Of Kings 95$10 CD Belgium Import on It Stinks! Rec CDR Blind Willie Johnson(BL)Sweeter AsTheY$10 CD CDR Blisse(..)When The World Is Wonderful.$10 CD CDR Blood-n-fire(..)Messiah...............$10 CD CDR Bloodgood Live1(ME)Alive In America 90$10 CD CDR Bloodgood Live2(ME)Shakin' The World90$10 CD CDR Bloodgood(ME)Bloodgood 86.............$10 CD also available with b/w inserts for addtional $5. CDR Bloodgood(ME)Bloodgood/Detonation [!].$10 CD CDR Bloodgood(ME)Detonation 87............$10 CD also available with b/w inserts for addtional $5. CDR Bloodgood(ME)Out of the Darkness 89...$10 CD CDR Bloodgood(ME)Rock In A Hard Place 88..$10 CD CDR Bloomsday(RO)E.P. 97 5 song EP........$10 CD CDR Bob Ayala(..)Joy By Surprise..........$10 LP CDR Bob Bennett(AC)First Things First.....$10 LP CDR Bob Bennett(AC)Lord Of ThePast-ACompil$10 CD CDR Bob Bennett(AC)Matters Of The Heart...$10 CD CDR Bob Bennett(AC)Non-fiction............$10 LP CDR Bob Bennett(AC)Songs From Bright Ave91$10 CD also available with b/w inserts for addtional $5. CDR Bob Dylan(RO)Saved 80 Columbia........$10 CD CDR Bob Dylan(RO)Slow Train Coming 79/86..$10 CD CDR Bob Hardy(..)Face The Distance 90.....$10 CD CDR Bomb Bay Babies/Mike Knott(AL)Vol I 00$10 CD CDR Bowker Brothers(JZ)Finger Painting 95.$10 CD CDR Bowker Brothers(JZ)Joyful 87 HarvestMu$10 CD CDR Brainchild(RO)Mindwarp 92 REX Music...$10 CD CDR Brave,The(RO,ME)Battle Cries 92.......$10 CD CDR Breakfast With Amy(AL)Everything Was90$10 CD CDR Breakfast With Amy(AL)Live AtTheHawley$10 CD CDR Breakin' The Bondage Blues Band(BL)s/t$10 CD CDR Brent Bourgeois(PO)s/t, pre-Christian.$10 CD CDR Brent Lamb(CW)Right Now It's Raining98$10 CD CDR Brian Becker(PO)No LongerTheWaywardS91$10 CD CDR Bride(ME)Show No Mercy/Silence IsMadne$10 CD also available with b/w inserts for addtional $5. CDR Bride(RO)Across The Border 94 GermanIm$10 CD Rare German import, recorded live in Europe spring 1994 CDR Bride(RO)The Worm+Intervw&Linrs-13trks$10 CD CDR Bride(RO,ME)End Of The Age: Best Of...$10 CD CDR Bride(RO,ME)Kinetic Faith 91..........$10 CD CDR Bride(RO,ME)Live To Die 88............$10 CD CDR Bride(RO,ME)Live Vol II Acoustic 00...$10 CD CDR Bride(RO,ME)Snakes In CollEd-6sngs+Tlk$10 CD "Snakes In The Playground" Collector's Addition: 6 tracks and talk CDR Bride(RO,ME)The Lost Reels II.........$10 CD CDR Bride(RO,ME)The Lost Reels III 97.....$10 CD CDR Bride(RO,ME)The Lost Reels............$10 CD CDR Broken Silence(..)Shout It Out Loud...$10 CD CDR Brooks Williams(BL)Knife Edge 95......$10 CD 16 songs. also available with b/w inserts for addtional $5. CDR Broomtree(MR)Maybe This Time 00 Rustpr$10 CD CDR Brother Brother(..)Young Warriors 93..$10 CD CDR BrowBeatUnpluggedAlt:Choir,DigH,Mortl+$10 CD CDR Brown Bannister(AC)Talk to One Another$10 LP CDR Bruce Carroll(AC)The Great Exchange 90$10 CD CDR Bruce Carroll(CO,AC)Richest ManInTwn88$10 CD CDR Bruce Cockburn(FO)Big Circumstance....$10 CD CDR Bryan Duncan(AC)Anonymous ConfessionOf$10 CD CDR Bryan Duncan(AC)Holy Rollin 86........$10 CD CDR Bryan Duncan(AC)Love Takes Time17Cl[B]$10 CD CDR Bryan Duncan(PO)Complete{HolyR+HaveYo}$10 CD CDR Bryan Duncan(PO)Strong Medicine 86....$10 CD CDR Bryan Duncan(PO,AC)Now And Then 87....$10 CD CDR Bryn Haworth(..)Chronology 89 [B]Myrrh$10 CD CDR Bryn Haworth(..)More Than A Singer 92.$10 CD CDR Bryn Haworth(..)Slide Don't Fret......$10 CD CDR Buddy Greene(AC)Rufus 02..............$10 CD CDR Buddy Greene(AC)Sojourner's Song 90...$10 CD CDR Bunch Of Believers/BOB(SK)It's ASkaSka$10 CD CDR Busker Kibbutznik(..)Ponders Christian$10 CD CDR Caedmon's Call(RO)My Calm Your Storm..$10 CD CDR Caedmon's Call(RO)The Guild Collect v1$10 CD CDR Calicoes(..)Rumble 6 song Velvet BlueM$10 CD CDR California Metal 87...................$10 CD Barren Cross,Deliverance,Gardian,Hero,Mastedon,Neon Cross CDR Call,The(RO)Reconciled 86.............$10 CD CDR Call,The(RO)The Best Of The Call 97...$10 CD CDR Call,The(RO)The Best Of-20thCenturyMas$10 CD CDR Candle(KI)Music Machine 1 & 2.........$10 LP Contains both "Music Machine" and "Bullfrogs And Butterflies". 2 LPs on one CDR. Lyrics are available for the first album (The Music Machine) for $4 emailed or $5 printed. CDR Carla Riehl(..)Heroes 91 River Records$10 CD CDR Carman(AC,PO,PW,VS)A Long Time AgoInAL$10 CD CDR Carman(PO)Revival In The Land 89......$10 CD CDR Carman(PO,RO,PW)Some-O-Dat 92.........$10 CD CDR Carman(PO,RO,PW)Sunday's On The Way 83$10 CD CDR Carman(PO,RO,PW)The Champion 85.......$10 CD CDR Casino(AL,MR)s/t 92 Si Music..........$10 CD CDR Chagall Guevara(RO,AL)Violent Blue 91.$10 CD CD-single 1-song version CDR Chagall Guevara/Steve Taylor(RO,AL)s/t$10 CD you can get track titles for this email to you for $2 extra CDR Chalace(ME)Deathmask Grin 99..........$10 CD CDR Champion Birdwatchers(..)The Inconsola$10 CD CDR Charity Empress(..)s/t Canadian Import$10 CD members of Prayer Chain,Jason Martin & others CDR Charizma(RO)Rock The World............$10 CD CDR Charlie Peacock(..)Charlie Peacock + $10 CD includes 4 bonus tracks CDR Charlie Peacock(..)Lie DownInTheGras92$10 CD (Myrhh version) CDR Charlie Peacock(PO)The Secret OfTime90$10 CD CDR Charlie Peacock(PO)West CoastDiariesV1$10 CD CDR Charlie Peacock(PO)West CoastDiariesV2$10 CD CDR Charlie Peacock(PO)West CoastDiariesV3$10 CD CDR Charlie Peacock(PO)s/t 84.............$10 LP No noise reduction on this, just taken straight from LP CDR Charlie Sexton(..)Under TheWishingTtee$10 CD CDR Chatterbox(ID,ME)Despite 94...........$10 CD CDR Chaz Bosarge(AC)Chaz Bosarge 89.......$10 CD CDR Children of the Day(AC)Come ToTheWater$10 LP CDR Children of the Day(AC)With AllOurLove$10 LP CDR Choir,The(AL)Chase TheKang+5frShades88$10 CD CDR Choir,The(AL)Kissers And Killers 93...$10 CD CDR Choir,The(AL)Nevermind The Extras.....$10 CD CDR Choir,The(AL)Wide-Eyed Wonder 89......$10 CD CDR Choir,The(AL,NW)Diamonds And Rain.....$10 CD CDR Choo Choo Pye(RO,AL)Bark ForYourSupp93$10 CD CDR Chris Christian(AC)15 Best Of15Years91$10 CD you can get track titles for this email to you for $2 extra CDR Chris Christian(AC)Mirror Of/Love T[!]$10 CD "Mirror Of Your Heart" & "Love Them While We Can" on one 15 song CD CDR Chris Christian(AC)With Your Love 79..$10 LP No noise reduction on this, just taken straight from LP CDR Chris Christian(AC)s/t +3unreleasedTrk$10 CD you can get track titles for this email to you for $2 extra CDR Chris Christian(AC)s/t................$10 CD CDR Chris Christian(JZ,IN)No Lyrics 88....$10 CD you can get track titles for this email to you for $2 extra CDR Chris Christian(JZ,IN)Sketches 90.....$10 CD you can get track titles for this email to you for $2 extra CDR Chris Eaton(AC)Wonderful World 95.....$10 CD CDR Chris Lizotte &Soul Motion(BL,SO)s/t92$10 CD CDR Chris Lizotte(RO,SO,BL,GO)Free 91.....$10 CD CDR Chris Rice(AC)Run The Earth 03........$10 CD CDR Christafari(RG)Reggae Worship 93......$10 CD you can get track titles for this email to you for $2 extra CDR Christie Front Drive(RO)s/t 10 song...$10 CD Doesn't seem to be a title but has "saturday", "radio", "november", etc CDR Christie Front Drive(RO)s/t 6 song EP.$10 CD Doesn't seem to be a title but has "turned", "dyed on 8", "lot", "pipe", etc CDR Christmas:BeBe&C,Whiteh,MCard,STaylor+$10 CD you can get track titles for this email to you for $2 extra CDR Chryztyne(..)Tales Of Paradise........$10 CD CDR Chuck Girard(AC)Fire & Light 90.......$10 CD CDR Chuck Girard(AC)The Stand.............$10 LP CDR Chuck Girard(AC)Written On The Wind 77$10 LP CDR Chuckie P.(RP)Do You Have AProblemWi90$10 CD CDR Cindy Epstein(AC)Every Eye 91.........$10 CD CDR Circle Of Dust(ID)Brainchild 94.......$10 CD CDR Clark Brothers(AC)Heaven IsNotThatFarA$10 CD CDR Clash Of Symbols(RO)Sunday IsAnAltoget$10 CD CDR Clay Crosse(AC,RO)A Different Man 00..$10 CD CDR Cliff Richard(..)Millenium PrayerSingl$10 CD 3 track single: Millennium Prayer, Two Worlds, Millennium Prayer (instrumental) CDR Closer(RO)Rain 92.....................$10 CD CDR Cloud2Ground(..)E-Majn 97.............$10 CD CDR Cloud2Ground(..)E-Majn 97.............$10 CD CDR Cloud2Ground(..)E-Majn 97.............$10 CD CDR Cloud2Ground(..)The Gate 00$10 CD CDR Code Of Ethics(TE)Extended PlayRemixes$10 CD CDR Code Of Ethics(TE)Visual Paradox 91...$10 CD CDR Common Bond(..)Anger Into Passion 87..$10 CD CDR Common Bond(..)Heaven Is Calling......$10 LP CDR Connie Scott(AC,PO)A Renaissance 97...$10 CD CDR Connie Scott(PO)Heartbeat/Spirit Mover$10 CD CDR Connie Scott(PO)Live To Tell 92.......$10 CD CDR Considering Lily(AC)The Pieces Fit 98.$10 CD CDR Contagious(RO)Free Indeed 88..........$10 CD CDR Cool Tunes(ME)Deliv,Bloodg,Paradox....$10 Tape Kemper Crabbe,Legend, etc CDR Cornerstone(BL,RO)Flying Gasoline 95..$10 CD CDR Craig Smith(AC,PO)Worship 88..........$10 CD CDR Creed(ME)The Sign Of Victory 90.......$10 CD CDR Crimson Thorn(RO,ME)Unearthed 95......$10 CD CDR Crucified(PU)The Pillars Of Humanity91$10 CD CDR Crumbacher(AC)Incandescent............$10 LP? CDR Crumbacher(AC)Reinvention.............$10 CD CDR Crumbacher(AC)Tame The Volcano........$10 CD CDR Crumbacher(PO)Thunder Beach 87........$10 CD CDR Crumbacher(PO)Time After Time 92 [B]..$10 CD you can get track titles for this email to you for $2 extra CDR Crumbacher(PO,RO)Escape FromTheFallenP$10 CD CDR Crumbacher-Duke(PO,RO)Worlds Away 90..$10 CD CDR Crystal Lewis(AC,PO)Fearless 00.......$10 CD CDR Crystal Lewis(AC,PO)Joy 89............$10 CD CDR Crystal Lewis(PO)Beyond The Charade 87$10 CD CDR Crystal Lewis(PO)The RemixCollection94$10 CD CDR Crystavox(RO)Crystavox 90.............$10 CD CDR Culture Wh-re(..)World HateM EPindiCDR$10 CD The title of this band apparently causes some filtering software to block the site CDR Cynthia Clawson(AC)Forever 83.........$10 LP No noise reduction on this, just taken straight from LP CDR Cynthia Clawson(AC)Immortal 86........$10 CD CDR Cynthia Clawson(AC)The Way I Feel.....$10 LP CDR Cynthia Clawson(AC)Words WillNeverDo90$10 CD CDR D-Boy(RP)Plantin' A Seed 89...........$10 CD CDR D-Boy(RP,PO)The LyricalStrengthOfAStre$10 CD CDR D.O.X.(..)Through The Fire............$10 CD CDR D.O.X.(..)s/t.........................$10 LP CDR DC Talk(AL)Jesus Freak The Single.....$10 CD 4 tracks:Jesus Freak-Gotee Bros, Jesus Freak-Freaked out remix, I Wish We'd All Been Ready - live, Live Bonus Cut. No CD-ROM Data (wouldn't copy for some reason) CDR DC Talk(PO,RP)Free AtLastExtendRemixes$10 CD CDR DC Talk(RO,AL)IntermissionRadioSpecial$10 CD CDR Dakoda Motor Company(RO)Into The Son93$10 CD CDR Dale Thompson(RO,BL)Speak Into The Mac$10 CD "Speak Into The Machine" CDR Dale Thompson(RO,BL)s/t 95............$10 CD CDR Dallas Holm(AC)Change The World 85....$10 CD CDR Dallas Holm(AC)Completely Taken In 93.$10 CD CDR Dallas Holm(AC)Through The Flame 90...$10 CD CDR Dan Donovan(..)Dust Shaker 95 MisterRe$10 CD CDR Dance House Children(HS,AL)Songs &Stor$10 CD CDR Danial Winans(PO,GO)Brotherly Love 89.$10 CD CDR Daniel Amos(RO)Horrendous Disc........$10 CD CDR Daniel Band(RO)Best Of Daniel Band 93.$10 CD you can get track titles for this email to you for $2 extra CDR Daniel Band(RO)On Rock 82/01 [S]......$10 CD Disc 1: 11 tracks plus bonus "Behind The Songs with Dan & Tony" track CDR Daniel Band(RO)On Rock 82/01 [S]......$10 CD Disc 2: Interview with The Daniel Band CDR Daniel Band(RO)On Rock................$10 LP original song lineup. also available with b/w inserts for addtional $5. CDR Daniel Band(RO)Rise Up................$10 LP CDR Daniel Band(RO)Run From The Darkness84$10 LP CDR Daniel Band(RO)Running Out Of Time 88.$10 CD also available with b/w inserts for addtional $5. CDR Daniel Band(RO)Straight Ahead.........$10 LP CDR Daniel Band(RO,ME)Rise Up/Running O[!]$10 CD "Rise Up"/"Running Out Of Time" double disc. 2 LPs on one CDR CDR Danielson(AL)A Prayer For Every Hour95$10 CD CDR Danny And Lynda(PO)Gospel Music.......$10 LP CDR Danny Chambers(AC)Sing Over Me Again00$10 CD CDR Darrell Mansfield(BL,RO)Soul'd Out 00.$10 CD CDR David & Giants(RO,BL)Distant Journey90$10 CD CDR David & Giants(RO,BL)Inhabitants OfThe$10 LP "Inhabitants Of The Rock" CDR David & Giants(RO,BL)self-titled 82...$10 LP CDR David & The Giants(AC,RO)Strangers ToT$10 CD CDR David & The Giants(RO)Riders InTheSk83$10 LP Somewhat scratchy CDR David &Giants(RO,PO)R U GonnaStandUp89$10 CD CDR David Crowder Band(..)Can You HearUs02$10 CD CDR David Meece(AC)Are You Ready? 80......$10 CD CDR David Meece(AC)David..................$10 LP CDR David Meece(AC)Everybody Needs ALittle$10 LP CDR David Meece(AC)I Just Call On You.....$10 LP CDR David Meece(AC,PO)7 85................$10 CD CDR David Meece(PO)Candle In The Rain 87..$10 CD CDR David Meece(PO)Chronology 90 {Best Of}$10 CD CDR David Meece(PO,AC)Learning To Trust 91$10 CD CDR David Mullen(RO)Revival 89............$10 CD CDR David Mullen(RO)s/t 94................$10 CD CDR David Zaffiro(RO)In Scarlet Storm 90..$10 CD CDR David Zaffiro(RO)The Other Side 89....$10 CD CDR David Zaffiro(RO)The Other/In Scarl[!]$10 CD CDR DeGarmo & Key(RO)Commander SozoAndTh85$10 CD CDR DeGarmo & Key(RO)Communication 84.....$10 CD CDR DeGarmo & Key(RO)D & K 87.............$10 CD CDR DeGarmo & Key(RO)Destined To Win 92[B]$10 CD you can get track titles for this email to you for $2 extra CDR DeGarmo & Key(RO)Greatest Hits Vol1 94$10 CD CDR DeGarmo & Key(RO)Mission Of Mercy 89..$10 CD CDR DeGarmo & Key(RO)No TurningBack-Live#1$10 CD Disc 1 of 2 CD set. There's some strange noise at the end of track 1 and beginning of track 2. This is apparently on the original CD. CDR DeGarmo & Key(RO)No TurningBack-Live#2$10 CD Disc 2 of 2 CD set CDR DeGarmo & Key(RO)Rock Solid:AbsolutLiv$10 CD CDR DeGarmo & Key(RO)Straight On 79.......$10 CD CDR DeGarmo & Key(RO)Street Light 86......$10 CD CDR DeGarmo & Key(RO)Streetrock...........$10 CD CDR DeGarmo & Key(RO)The Pledge 89........$10 CD also available with b/w inserts for addtional $5. CDR DeGarmo & Key(RO)This Ain't Hollywood.$10 CD CDR DeGarmo & Key(RO)This Time Thru.......$10 TAPE CDR DeGarmo &Key(RO)This Ain't/This Tim[!]$10 CD This Ain't Hollywood / This Time Thru - 2 LPs on one CDR CDR Death List(..)Severed 98..............$10 CD CDR Debby Boone(AC)Choose Life 85.........$10 CD CDR Debby Boone(AC)Friends For Life 87....$10 CD CDR Decision D(ME)Moratoria 93 Warner/Chap$10 CD Dutch import CDR Decision D(ME)Razon De La Muerte92Cryp$10 CD CDR Decision D(ME)The Last Prostitute.....$10 CD CDR Deitiphobia(AL)Digital Priests Remixes$10 CD CDR Deitiphobia(IN,AL)Fear Of God 91......$10 CD also available with b/w inserts for addtional $5. you can get track titles for this email to you for $2 extra CDR Delirious?(RO)Glo 00..................$10 CD CDR Deliverance(ME)Back InTheDays:1st4Year$10 CD "The First Four Years" CDR Deliverance(ME)Deliverance 89.........$10 CD CDR Deliverance(ME)Intense Live Vol 1 93..$10 CD CDR Deliverance(ME)Learn 92...............$10 CD CDR Deliverance(ME)Live At Cornerstone....$10 CD CDR Deliverance(ME)River Disturbance 94...$10 CD CDR Deliverance(ME)Stay Of Execution 92...$10 CD CDR Deliverance(ME)Weapons Of OurWarfare90$10 CD CDR Deliverance(ME)What A Joke............$10 CD CDR Deliverance(ME)What AJok/Stay OfExe[!]$10 CD "Due to time restraints "Purgatory Sandwich...", "Attack", "Entombed" & "Weapons...remix" are not included" CDR Deliverance(ME)s/t/Weapons OfOurWar[!]$10 CD CDR Deniece Williams(BP,GO)So Glad IKnow86$10 CD CDR Denison Marrs(RO)World Renown ForRoman$10 CD CDR Dennis Jernigan(PW)Break My Heart,OGod$10 CD CDR Dennis Jernigan(PW)Collection Vol. 1..$10 CD CDR Denny Correll(AC)Trust 91 MaranathaMus$10 CD CDR Deracination(..)Times Of Atrocity 92..$10 CD CDR Detritus(ME)If But For One 93.........$10 CD CDR Detritus(ME)Perpetual Defiance 90.....$10 CD CDR Die Happy(RO,ME)Die Happy 92..........$10 CD CDR Dime Store Prophets(RO)Love Is 6-pack.$10 CD "Love Is Against The Grain" 6-Pack - 6 song indie EP CDR Dion(AC)I Put Away My Idols...........$10 LP CDR Dion(AC)Inside Job....................$10 LP CDR Dion(AC)Only Jesus....................$10 LP CDR Dion(AC)Seasons {Best Of}.............$10 LP CDR Dion(AC,RO)Velvet and Steel 86........$10 CD you can get track titles for this email to you for $2 extra CDR Disciple(..)What Was I Thinking.......$10 CD CDR Disciples Of Christ(RP)So How Ya Livin$10 CD CDR Disco Saints(DA,PW)Cosmic Cowboy 96...$10 CD CDR Discorama(DISCO)s/t 98................$10 CD CDR Divine Right/Kevin Brandow(..)..So Far$10 CD CDR Don & Lori Chaffer&HeyRu(..)Old Stuff1$10 CD Disc 1, Don is lead singer for waterdeep CDR Don & Lori Chaffer&HeyRu(..)Old Stuff2$10 CD Disc 2, Don is lead singer for waterdeep CDR Don Chaffer(..)You WereAtTheTimeForLov$10 CD lead singer for waterdeep CDR Don Francisco(AC)Forgiven 77..........$10 CD CDR Don Francisco(AC)Forgiven/Got To Te[!]$10 CD Forgiven and Got To Tell Somebody on 1 CDR CDR Don Francisco(AC)Live In The U.K......$10 CD CDR Don Francisco(AC)The Live Concert 82..$10 CD CDR Dreams Landing(RO)Dreamer 96 indie....$10 CD CDR Dual Edge(..)Knock Em Alive...........$10 LP CDR E.T.W(RP)s/t{ETW:End Times Warriors}89$10 CD CDR E.T.W.(RP)Stop! The Wild Hype 91......$10 CD CDR Ebony Praise(PW)Worship FromTheHeartWo$10 CD CDR Ed Kerr(..)Unexpected Turns 90 Benson.$10 CD CDR Ed Raetzloff(..)It Took ALongTimeToGet$10 LP CDR Eden Burning(AL)Mirth & Matter 96.....$10 CD CDR Edin Adahl(AC)Alibi 83 Refuge.........$10 LP CDR Edin Adahl(AC)X-Factor................$10 LP CDR Edin-Adahl(PO,NW)Big Talk 89..........$10 CD CDR Edwin Hawkins(GO)Face To Face 90......$10 CD CDR Eh! Geoff Mann Band(..)Ministry OfTheI$10 CD CDR Electrics,The(FO)Big Silent World 93..$10 CD CDR Electrics,The(FO)The Electrics 97.....$10 CD CDR Electrics,The(FO)Visions And Dreams 91$10 CD CDR Eli(..)Live 02........................$10 CD CDR Elim Hall(..)Things Break 86..........$10 CD CDR Emerald/Oracle(RO)Armed For/Selah $10 CD 2 albums on 1 CDR: Emerald - "Armed For Battle" & Oracle - "Selah" CDR Erick Nelson/Michele Pillar(AC)Misfit.$10 CD "The Misfit" CDR Esther Drang(.)Infinite Keys..........$10 CD CDR Estis p@rc(..)Sometimes Not 98 6songEP$10 CD CDR Eternal Ryte(ME)World Requiem 90......$10 CD CDR Eternal Savings&Trust Co(.)Wind&Spirit$10 LP CDR Ethereal Scourge(..)Judgement AndResto$10 CD CDR Every New Day(..)s/t 01...............$10 CD CDR Everybody Duck(RO)s/t 96 Diadem.......$10 CD CDR Evie & Karlssons(AC)Songs ForHisFamily$10 CD CDR Evie(AC)Gentle Moments 76.............$10 CD CDR Evie(AC)When All Is Said And Done 86..$10 CD you can get track titles for this email to you for $2 extra CDR Exit Eden(RO,PU)Alive 95..............$10 CD CDR Ezra(ME,RO)The Key 91 Asaph Records...$10 CD CDR Farrell & Farrell(AC)Choices 84.......$10 LP CDR Farrell & Farrell(AC)Jump To Conclusio$10 LP CDR Farrell & Farrell(AC)Make Me Ready....$10 LP track 12 (He that overcomes) is missing CDR Farrell & Farrell(AC)The Best Of......$10 LP CDR Farrell & Farrell(AC,RO)Manifesto 86..$10 CD CDR Farrell & Farrell(AC,RO)Superpower 89.$10 CD CDR Farrell & Farrell(AC,RO)The MeekAndT89$10 CD 14 previously released recordings CDR Farrell & Farrell(PO)Let the WholeWorl$10 LP "Let The Whole World Know - Live" CDR Fear Not(RO,ME)Fear Not 93............$10 CD CDR Fearful Symmetry(..)A Loss Of Balance.$10 CD CDR Fernando Ortega(AC)Hymns & Meditations$10 CD CDR Fernando Ortega(AC)In A WelcomeField91$10 CD CDR Fernando Ortega(IS)The BreakingOfTheDa$10 CD CDR Fighter(RO)Bang The Drum 92...........$10 CD CDR Fighter(RO)The Waiting 91.............$10 CD CDR Fireworks(AC)Fireworks 77.............$10 LP you can get track titles for this email to you for $2 extra CDR Fireworks(AC)Live.....................$10 LP CDR Fireworks(AC)Sightseeing At Night.....$10 LP CDR Fireworks(RO)Shatter The Darkness.....$10 LP CDR First Call Concert Medley+Rejoice&IFou$10 CD CDR First Call(AC)Human Song Radio Special$10 CD CDR First Call(AC)Somethin' Takes Over....$10 CD CDR First Call(AC,PO)God Is Good 89.......$10 CD CDR First Call(PO,JZ,AC)The Early Years 95$10 CD CDR First Gear-Larnelle Harris(..)Caution!$10 LP CDR First Revelation(..)This Side ofEterni$10 LP CDR Fish House Fellowship(..)Desert Plains$10 LP "Fish House Fellowship Band". you can get track titles for this email to you for $2 extra CDR Five O'Clock People(..)s/t 96.........$10 CD CDR Fletch Wiley(IN,JZ)Urban Reel 92......$10 CD CDR Flight Final(..)s/t...................$10 LP CDR Flock 14(..)Brave New World? 87.......$10 CD CDR Fluffy(AL,MR)Sugar Pistol 95..........$10 CD CDR Force 3(RO)Warrior Of Light...........$10 CD CDR Force For Good(..)When TheMistsHaveRol$10 CD CDR Frank Lenz(..)The Hot Stuff...........$10 CD Fold Zandura drummer CDR Freedom Of Soul(RO)Caught In Land OfTi$10 CD CDR Fresh Claim(..)Broken 95 UK import....$10 CD CDR Front,The(AC,RO)The Front 85..........$10 CD CDR Further Seems Forever(RO)How To StartA$10 CD CDR Further Seems Forever(RO)The MoonIsDow$10 CD CDR Gaither Vocal Band(AC)A Few Good Men90$10 CD CDR Gaither Vocal Band(AC)Southern Classic$10 CD CDR Gardian(ME)Voyager & Fusion 18 songs..$10 CD Guardian early years - this is missing track 19 due to space limitations CDR Garth Hewitt(FO)Scars 90..............$10 CD CDR Garth Hewitt/Ben Okafor(RG)Blood Broth$10 CD CDR Gary Chapman(AC)Happenin'.............$10 LP No noise reduction on this, just taken straight from LP CDR Gary Chapman(AC)Sincerely Yours.......$10 LP No noise reduction on this, just taken straight from LP CDR Gary Chapman(AC)The Early Years 96....$10 CD CDR Generation Y(..)Welcome To Youtopia 95$10 CD CDR Gentle FaithW/Darrell Mansfield(..)s/t$10 LP CDR Geoff Mann & Bond(..)Peace Offering...$10 CD UK import "Prints Of Peace" + "The Pullman Demos" CDR Geoff Mann(..)In One Era... 84/85.....$10 CD contains "I May Sing Grace" and "Psalm Enchanted Evening" CDR Geoff Mann(..)Second Chants 92........$10 CD CDR Geoff Moore(RO)A Place To Stand 88....$10 CD CDR Geoff Moore(RO)Pure And Simple 90.....$10 CD CDR Geoff Moore(RO,AC)Over the Edge.......$10 LP CDR Geoff Moore(RO,AC)The Distance 87.....$10 LP CDR Ghost Town(CW,RO)Cricket Serenade 93..$10 CD CDR Gideons Army(RO)Rock & RollForYourSoul$10 LP has short gap on track 2 CDR Glad(AC)Floodgates 92 Benson..........$10 CD CDR Glad(AC)Glad..........................$10 TAPE CDR Glad(AP)Who Do You Love? 87...........$10 CD CDR Glad(AP,HL)The Acappella Project 90...$10 CD CDR Glad(PO)Beyond A Star 80..............$10 LP has some clicking on track 9. you can get track titles for this email to you for $2 extra CDR Glad(PO)Captured InTime/No LessThanAll$10 CD track titles to "Captured In Time" are available for $3. CDR Glad(PO)No Less Than All 83...........$10 CD CDR Glass Harp w/Phil Keaggy(AC)s/t 70....$10 CD CDR Glass Harp(AC)It Makes Me Glad72import$10 CD CDR Glass Harp(AC)Live At Carnegie Hall 97$10 CD CDR Glass Harp(AC)Synergy.................$10 LP CDR Glen Campbell(CW)Show Me Your Way 91..$10 CD you can get track titles for this email to you for $2 extra CDR Glen Campbell(CW)Wings Of Victory 92..$10 CD CDR Glenn Rowlands(RO)Time Will Tell 94...$10 CD CDR Godfear(..)The Empty 96 Vizion........$10 CD CDR Godspell Soundtrack...................$10 CD CDR Goliath(..)The Gate 01................$10 CD CDR Gospel Gangstas(RP)Do Or Die 95.......$10 CD CDR Gospel Gangstas(RP)Gang Affiliated 94.$10 CD CDR Gospel Gangstas(RP)I Can See Clearly N$10 CD CDR Gospelfolk(..)The Prodigal 69.........$10 LP CDR Grammatrain(RO)Flying Tour-interviews+$10 CD Interviews and music 7 tracks CDR Grammatrain(RO)Grammatrain ZoeRec 95..$10 CD CDR Grammatrain(RO)Live 99................$10 LP or CD? CDR Gretchen(..)Mouth Full Of Nails 01....$10 CD CDR Grits(RP)Grammatical Revolution 99....$10 CD CDR Grits(RP)The Art Of Translation 02 [R]$10 CD CDR Guardian(ME,RO)First Watch+2bonusTrcks$10 CD CDR Guardian(RO)Kingdom Of Rock 96........$10 CD CDR Guardian(RO)The Yellow andBlackAttackI$10 CD "The Yellow And Black Attack Is Back (Stryper Songs) CDR Guitar Ensemble(..)You 'N You.........$10 LP CDR Halo(RO)Heaven Calling 91.............$10 CD CDR Halo(RO,ME)Halo 90....................$10 CD CDR Handel's Messiah(JZ,SO,HL)A SoulfulCel$10 CD CDR Harlan Rogers & SmittyPric(..)Timeless$10 CD With Smitty Price 86 Hymns In Colour series CDR Harlan Rogers&Smitty(..)Hymns InColour$10 CD CDR Harvest Flight(..)One Way.............$10 LP This is NOT the band "Harvest" but rather "Harvest Flight" CDR Harvest(AC)41 Will Come 95 Benson.....$10 CD CDR Harvest(AC)Carry On 90................$10 CD CDR Harvest(AC)Give Them Back.............$10 CD CDR Harvest(AC)Harvest 79.................$10 LP poor quality recording - scratchy and some skips CDR Harvest(AC)Holy Fire 88...............$10 CD CDR Harvest(AC)It's Alright Now 82........$10 LP You can also get both "Send Us To The World" and "It's Alright" on one CDR for the same price (plus the original source is CD rather then LP) CDR Harvest(AC)Let's Fight For AGeneration$10 CD CDR Harvest(AC)Mighty River 93............$10 CD CDR Harvest(AC)Morning Sun 81.............$10 LP CDR Harvest(AC)Only The Overcomers 86.....$10 CD CDR Harvest(AC)Only TheOvercomer/Voices[!]$10 CD These 2 albums are also available seperatly if you prefer CDR Harvest(AC)Send Us To The World 83....$10 LP You can also get both "Send Us To The World" and "It's Alright" on one CDR for the same price (plus the original source is CD rather then LP) CDR Harvest(AC)Send UsToTh/It's Alright[!]$10 CD These 2 albums are also available seperatly if you prefer CDR Harvest(AC)The Early Works 91.........$10 CD CDR Harvest(AC)Voices 88..................$10 CD CDR Havalina(..)Space Love & Bull Fighting$10 CD CDR Haven(RO,ME)Age Of Darkness 91........$10 CD CDR Haven(RO,ME)Your Dying Day 90.........$10 CD CDR Haven(RO,ME)s/t 95....................$10 CD CDR Heather & Kirsten(PO)Betcha Didn'tK 90$10 CD CDR Heaven's Rage(ME)Temporary............$10 CD CDR Helen Baylor(GO)Love Brought Me Back96$10 CD CDR Helen Baylor(GO,PO,TRAD)Live Experie94$10 CD CDR Hezekiah Walker&(GO)Live InNewYorkByAn$10 CD CDR Himlavasen(JZ,BIG BAND)Hip Bop 89.....$10 CD European import CDR Holm, Sheppard, Johnson(AC)s/t........$10 CD CDR Holm,Sheppherd,Johnson(AC)Soldiers Aga$10 CD CDR Holy Soldier(RO)Holy Soldier 90.......$10 CD also available with b/w inserts for addtional $5. CDR Holy Soldier(RO,ME)Encore 97..........$10 CD CDR Holy Soldier(RO,ME)Last Train 92......$10 CD CDR Horde(ME)Hellig Usuart 94.............$10 CD 12 song Nuclear Blast version (rather then 11 song Rowe version) CDR Hydro(TE)Spiritualisation 96..........$10 CD CDR Hymn Jim's Gospel Gems(NW,PW)s/t 95...$10 CD you can get track titles for this email to you for $2 extra CDR Hypersonic(HO)Praise House 2 97.......$10 CD CDR I.D.O.L. King(..)Hell? No! 97.........$10 CD CDR Ideola/Mark Heard(..)Tribal Opera 87..$10 CD also available with b/w inserts for addtional $5. CDR Idle Cure(RO)2nd Avenue 90............$10 CD CDR Idle Cure(RO)Idle Cure 86.............$10 CD CDR Idle Cure(RO)Inside Out 91............$10 CD CDR Idle Cure(RO)Tough Love 88............$10 CD CDR Idle Lovell(..)Surge Et Illuminare....$10 LP Rare release from 1984 CDR Idol King(RP)Not My Might 04 [Z]WiseAnt10 CD CDR Ignite(ME)The Cracked Mirror EP.......$10 CD Has some minor skipping CDR Illustrator(..)Somewhere In TheWorld89$10 CD CDR Illustrator(..)s/t 87.................$10 CD CDR Imagine This(RO)"Love" CD-ROM{386+PCs}$10 CD CD-ROM with vidoes, music and stills playable on Windows PC. CDR Imitators,The(..)Once And For All 85..$10 LP CDR Immortal Chorus(..)Picking The Bones..$10 CD you can get track titles for this email to you for $2 extra CDR Immortal Souls(..)The Cleansing 4 song$10 CD CDR Impellitteri(..)Answer To The Master..$10 CD CDR Impellitteri(..)Crunch 00.............$10 CD CDR Impellitteri(..)Live! Fast! Loud! 98..$10 CD CDR Impellitteri(..)Screaming Symphony....$10 CD CDR Impellitteri(..)Stand In Line 88......$10 CD CDR Impellitteri(..)Victim Of The System..$10 CD CDR Imperials(AC)Follow the Man with theMu$10 LP CDR Imperials(AC)Free The Fire 88.........$10 CD CDR Imperials(AC)Heed The Call 78.........$10 LP CDR Imperials(AC)I Will,It's Alright+Intrv$10 CD CDR Imperials(AC)Let The Wind Blow........$10 CD CDR Imperials(AC)Live (one LP album)......$10 LP This is the single LP album, not the "Special Two Record Set". CDR Imperials(AC)Live Special TwoRec Disc1$10 LP This is from the "Special Two Record Set", not the single LP album CDR Imperials(AC)Live Special TwoRec Disc2$10 LP This is from the "Special Two Record Set", not the single LP album CDR Imperials(AC)One More Song For You....$10 CD CDR Imperials(AC)Priority 80..............$10 CD CDR Imperials(AC)Sail On..................$10 LP CDR Imperials(AC)Side By Side 83 20 songs.$10 LP? 2 LPs on one CDR CDR Imperials(AC)Sing the Classics........$10 LP CDR Imperials(AC)Stand By The Power.......$10 LP CDR Imperials(AC)This Year's Model 87.....$10 CD CDR Imperials(AC)Treasures - 12 Favorites+$10 CD CDR Imperials(AC,HL)Christmas WithTheImper$10 CD CDR Imperials(AC,RO)Big God 91............$10 CD CDR Imperials(AC,RO)The Very BestOfTheImpe$10 CD CDR In 3-D(RO)Barrage.....................$10 CD CDR In 3-D(RO)No Glasses Needed 1986......$10 LP couple little digital skips CDR In Reach(NW,RO,PO)Waterline 92........$10 CD CDR Independent Opposition(ID)Graphic Vers$10 CD CDR Industry Eleven(..)The Days & NightsSu$10 CD CDR Innocence Mission(RO)s/t 89 A&M.......$10 CD CDR Integrity(PW)Summer Of Worship 00.....$10 CD CDR Internat WorshipInsti(PW)Holy IsTheLam$10 CD CDR Iona(CELTIC,AC)Iona 90................$10 CD CDR Iona(CT,FO,RO)The Book Of Kells 92....$10 CD CDR Isaac Air Freight(CM)Foolish GuysToCon$10 LP CDR Isaac Air Freight(CM)Freight's Designe$10 LP "The Freight's Designer Album" CDR Isaac Air Freight(CM)Fun In The Son...$10 LP CDR Isaac Air Freight(CM)In The Air,OnTheA$10 LP CDR Isaac Air Freight(CM)My Kingdom Come82$10 LP CDR Isaac Air Freight(CM)Over Our Heads...$10 LP CDR Isaac Air Freight(CM)Pick Of TheLitter$10 LP CDR Isaac Air Freight(CM)Snooze Ya Looze81$10 LP CDR J.C. & Boyz(RP)Never Give Up 89 Broken$10 CD CDR Jag(RO)The Longest Road 90 Wave Recs..$10 CD CDR Jami Smith(PW)Follow The Leader indie$10 CD CDR Jamie Owens-Collins(AC)Laughter/Gro[!]$10 CD CDR Jan Krist(FO)Curious 96 Silent Planet.$10 CD CDR Jan Krist(FO)Decapitated Society 92...$10 CD CDR Jan Krist(FO)See Stone 5 song EP......$10 CD CDR Jan Krist(FO)Wing And A Prayer........$10 CD CDR Janet Paschal(TG)Language OfTheHeart90$10 CD you can get track titles for this email to you for $2 extra CDR Janet Paschal(TG)Simple Trust 91 Word.$10 CD you can get track titles for this email to you for $2 extra CDR Janet Paschal(TG)s/t 88 Canaan Records$10 CD you can get track titles for this email to you for $2 extra CDR Jars Of Clay(AL)Frail.................$10 CD CDR Jars Of Clay(AL)Interactive CDforWindw$10 CD CDR Jars Of Clay(AL)The White ElephantSess$10 CD CDR Jars Of Clay(RO)Front Yard Luge/Seatbe$10 CD Front Yard Luge plus the 3 track Seatbelt Tuba EP with acoustic versions of Crazy Time, Liquid, Coffee Song CDR Jars Of Clay(RO)Seatbelt Tuba bonus CD$10 CD 3 track EP. Acoustic versions of Crazy Time, Liquid, Coffee Song CDR Jars Of Clay(RO,HL)Drummer Boy 4trckEP$10 CD 4 track EP CDR Jeff & Sheri Easter(AC,CW)A Work InPro$10 CD CDR Jeff & Sheri Easter(AC,CW)Ever Faithfu$10 CD CDR Jeff & Sheri Easter(AC,CW)Thread OfHop$10 CD CDR Jeff Johnson&Bria(AC)Songs FromAlbion2$10 CD CDR Jeff Johnson&Bria(AC)Songs FromAlbion3$10 CD CDR Jeff Johnson&Brian(AC)Songs FromAlbion$10 CD CDR Jeff Johnson(AC)Great Romantics 91....$10 CD CDR Jeff Johnson(AC)Icons 84 Ark Recsords.$10 CD CDR Jeff Johnson(AC)Shadow Play 83........$10 CD CDR Jeff Larson(..)Upper Story Landing....$10 CD Belgium-only release CDR Jeff Larson(AC)Beggars 97BelgiumImport$10 CD CDR Jeff Moody(AC,PO)First Priority 90....$10 CD CDR Jeff Scheetz(RO,ME,IN)Woodpecker Stomp$10 CD CDR Jeremy Dalton(AC,PO)Language Of Love91$10 CD CDR Jerome Olds(AC,RO,PO)No Disguise 89...$10 CD CDR Jerusalem(ME)10 Years After Vol I&II88$10 CD CDR Jerusalem(RO)Can't Stop Us Now........$10 CD/LP Add'l Parts From LP. You can also get both "Warrior" and "Can't Stop Us Now" on one CDR but it may be missing some of the tracks CDR Jerusalem(RO)Classics 1{s/t & Volume2}$10 CD 14 songs from "Jerusalem" and "Volume 2" CDR Jerusalem(RO)Classics 2{Warrior&Can't}$10 CD 17 songs from "Warrior" and "Can't Stop Us Now". This may not have all the songs from both albums due to limitations on space CDR Jerusalem(RO)Classics 3 {Serpent&Live}$10 CD last track has some soft clicking on it for some reason, also the live tracks are seperated by a couple of seconds of silence each. CDR Jerusalem(RO)Dancing OnTheHeadOfTheSer$10 CD CDR Jerusalem(RO)Live in U.S.A.-OnHisMajes$10 CD/LP Add'l Parts From LP CDR Jerusalem(RO)Volume 1.................$10 CD/LP Add'l Parts From LP $20 CDR Jerusalem(RO)Volume 2.................$10 CD,LP Includes 6 additional tracks not on cassette. also available with b/w inserts for addtional $5. CDR Jerusalem(RO)Volume 4 98 import.......$10 CD CDR Jerusalem(RO)Volume 4 98 import.......$18 CD CDR Jerusalem(RO)Warrior..................$10 CD/LP Add'l Parts From LP $20 CDR Jesus Freaks(..)Socially Unacceptable.$10 CD CDR Jesus Freaks(..)s/t 96................$10 CD CDR Jesus Sound Explosion(..)Explo'72 Live$10 LP No noise reduction on this, just taken straight from LP CDR JesusRock:NormGreenb,Dion,Ocean,BJTho+$10 CD CDR Jet Circus(ME)Step On It + extra song.$10 CD Swedish import with one extra song CDR Jillian(PO,RO,AC)s/t 95...............$10 CD CDR Jimmy Hotz(RO)Beyond the Crystal Sea80$10 LP CDR Jimmy Miller(..)Loving Him............$10 LP CDR Joe English Band(AC,RO)"Live".........$10 LP CDR Joe English Band(AC,RO)What You Need..$10 CD CDR Joe English(AC)Back To Basics Engli101$10 CD CDR Joe English(AC)Press On...............$10 LP CDR Joe English(AC)The Best Is Yet To Come$10 LP CDR Joe English(AC,PO)Held Accountable....$10 CD CDR Joe English(AC,PO)Lights In TheWorld80$10 CD CDR Joel Funkhouser(..)The River 98.......$10 CD CDR John Elefante(RO)1998 RockfordILConcrt$10 Radio? Has a few skips. Track listing available for an extra $3 if wanted CDR John Elephante(RO)Windows Of Heaven...$10 CD CDR John Fischer(AC)Between the Answers...$10 CD CDR John Fischer(AC)Casual Crimes.........$10 CD CDR John Fischer(AC)Dark Horse............$10 LP CDR John Fischer(AC)Inside................$10 LP CDR John Fischer(AC)Naphtali 76...........$10 LP CDR John Fischer(AC)Wide Angle 92.........$10 CD CDR John Mehler(NW,RO)Bow & Arrow.........$10 LP CDR John Michael Talbot(AC)Heart OfTheShep$10 CD CDR John Michael Talbot(AC)Hiding Place 90$10 CD CDR John Michael Talbot(AC)Quiet Reflect87$10 CD CDR John Michael Talbot(AC)Songs ForWor1&2$10 CD CDR John Michael Talbot(AC)The Lord'/Be Ex$10 CD Double Disc with "The Lord's Supper" and "Be Exalted" (John Michael Talbot and Friends) CDR John Michael Talbot(AC)The Master Musi$10 CD CDR John Michael Talbot(AC)The Quiet 85...$10 CD CDR John Michael Talbot(IN)Empty Canvas 86$10 CD Instrumental w/ guitar & small ensemble CDR Johnson SistersW/RussTaff(..)Did YouTh$10 CD CDR Jon Anderson(..)3 Ships...............$10 LP CDR Jon Gibson(AC)Standing On The One.....$10 LP No noise reduction on this, just taken straight from LP. also available with b/w inserts for addtional $5. CDR Jon Gibson(PO)Body & Soul 89..........$10 CD CDR Jon Gibson(PO)Change of Heart 88......$10 CD CDR Jon Gibson(PO)On The Run 86...........$10 CD CDR Jon Gibson(PO)The Hits 91.............$10 CD CDR Jonathan Pierce(AC)Sanctuary 99.......$10 CD CDR Jonathan{from Novella}(..)Push 96.....$10 CD CDR Joy Electric(TE)We Are The MusicMakers$10 CD CDR Joy Electric(TE,HO)Old Wives Tales 96.$10 CD CDR Joy Electric(TE,HO)Robot Rock 97......$10 CD CDR Julie Miller(AC)He Walks Through Walls$10 CD this has a lot of clicking and such. not sure what happened. CDR Julie Miller(AC)Invisible Girl 94.....$10 CD CDR Julie Miller(PO)Blue Pony 97..........$10 CD CDR Julie Miller(PO)Meet Julie Miller 90..$10 CD CDR Julie Miller(PO,RO)Orphans & Angels 93$10 CD you can get track titles for this email to you for $2 extra CDR Justice(RO)Counting Down..............$10 CD CDR Justin Fox(RO)Spiritual Thang 95......$10 CD CDR Justo Almario(IN,JZ)Forever Friends...$10 CD CDR Justus(..)Don't Turn Away.............$10 LP CDR Justus(..)Someone's Waiting...........$10 LP CDR Jyradelix(TE)Invincible 92 Myx Records$10 CD CDR Kaiser/Mansfield(BL)Trimmed &Burnin'90$10 CD CDR Kaiser/Mansfield(BL,RO)Slow Burn 93...$10 CD CDR Kansas(RO)Drastic Measures............$10 LP a single insert is available showing front of LP cover on one side and back of LP cover on the other side. Color front insert would be $10, black and white front insert would be $5 CDR Kansas(RO)Leftoverture 76.............$10 CD not Christian but has Kerry Livgren CDR Kansas(RO)Live 1983 L.A. Radio Show..t$10 Radio? Has a few skips. Track listing available for an extra $3 if wanted CDR Kansas(RO)Point Of Know Return 77.....$10 CD not Christian but has Kerry Livgren CDR Kansas(RO)Vinyl Confessions 82........$10 LP a single insert is available showing front of LP cover on one side and back of LP cover on the other side. Color front insert would be $10, black and white front insert would be $5 CDR Karen Lafferty &(HY)Hymns FromTheHeart$10 CD 19 tracks CDR Karen Lafferty(AC)Bird In A Golden Sky$10 LP CDR Karen Lafferty(AC)Life Pages..........$10 LP CDR Karen Lafferty(AC)Sweet Communion.....$10 LP CDR Karen Voegtlin(AC)Love Explosion......$10 LP CDR Kathy Troccoli(PO)Heart & Soul........$10 LP has some distortion throughout. also available with b/w inserts for addtional $5. CDR Kathy Troccoli(PO)Stubborn Love 82/94.$10 CD CDR Kathy Troccoli(PO,AC)Images 86 .......$10 CD CDR Katinas,The(PW)Lifestyle 02...........$10 CD CDR Keith Green(AC)For Him WhoHasEarsToHea$10 CD CDR Keith Green(AC)The Ministry YrsV1Disc1$10 CD Volume 1, Disc 1 CDR Keith Green(AC)The Ministry YrsV1Disc2$10 CD Volume 1, Disc 2 CDR Kelly Huff(AC,PO)Life Changes 92 Giant$10 CD CDR Kelly Willard(AC)Blame ItOnTheOneILove$10 LP CDR Kelly Willard(AC)Garden 91............$10 CD CDR Kellye Huff(PO)In A Special Way 89....$10 CD CDR Kemper Crabbe(..)The Vigil............$10 CD CDR Ken Tamplin(RO)Brave Days OfOld99Imprt$10 CD CDR Ken Tamplin(RO)Where Love Is 98 import$10 CD CDR Kenny Marks(PO)Make It Right 87.......$10 CD CDR Kenny Marks(RO,AC)Attitude 85.........$10 CD CDR Kenny Marks(RO,PO)Another Friday Night$10 CD CDR Kerry Livgren(IN)One OfSeveralPossible$10 CD CDR Kerry Livgren(RO)Decade Disc 1........$10 CD CDR Kerry Livgren(RO)Decade Disc 2........$10 CD CDR Kerry Livgren(RO)Seeds Of Change......$10 CD CDR Kerry Livgren(RO)Time Line 84.........$10 ? also available with b/w inserts for addtional $5. aka "Timeline" CDR Kerry Livgren(RO)When Things Get Elect$10 CD CDR Kerry Livgren/AD(RO)Prime Mover 88....$10 CD CDR Kerry Livgren/AD(RO)Prime Mover II....$10 CD CDR Kerry Livgren/AD(RO)Reconstructions-Re$10 CD "Reconstructed" from 1997 Includes 3 bonus tracks CDR Kevin Clay(..)Nashvegas-Land Of MilkD1$10 CD Disc 1 CDR Kevin Clay(..)Nashvegas-Land Of MilkD2$10 CD Disc 2 CDR Khool Praize(PO,PW)Rock The Flock 93..$10 CD CDR Kim Boyce(PO,AC)Kim Boyce ............$10 TAPE CDR Kim Boyce(PO,DA)Time And Again 88.....$10 CD CDR King James(ME,RO)King James 94........$10 CD CDR King's X(ME)Building Blox 94 {Best Of}$10 CD Promo only - not sold in stores. you can get track titles for this email to you for $2 extra CDR King's X(RO)Live At Woodstock.........$10 Video CDR King's X(RO,ME)Best Of King's X 97....$10 CD CDR King's X(RO,ME)Manic Moonlight........$10 CD CDR King's X(RO,ME)Manic Moonlight........$10 CD CDR King's X(RO,ME)Manic Moonlight........$10 CD CDR King's X(RO,ME)Out Of The SilentPlanet$10 CD CDR Kingsmen(SG)Stand Up/MississippiLiv[!]$10 CD CDR Kirk Franklin(GO)The Rebirth OfKirkFra$10 CD CDR Klank(ID)Numb 99......................$10 CD CDR Koinonia(JZ)Celebration 84............$10 CD CDR Koinonia(JZ)Frontline.................$10 CD CDR Koinonia(JZ)Koinonia..................$10 CD CDR Koinonia(JZ)More Than a Feelin' 83... $10 CD CDR Kreyson(ME)Angel On The Run 93........$10 CD CDR Kreyson(ME)Crusaders 93...............$10 CD CDR Kurt Kaiser(AC)Alone With The Music 87$10 CD CDR Kurt Kaiser(AC)The Lost ArtOfListening$10 CD CDR Kutless(RO)Strong Tower 05 BEC........$10 CD CDR Kyle Henderson(..)More Than The LookOf$10 LP CDR L.G. Wise(RP)G's Us 4 Life 97.........$10 CD CDR L.S. Underground(AL)Bring It DownNow91$10 CD CDR L.S. Underground(AL)The Grape Prophet.$10 CD CDR LSU(AL)Dogfish Jones 98...............$10 CD CDR LSU(AL)Grace Shaker 94................$10 CD CDR LSU(AL)This Is The Healing+3 bonus [S]$10 CD CDR LSU(RO,AL)Wakin' Up The Dead 89/92 [S]$10 CD CDR Lamb(MESSIANIC)Lamb I.................$10 LP CDR Lamb(MESSIANIC)Lamb III...............$10 LP No noise reduction on this, just taken straight from LP CDR Larnelle Harris(GO)From A Servant'sHea$10 CD CDR Larnelle Harris(GO,AC)Larnelle Live 90$10 CD CDR Larry Howard(BL)Bright Side OfTheBlu94$10 CD CDR Larry Howard(BL)Redeemed 91...........$10 CD CDR Larry Howard(BL,RO)Shout! 88..........$10 CD CDR Last Adam(..)Tools For The Harvest....$10 CD CDR Laudamus(..)Unlimited Love - SwedImprt$10 CD CDR Laury Browning(AC)Prayers &Pr/Thurs[!]$10 CD CDR Lead,The(PU)Burn This Record 89.......$10 CD CDR Legend Seven(RO)Blind Faith 93........$10 CD CDR Legend(RO)Legend 1992.................$10 CD CDR Leon Patillo(AC)Dance Children Dance..$10 LP CDR Leon Patillo(PO,AC)Brand New 87.......$10 CD CDR Leon Patillo(PO,AC)On The Way Up 89...$10 CD CDR Leslie Phillips(AC)Recollection 87 [B]$10 CD CDR Leslie Phillips(AC)The Turning 87.....$10 CD CDR Leslie Phillips(PO)Beyond SaturdayNigh$10 CD CDR Leslie Phillips(RO)Black AndWhiteInAGr$10 CD CDR Leslie Phillips(RO)Dancing With Danger$10 TAPE? CDR Leviticus(ME)Setting Fire To The Earth$10 CD CDR Leviticus(ME)The BestOfLeviticus-imprt$10 CD CDR Lex Rex(ME)Beat The Heat 90...........$10 CD CDR Liaison(RO,ME)Cool Water 98...........$10 CD CDR Liaison(RO,ME)Liaison 89..............$10 CD CDR Lies Damned Lies(RO)Flying Kites 91...$10 CD CDR Lifefirst(..)Half The Battle 99.......$10 CD CDR Lifesavors(..)Dreamlife...............$10 LP CDR Lifesavors(AL,PU)Us Kids+10 unleased..$10 CD you can get track titles for this email to you for $2 extra CDR LightForce(RO,ME)Mystical Thieves 89..$10 CD also available with b/w inserts for addtional $5. CDR LightForce(RO,ME)The Best Of Lightforc$10 CD "The Best Of Lightforce: Mortification's Beginnings" CDR Lightmare(..)Certain Death 83GermImprt$10 CD CDR Lightmare(..)The Fool 97 German import$10 CD CDR Living Sacrifice(HC)Conceived In Fire $10 CD CDR Living Sacrifice(HC)The Hammering Proc$10 CD CDR Living Sacrifice(HC)s/t 91............$10 CD CDR Living Sacrifice(ME)Nonexistent 92 REX$10 CD CDR Look Up/Mylon LeFevre(RO)s/t..........$10 LP CDR Lordian Guard(ME)Sinners InTheHandsOfA$10 CD CDR Lordian Guard-exWarlordGuitarst(ME)s/t$10 CD CDR Love Life{FearNot}(RO)Good ByeLadyJane$10 CD CDR Love Song(AC)Feel The Love 77.........$10 CD CDR Love Song(AC)Final Touch..............$10 CD CDR Love Song(AC)Love Song/Final Touch....$10 CD CDR Love Song(AC)Welcome Back 95..........$10 CD CDR Love Song(AC)s/t 74...................$10 CD CDR Loyd Boldman{from Prodigal}(..)Sleep W$10 LP "Sleep Without Dreams" CDR Luke Garrett(..)Ever Constant EverSure$10 CD CDR Luke Garrett(RP)Fine Joy 89...........$10 CD CDR MC Dash(RP)Live In Concert 92.........$10 TAPE CDR Mad At The World(AL)Mad At The World87$10 CD CDR Mad At The World(AL)World History[B]98$10 CD CDR Magdallan(ME)Revolution Mind 93.......$10 CD CDR Malcolm & Alwyn(..)Fool's Wisdom 73/89$10 CD also available with b/w inserts for addtional $5. CDR Malcolm And Mirrors(NW)Red Alert......$10 LP CDR Mansfield/Turner(BL)Blues WithAFeeling$10 CD CDR Maranatha 4(PW)s/t....................$10 LP CDR Maranatha Singers(AC)Hallelujah-16Song$10 TAPE Maranatha Singers: "Hallelujah - 16 Songs Of Joyful Boasting". Contains one track w/ lead vocal by Randy Stonehill. also available with b/w inserts for additional $5. CDR Maranatha Singers(PW)Praise 9/P9Str[!]$10 CD 2 albums on 1 CD: "Praise 9" and "Praise 9 Strings" CDR Maranatha! Music(AC)The Everlastin' Li$10 CD The Everlastin' Living Jesus Music Cocert CDR Maranatha! Music(PW)Praise BeyondWords$10 CD "A Colours Collection" CDR Maranatha! Singers(PW)Abba 18songsTo88$10 CD CDR Marc Catley &GeoffMann(..)Fine Differe$10 CD CDR Margaret Becker(RO,AC)Never ForNothing$10 CD CDR Maria McKee(RO,FO)s/t.................$10 CD Christian? CDR Mark Blackburn(..)Flowerchild 96 indie$10 CD CDR Mark Farner(RO)Closer To Home.........$10 CD CDR Mark Farner(RO)Just Another Injustice.$10 CD CDR Mark Farner(RO)Some Kind Of Wonderful.$10 CD CDR Mark Farner(RO)Wake Up................$10 CD CDR Mark Heard(FO,RO)Appalachian Melody...$10 LP rather poor quality and very ends of songs are cut off) CDR Mark Heard(FO,RO)Dry Bones Dance 90...$10 CD CDR Mark Heard(FO,RO)Eye Of The Storm.....$10 TAPE CDR Mark Heard(FO,RO)Reflections OfAFormer$10 CD CDR Mark Heard(FO,RO)Satellite Sky 92.....$10 CD CDR Mark Heard(FO,RO)Stop The Dominos.....$10 CD CDR Mark Heard(FO,RO)Strong HandOfLRadioSp$10 CD CDR Mark Heard(FO,RO)Victims of the Age...$10 LP CDR Mark Pogue & Fortress(..)Restoraton 91$10 CD CDR Martha's Wake(..)Romans 93............$10 CD CDR Marty McCall & Fireworks(AC)Up........$10 LP CDR Martyn Joseph(..)Being There 92 Sony..$10 CD CDR Martyr(PU,TH)Wickenstraut-GermanImport$10 CD CDR Mason Profitt(..)Last Night I HadTheSt$10 LP Somewhat poor quality recording. No noise reduction on this, just taken straight from LP CDR Mass(ME)Best Ones 99 [B]..............$10 CD 13 best of songs + 3 bonus tracks CDR Mass(ME)Take You Home - may have skips$10 CD This seems to have some SKIPS on it CDR Mass(ME)Voices In The Night 89........$10 CD CDR Mastedon(RO)It's A Jungle Out There 89$10 CD CDR Mastedon(RO)Lofcaudio 90..............$10 CD CDR Matrix/Bride(ME)1983-1984.............$10 ? CDR Matthew Ward(..)The Matthew WardCollet$10 CD CDR Matthew Ward(AC)Armed & Dangerous.....$10 CD CDR Matthew Ward(AC)Toward Eternity.......$10 CD CDR Matthew Ward(AC,PO,RO)Fade To White 88$10 CD also available with b/w inserts for addtional $5. CDR Matthew Ward(AC,PO,RO)Point Of View 92$10 CD also available with b/w inserts for addtional $5. CDR Matthew Ward(AC,RO)Fortress 90........$10 CD CDR Mayfair Laundry(..)New And Improved 99$10 CD CDR McGuire(..)Destined to be Yours.......$10 LP CDR Mehler/Nash(JZ)Light The/Jazz Prais[!]$10 CD 2 albums on 1 CD: "Light The Night" and "Jazz Praise" CDR Mellowdramatic Wallflowers(..)Continen$10 CD CDR Mental Destruction(ME)When Madness Str$10 CD CDR Mercy Me(..)Traces Of Rain 97.........$10 CD CDR Mercy River(..)Coyote Moon 92 BAI.....$10 CD CDR Mercy Rule(RO)Overruled 89............$10 CD CDR Messenger(JZ,AC)Bringin' The Message78$10 LP No noise reduction on this, just taken straight from LP CDR Messiah Prophet(ME)Master OfTheMe-Orig$10 CD CDR Messiah(ME)Final Warning..............$10 LP CDR Michael &StormiOmartian(AC)The Builder$10 LP CDR Michael &StormieOmartian(AC)Seasons Of$10 LP "Seasons Of The Soul" CDR Michael Card(AC)Ancient Faith 93 disc1$10 CD CDR Michael Card(AC)Ancient Faith 93 disc2$10 CD CDR Michael Card(AC)Known By The Scars 80.$10 CD CDR Michael Card(AC)Legacy 83.............$10 CD CDR Michael Card(AC)Scandalon 85..........$10 CD CDR Michael Card(AC)Starkindler:A CelticCo$10 CD CDR Michael Card(AC)The Early Works 91....$10 CD CDR Michael Card(AC)The Final Word 87.....$10 CD CDR Michael Card(AC)The Life Disc One....$10 CD CDR Michael Card(AC)The Life Disc Two....$10 CD CDR Michael Card(AC)The Way Of Wisdom 90..$10 CD CDR Michael Gleason(AC)Children OfChoice90$10 CD CDR Michael Gleason(AC)Voices FromTheOld86$10 ? also available with b/w inserts for addtional $5. CDR Michael James Murphy(AC)The Chisel 90.$10 CD CDR Michael Knott(..)Finding Angel 01.....$10 CDR indie 12 song CDR that said "This CD was recorded on a Panasonic cassette recorder from my couch at home and mastered by Andrew Prickett" - this has a lot of hiss and some skips CDR Michael Knott(AL)Rocket And A Bomb 94.$10 CD CDR Michael Knott(AL)Screaming BrittleSire$10 CD CDR Michael Knott(AL)The All Indie EP.....$10 CDR CDR Michael Omartian(AC)Adam Again 75.....$10 CD CDR Michael Omartian(AC)Conversations 86..$10 CD CDR Michael Omartian(AC)The Race 91.......$10 CD CDR Michael Omartian(AC)White Horse ......$10 CD CDR Michael Omartian(AC)Whitehorse/Adam[!]$10 CD Both "White Horse" and "Adam Again" on one CDR CDR Michael Peace(RP)Vigilante Of Hope 89.$10 CD CDR Michael W. Smith(HL)Christmas 89......$10 CD CDR Michael W. Smith(PO)Change Your World.$10 CD also available with b/w inserts for addtional $5. CDR Michael W. Smith(PO)Go West Young Man.$10 CD also available with b/w inserts for addtional $5. CDR Michael W. Smith(PO)Michael W. Smith 2$10 CD CDR Michael W. Smith(PO)The Big Picture 86$10 CD also available with b/w inserts for addtional $5. CDR Michael W. Smith(PO)i 2 {EYE} 88......$10 CD also available with b/w inserts for addtional $5. CDR Michele Pillar(RO)Look Who LovesYouNow$10 LP CDR Michelle Pillar(AC)Love MakesAllTheDif$10 CD you can get track titles for this email to you for $2 extra CDR Michelle Tumes(..)Listen 98...........$10 CD CDR Michelle Tumes(AC)Dream 01............$10 CD CDR Michelle Wagner(AC)Heart OfTheJourny93$10 CD CDR Michelle Wagner(AC)s/t................$10 CD CDR Michelle Wagner(AC,PO)A HeartThat'sFre$10 CD CDR Michelle Wagner(AC,PO)Safe Place 92...$10 CD CDR Midnight Hour(ME)Piercing The Darkness$10 CD CDR Midnight Oil(RO)Head Injuries 86......$10 CD CDR Midnight Oil(RO)Scream In Blue Live 92$10 CD CDR Midsouth(CW)Midsouth 96...............$10 CD CDR Mightier Than Thunder(..)Seven YearsOf$10 CD CDR Mighty Clouds Of Joy(GO)The Best OfThe$10 CD CDR Mike & Rose Warnke(CM)Higher Education$10 LP CDR Mike Knott(AL)Live At C2K 00..........$10 CD CDR Mike Stand(RO)Do I Stand Alone 88.....$10 CD CDR Mike Warnke(CM)Hey Doc!...............$10 LP CDR Mike Warnke(CM)Jester In TheKingsCourt$10 LP CDR Mindbender(..)s/t/ 95.................$10 CD CDR Mindbender(..)s/t/ 95.................$10 CD CDR Mindbender(..)s/t/ 95.................$10 CD CDR Mine's Clarence(RP)What's Your Name?97$10 CD CDR Minier(RO,ME)Minier 90 7 song EP......$10 CD CDR Mirrors,The(AL)I Am Not Afraid 90.....$10 CD CDR Morgan Cryar(..)Fuel On the Fire......$10 CD CDR Morgan Cryar(PO)Kingdom Upside Down 90$10 CD CDR Morgan Cryar(PO)Like A River 89.......$10 CD CDR Morgan Cryar(PO)The Best...What Sin?98$10 CD The Best Of Morgan Cryar CDR Morgan Cryar(RO,AC)Keep No Secrets 84.$10 LP CDR Mortal(ID)Lusis 92....................$10 CD CDR Mortal(ID)Nu-En-Jin 02 Tooth & Nail...$10 CD CDR Mortal(ID)Wake 94.....................$10 CD CDR Mortal(ID)s/t 96 5MinuteWalk/Diamante.$10 CD CDR Mortal(RO,IN)Fathom 93 Intense Records$10 CD CDR Mortification(ME)Blood World 94.......$10 CD CDR Mortification(ME)Hammer Of God 99.....$10 CD CDR Mortification(ME)Live PlanetariumImprt$10 CD CDR Mortification(ME)Scrolls OfMegilloth92$10 CD CDR Mr. Mister(AC)Pull....................$10 mp3 Note: only the source is mp3. These are regular audio tracks like any other CD. CDR Mustard Seed Faith(AC)Limited Edition.$10 LP CDR Mustard Seed Faith(AC)Sail On Sailor..$10 CD CDR MxPx(PU)The Renaissance EP............$10 CD CDR My Little Dog China(..)Egg Shells EP..$10 CD CDR Mylon & Broken H(RO,PO)Greatest Hit[U]$10 CD CDR Mylon & Broken Heart(RO)Big World 89..$10 CD CDR Mylon & Broken Heart(RO)Crack The Sky.$10 CD CDR Mylon & BrokenHeart(RO,PO)Greatest Hit$10 CD CDR Mylon LeFevre - please see also "Look Up" CDR Mylon LeFevre&Broken(RO)Live Forever..$10 LP this CDR contains just 2 long tracks, one for each side of LP CDR Mylon LeFevre(AC,RO)Love Rustler......$10 LP CDR Mylon LeFevre(RO)Brand New Start......$10 LP CDR Mylon LeFevre(RO)Holy Smoke...........$10 LP CDR Mylon LeFevre(RO)Over the Influence...$10 LP Some scratchy portions CDR Mylon LeFevre(RO)Rock & Roll Resurrect$10 LP CDR Mylon LeFevre(RO)Weak at the Knees....$10 LP CDR Mylon Lefevre(AC,RO)Sheep inWolve'sClo$10 LP CDR Mylon Lefevre(BL,GO,RO)We Believe 70..$10 LP CDR Mylon Lefevre(RO)Face the Music.......$10 CD CDR Mylon&BrokenHeart(RO)A DecadeOfLove[B]$10 CD the live tracks are seperated by a couple of seconds of silence each CDR Narnia(ME)Awakening 98................$12 CD CDR Narnia(RO,ME)Awakening 98 NuclearBlast$10 CD CDR Narnia(RO,ME)Desert Land 01...........$10 CD CDR Narnia(RO,ME)Long Live The King 99 Nuc$10 CD CDR Narnia(RO,ME)Long Live The King 99 Nuc$15 CD CDR Nathan Digesare(PW)Jubilate'! 89 Stars$10 CD CDR Neale & Webb(AC,JZ)At The Cross 95....$10 CD CDR Neon Cross(ME)Neon Cross 88...........$10 CD also available with b/w inserts for addtional $5. CDR Newsboys(RO)Hell Is For Wimps 90......$10 CD CDR Newsboys(RO)Read All About It 88......$10 CD CDR Newsong(AC)All Around The World 93....$10 CD CDR Newsong(AC)Light Your World 89........$10 CD CDR Newsong(AC)Living Proof 90............$10 CD CDR Nina(RO)No Shadow Of Turning 91.......$10 CD CDR No SenseOfHist(AL)7&7is,SteveScott,DA+$10 CD CDR Noel:DerriD,RikiM,SHindalong,KevSmith+$10 CD CDR Norman Barratt(..)Barratt 88..........$10 CD UK Import CDR Nouveaux(RO)And This Is How I Feel 96.$10 CD CDR Nouveaux(RO)Beginnings 94.............$10 CD CDR Nov-Com(..)Exile Station..............$10 CD November Commandment Swedish-only import CDR Novella(RO)One Big Sky 91.............$10 CD CDR November Commandment(..)A MotorisedMin$10 CD The Works Of The November Commandment 1988-1993 CDR Nu Joi(GO)Nu Joi......................$10 CD CDR Nuffsed(..)Forged In The Fire 95 Kings$10 CD CDR Obvious-100D/Awak(RO)Counting ByHead92$10 CD Also known a "100 Days" and "The Awakening" CDR Ocean Blue,The(AL)s/t.................$10 CD CDR Ocean Blue,The(RO,AL)Cerulean 91......$10 CD CDR Octane Blue(..)73 Seconds Remembered99$10 CD CDR Officer Negative(PU)Dead To The World.$10 CD CDR Ojo(RO,AL)Relative 88 Broken Records..$10 CD CDR Omartian,Pratt&McClain(AC)Like Brother$10 CD CDR One Bad Pig(RO,PU,ME)I Scream Sunday91$10 CD CDR One Bad Pig(RO,PU,ME)Smash 89.........$10 CD you can get track titles for this email to you for $2 extra CDR One Bad Pig(RO,PU,ME)Swine Flew 90....$10 CD CDR Out Of Darkness(..)The CelebrationClub$10 CD UK only release. Hendirx-like acid rock CDR Out Of Eden(PO)This Is Your Life 01...$10 CD CDR Outer Circle(..)s/t 98................$10 CD CDR Over The Rhine(RO)Patience 92.........$10 CD CDR Over The Rhine(RO,AL)'Til We HaveFaces$10 CD CDR Over The Rhine(RO,AL)Eve 94...........$10 CD CDR P.O.D./Payable On Death(RP)Snuff ThePu$10 CD "Snuff The Punk" CDR PID(RP)Here We Are 88 Intense Records.$10 CD CDR Painted Orange(TE)Painted Orange 91...$10 CD CDR Paley's Watch(..)November 94 UK Import$10 CD w/Marc Catley CDR Pam Mark Hall(AC)Never Fades Away.....$10 CD CDR Pam Mark Hall(AC,PO)Keeper 86.........$10 CD CDR Pam Mark(AC)Flying 75.................$10 LP CDR Parable(..)More Than Words............$10 LP No noise reduction on this, just taken straight from LP CDR Paramaecium(ME)Exhumed Of The Earth 94$10 CD CDR Parchment(..)Hollywood Sunset 73......$10 LP CDR Parchment(..)Light Up The Fire 72.....$10 LP The epitome of UK Christian folk rock is Parchment and any fan of this genre should not be without any of their recordings 1972 CDR Pat Terry Group(RO)Heaven Ain'tAllTher$10 LP CDR Pat Terry Group(RO)Songs Of The South.$10 LP CDR Pat Terry Group(RO)Sweet Music 77.....$10 LP CDR Pat Terry Group(RO,AC)s/t.............$10 LP Different album then the Pat Terry solo self-titled CD CDR Pat Terry(AC)Film at Eleven...........$10 Tape CDR Pat Terry(AC)Humanity Gangsters.......$10 LP CDR Pat Terry(AC)Pat Terry 74.............$10 LP Different album then the Pat Terry Group self-titled CD CDR Patty Cabrera(PO,AC)Patty Cabrera 91..$10 CD CDR Paul Clark(..)Awakening FromTheWeste89$10 CD CDR Paul Clark(..)When The Moon'sBehindThe$10 CD CDR Paul Field(..)Love Between The Line 88$10 CD Edge UK Import CDR Paul Janz(..)Electricity 87...........$10 CD CDR Paul Janz(..)Renegade Romantic 90.....$10 CD CDR Paul Janz(..)Trust 92.................$10 CD CDR Paul Overstreet(CW)Sowin' Love 89.....$10 CD CDR Paul Smith(AC)Live & Learn 86.........$10 CD you can get track titles for this email to you for $2 extra CDR Paul Smith(AC)No Frills 86............$10 CD has noticable skip near beginning. you can get track titles for this email to you for $2 extra CDR Paul Smith(PO,AC)Back To Who I Am 89..$10 CD CDR Pax217(RP,RG,PU)Engage 02.............$10 CD CDR People(..)I Love You..................$10 CD CDR Perry &ThePoorBoys(..)No Fear In Love.$10 CD CDR Perry +ThePoorBoys(..)Saturn Light....$10 CD CDR Peter Himmelman(..)Flown This AcidWorl$10 CD CDR Petra Collection(RO)Choral ArrByGaryRh$10 CD 10 Choral arrangements for youth CDR Petra(AC)Washes Whiter Than...........$10 CD,LP CDR Petra(PO,RO)Come And Join Us 77.......$10 CD CDR Petra(RO)Back To The Street 86........$10 CD CDR Petra(RO)Beat The System 84...........$10 CD CDR Petra(RO)Captured InTime&Sp Live-19sng$10 CD CDR Petra(RO)More Power To Ya 82..........$10 CD CDR Petra(RO)Not Of This World 83.........$10 CD CDR Petra(RO)On Fire! 88..................$10 CD CDR Petra(RO)This Means War! 87...........$10 CD CDR Petra(RO)War & Remembrance Disc 1 [B].$10 CD also available with b/w inserts for addtional $5. CDR Petra(RO)War & Remembrance Disc 2 [B].$10 CD also available with b/w inserts for addtional $5. CDR Petra(RO)s/t 74 [S]...................$10 CD CDR Petra(RO,AC)Never SayDie/Washes Whiter$10 CD CDR Phil & John(PO)Don't Look Now..It'Th89$10 CD CDR Phil Driscoll(..)I Exalt Thee 90 Word.$10 CD CDR Phil Driscoll(AC)Warriors 90..........$10 CD CDR Phil Driscoll(AC,IN)Celebrate Freedom.$10 CD CDR Phil Driscoll(AC,PO)Make Us One 90....$10 CD CDR Phil Keaggy Underground Vol 1........$10 CD Includes 2 bonus tracks CDR Phil Keaggy Band ReEmerging...........$10 CD Includes 4 bonus tracks CDR Phil Keaggy Band(AC)Emerging 76.......$10 LP CDR Phil Keaggy&Sunday's Child(AC)s/t 88..$10 CD CDR Phil Keaggy(AC)Backroom Trax #1.......$10 TAPE CDR Phil Keaggy(AC)Backroom Trax #2.......$10 TAPE CDR Phil Keaggy(AC)Backroom Trax #3.......$10 TAPE CDR Phil Keaggy(AC)Backroom Trax #4.......$10 TAPE CDR Phil Keaggy(AC)Backroom Trax #5.......$10 TAPE CDR Phil Keaggy(AC)Backroom Trax #6.......$10 TAPE CDR Phil Keaggy(AC)Find Me InTheseFields90$10 CD CDR Phil Keaggy(AC)The Best Of Keaggy73-78$10 CD CDR Phil Keaggy(AC)The Master&TheMusicia89$10 CD CDR Phil Keaggy(AC)Time 2 70-95 18songs[B]$10 CD CDR Phil Keaggy(AC)Town T/Ph'lip/PlayDisc1$10 CD Disc one has all of "Town To Town" and first 5 songs of "Ph'lip Side" CDR Phil Keaggy(AC)Town T/Ph'lip/PlayDisc2$10 CD Disc two has last 4 songs of "Ph'lip Side" and all of "Play Thru Me" CDR Phil Keaggy(AC)What ADay/LoveBrokeT[!]$10 CD 2 LPs on one disc CDR Phil Keaggy(AC,IN)Beyond Nature 91....$10 CD CDR Phil Keaggy(RO)Blue(LimitEd w/remixes)$10 CD you can get track titles for this email to you for $2 extra CDR Phil Keaggy/GlassHarp(..)Song InTheAir$10 LP CDR Philip Bailey(GO,BP)A GospelCollection$10 CD CDR Phillip Bailey(AC)Family Affair 89....$10 CD CDR Phillip Bailey(AC)Inside Out 86.......$10 CD CDR Phillip Sandifer(AC)The OtherSideOfSal$10 CD CDR Phillips,Craig &Dean(AC)Restoration 99$10 CD CDR Phoenix Sonshine(..)Shinin' InTheLight$10 LP CDR Pierce Pettis(..)Chase The Buffalo 93.$10 CD CDR Pierce Pettis(..)While TheSerpentLie88$10 CD CDR Point Of Grace(AC,PO)Free To Fly 01...$10 CD CDR Polarboy(RO)Radio Special Disk18tracks$10 CD CDR Poor Old Lu(AL,PR)Mindsize 93 Alarma..$10 CD CDR Poor Old Lu(AL,PR)Straight Six EP 95..$10 CD CDR Portrait Of A Spirit..................$10 CD Richie Furay,Brighton,X-Sinner,Guardian,Halo,The Heard+ CDR Possession(ME)Eternally Haunt.........$10 CD CDR Praise 10/InstrumentalPrai10(PW)s/t[!]$10 CD 2 albums on 1 CD: "Praise 10" and "Instrumental Praise 10" CDR Praise Band 1,2,3/Maranath(PW)s/t 2CDs$10 CD CDR Praise Band 4,5,6/Maranath(PW)s/t 2CDs$10 CD CDR Praise Strings 5(IN)Praise Strings 5..$10 LP CDR Praise Strings 6(IN)Praise Strings 6..$10 LP CDR Prayer Chain(..)So Close.Yet So Far 1.$10 CD Disc 1 of 2 disc rare release CDR Prayer Chain(..)So Close.Yet So Far 2.$10 CD Disc 1 of 2 disc rare release CDR Prayer Chain(AL)Live - 4 song EP 94...$10 CD CDR Prayer Chain,The(AL)Neverland Sessions$10 CD CDR Prayers & Worship(PW)s/t 95...........$10 CD CDR Priscilla Engle(AC)Ageless Love 89....$10 CD CDR Priscilla Engle(PO,AC)Learning To Love$10 CD CDR Prodigal Sons(TE)Return 93............$10 CD CDR Prodigal Sons(TE)Texno Theology 93....$10 CD CDR Prodigal(RO)Electric Eye..............$10 LP also available with b/w inserts for addtional $5. CDR Prodigal(RO)Just Like Real Life.......$10 LP also available with b/w inserts for addtional $5. CDR Prodigal(RO)Prodigal..................$10 LP also available with b/w inserts for addtional $5. CDR Promise Keepers(PW)Break Down The Wall$10 CD CDR Q Stone(RO)Q Stone 89.................$10 CD CDR Q. Stone(RO)III 92....................$10 CD CDR Q. Stone(RO)Pink On Blue 90 RoyalImprt$10 CD CDR Quickflight(..)Decent Beat............$10 LP CDR Rachael Lampa(..)Blur 00..............$10 CD 10 song remix collection CDR Rachel Rachel(RO)Way to My Heart 91...$10 CD CDR Rachel Rachel(RO)You Oughta Know ByNow$10 CD CDR Rage Of Angels(RO,ME)Rage Of Angels 89$10 CD also available with b/w inserts for addtional $5. CDR Randy Matthews(..)Eyes To The Sky.....$10 LP CDR Randy Matthews(..)Now Do You Understan$10 LP 2 LPs on one CDR CDR Randy Matthews(FO,RO)Son Of Dust 73...$10 LP CDR Randy Matthews(RO)The Best Of Randy Ma$10 LP CDR Randy Matthews(RO)The Edge Of Flight90$10 CD CDR Randy Stonehill(AC)Return ToParadise89$10 CD CDR Randy Stonehill(AC)Stonehill 5 song EP$10 ? Mid-80's British release CDR Randy Stonehill(AC)The StoriesRadioSpe$10 CD The Stories and Songs Of Randy Stonehill Radio Special + "I Thirst For You". 63 min CDR Randy Stonehill(AC)Welcome To Paradise$10 CD CDR Randy Stonehill(AC,RO)Between TheGlory$10 LP CDR Randy Stonehill(PO)Until We Have Wings$10 CD also available with b/w inserts for addtional $5. CDR Randy Stonehill(PO)Wonderama 92.......$10 CD CDR Randy Stonehill(RO)Celebrate ThisHeart$10 TAPE There's also a copy from LP but when it was cleaned up from LP a lot of the upper range was also removed so copy from tape is probably better quality CDR Randy Stonehill(RO)Get MeOutOfHollywoo$10 CD CDR Randy Stonehill(RO)Judgment Day AtSpee$10 LP "Judgement Day At Speedee Mart" Live 87 CDR Randy Stonehill(RO)Love Beyond Reason.$10 CD CDR Randy Stonehill(RO)The Sky -LP Version$10 LP LP version CDR Randy Stonehill(RO)The Sky Is Falling.$10 CD European release CDR Randy Stonehill(RO)The Wild Frontier..$10 CD also available with b/w inserts for addtional $5. CDR Randy Stonehill(RO,AC)Born Twice......$10 LP CDR Randy Stonehill(RO,AC)Can't BuyAMiracl$10 CD CDR Randy Stonehill(RO,AC)Equator.........$10 LP CDR Randy Stonehill(RO,AC)Stories 93......$10 CD CDR Ransom(RO,ME)Ransom 91................$10 CD CDR Raving Loonatics(RV)My King 93........$10 CD CDR Ray Boltz(AC)Thank You 88.............$10 CD CDR Ray Boltz(AC)The Alter 89.............$10 CD CDR Ray Boltz(AC)Watch The Lamb 88........$10 CD CDR Raze(TE)Power 99......................$10 CD CDR Raze(TE)That's The Way 98.............$10 CD CDR Raze(TE)The Plan 00 Forefront Records.$10 CD CDR Raze(TE)s/t 97 european-only release..$10 CD CDR Reach,The(NW,PO)Under The Same Sky 89.$10 CD CDR Real World(RO)When God Spoke 90.......$10 CD CDR Reba {Reba Rambo}(AC)Lady 77..........$10 LP Not to be confused with "The Lady Is A Child" from 1978 CDR Reba {Reba Rambo}(AC)The Lady IsAChild$10 LP Not to be confused with "Lady" from 1977 CDR Reba(AC)Remembering...................$10 LP No noise reduction on this, just taken straight from LP CDR Rebecca St. James(RO)Worship God 02...$10 CD CDR Rebecca St. James(RO,PO)Transform.....$10 CD CDR Rebecca St. James(RO,PO)s/t 94........$10 CD CDR Rebecca St.James(AC)Remixes 5 tracks..$10 CD Extended play remixes CDR Recess(PO)Recess 89...................$10 CD CDR Recon(ME)Behind Enemy Lines 90........$10 CD CDR Red Sea(ME)Blood 94 Rugged Records....$10 CD CDR Red Shoed Star(RO)Water 97............$10 CD CDR Reflescent Tide(RO)Reflescent Time....$10 CD CDR Reggae Worship(RE)Volume Two 95.......$10 CD CDR Renee Garcia(RO,PO)A Different World88$10 CD CDR Renee Garcia(RO,PO)Living In TheVertic$10 CD CDR Resolution(TE)Politically Incorrect...$10 CD CDR Resurrection Band(RO)Awaiti/Rainbow[!]$10 CD "Awaiting Your Reply" and "Rainbow's End" on 1 CDR CDR Resurrection Band(RO)Colours 80.......$10 CD CDR Resurrection Band(RO)D.M.Z 91.........$10 CD CDR Resurrection Band(RO)Live Bootleg.....$10 CD CDR Resurrection Band(RO)Mommy Don'tLoveDa$10 CD CDR Resurrection Band(RO,AC)The LightYr[B]$10 CD you can get track titles for this email to you for $2 extra CDR Rev. James Cleveland(GO)Having Church.$10 CD CDR Revolutionary ArmyOfTheInfan(..)Mirror$10 CD CDR Reynard(..)Green Anthem...............$10 LP CDR Rez(RO)Compact Favorites 88...........$10 CD CDR Rez(RO)Silence Screams 88.............$10 CD you can also get this with full color inserts and a slightly damaged label for $22 CDR Rez(RO)Twenty Years Live 92 Disc 1....$10 CD CDR Rez(RO)Twenty Years Live 92 Disc 2....$10 CD CDR Rez(RO,BL)Civil Rites 91..............$10 CD CDR Rez(RO,ME)Between Heaven & Hell 85....$10 CD CDR Rez(RO,ME,BL)Innocent Blood 89........$10 CD CDR Rhonda Gunn(AC)Forgiveness 96.........$10 CD CDR Rhonda Gunn(AC)I Wonder If 96.........$10 CD CDR Rhythm House(PO,RO)s/t 91.............$10 CD CDR Rich Mullins(AC)A Liturgy, A Legacy 93$10 CD CDR Rich Mullins(AC)Pictures In The Sky 87$10 CD CDR Rich Mullins(AC)Rich Mullins 86.......$10 CD CDR Rich Mullins(AC)Songs 96 16 songs [B].$10 CD This CDR has several minor skips CDR Rich Mullins(AC,PO)Never Picture Perfe$10 CD CDR Rich Mullins(AC,PO)The World As BestV2$10 CD CDR Rich Mullins(AC,PO)The WorldAsBestVol1$10 CD CDR Rich Mullins(AC,PO)The WorldAsBestVol2$10 CD CDR Rich Wakeman(..)In The Beginning 90...$10 CD CDR Richard Souther(..)Innermission.......$10 CD CDR Richie Furay(AC,CW)In MyFather's House$10 CD CDR Richie Furay(RO,CW)I've Got A Reason..$10 LP CDR Rick Crawford(RO)Our Town 91..........$10 CD CDR Rick Crawford(RO,AC)Be Still MyHeart89$10 CD CDR Rick Cua(RO)Can't Stand Too Tall......$10 CD See bottom of listings for regular Rick Cua CDs. CDR Rick Cua(RO)Koo-ah....................$10 TAPE CDR Rick Cua(RO)Midnight Sun 89...........$10 CD CDR Rick Cua(RO)No Mystery 83.............$10 LP CDR Rick Cua(RO)Wear Your Colors 86.......$10 CD CDR Rick Cua(RO)You're My Road............$10 LP CDR Rick Riso(AC)Gotta Have The Real Thing$10 CD CDR Rick Riso(AC)Shouting At The Walls....$10 CD CDR Rick Wakeman(..)Prayers 93............$10 CD Import CDR Ricky Skaggs(CW)My Father's Son 91....$10 CD CDR RighteousMetal:Bloodg,BarrenCr,Strykn+$10 CD CDR Riki Michele(PO,FO)Big Big Town 89....$10 CD CDR Rita Springer(AC)Effortless 02........$10 CD CDR Rite Choice(RP)Make The Right Choice..$10 CD CDR Rivers OfPraise(WB)A World Beat Celebr$10 CD CDR Rivulets And Violets(..)s/t 93........$10 CD CDR Rob Castles(..)Straight Shot 88DarkRec$10 CD CDR Rob Frazier(..)Cut It Away............$10 LP CDR Rob Rock(RO)Rage Of Creation..........$10 CD CDR Robin Crow(RO)Windows To The World....$10 CD CDR Robin Crow(RO,IN)Electric CinemaW/KLiv$10 CD with Kerry Livgren from AD and Kansas CDR Robin Mark(AC,PW)Days Of Elijah 95....$10 CD UKimport CDR Robin Mark(AC,PW)Room For Grace 96....$10 CD UKimport CDR Roby Duke(AC)Blue Eyed Soul 86........$10 CD CDR Roby Duke(AC)Come Let Us Reason.......$10 TAPE CDR Roby Duke(AC)Down To Business.........$10 CD CDR Roby Duke(AC)Not The Same 92..........$10 CD CDR Rock 'N' Roll WorshipCircu(RO)Big Star$10 CD CDR Rock Power Praise I(RO,PW)The Hymns 90$10 CD CDR Rogers & Price(PW)The ColoursOfPraise2$10 CD Harlan Rogers & Smitty Price CDR Ron David Moore(AC)The Vision'sClear91$10 CD CDR Ron Kenoly(PW,GO)God Is Able 94.......$10 CD CDR Room Full Of Circles(..)Fortune 96....$10 CD CDR Rosanna Palmer(..)Changes.............$10 CD CDR Rosanna's Raiders(RO,ME)Calling DownFi$10 CD CDR Rosanna's Raiders(RO,ME)Clothed InFire$10 CD CDR Rose Blossom Punch(..)Ephemere 97.....$10 CD CDR Ruscha(RO)Come Alive 88...............$10 CD CDR Russ Taff(AC)Medals...................$10 CD CDR Russ Taff(AC)Russ Taff 87.............$10 CD CDR Russ Taff(AC)The Way Home radio promo.$10 CD Radio promo with: "Farther On", "It Was Love", 21 minute "Time With Russ Taff, Album Theme, Recording Process, Russ Taff 10 Years Ago, ...5 Years Ago, ...2 Years Ago, Message To The World In A Minute, Comments (10 tracks total) CDR Russ Taff(AC)Walls Of Glass...........$10 CD CDR Russ Taff(AC)Your LoveStaysWithMePromo$10 CD Radio promo with: "Your Love Stays With Me", interview intro, 13 minute interview, radio liner from Russ, radio spot CDR Russ Taff(RO,CW,BL)Under TheirInflue91$10 CD CDR S.F.C.(RP)A Saved Man In The Wildern90$10 CD CDR S.F.C.(RP)Listen Up 89................$10 CD CDR S.F.C.(RP)Phase III 92................$10 CD CDR S.S. MOB/KSh(RP)Born Again Rebel FromA$10 CD CDR S.S. MOB/KSh(RP)Papa Didn'tRaizeNoPunk$10 CD CDR SFC(RP)Illumination 94................$10 CD CDR Sacrament(ME)Haunts Of Violence 92 REX$10 CD CDR Sacrament(ME)Testimony Of Apocalyse 90$10 CD CDR Sacred Blue(..)More Than Romance 93...$10 CD CDR Sacred Warrior(ME)Live At Cornerstone.$10 LP CDR Sacred Warrior(ME)Master's Command 89.$10 CD CDR Sacred Warrior(ME)Obsessions 91.......$10 CD CDR Sacred Warrior(ME)Rebellion...........$10 CD CDR Sacred Warrior(ME)Wicked Generation 90$10 CD CDR Salvador(..)Live In Austin 99 Word....$10 CD CDR Sam Phillips(AC)Cruel Inventions 91...$10 CD CDR Sam Phillips(AC)Martinis & Bikinis 94.$10 CD CDR Sam Phillips(AC)Zero Zero Zero 98.....$10 CD Christian? CDR Sam Phillips(PO)The Indescribable Wow.$10 CD CDR SameThreeCords96(18sng)...............$10 CD Loudflower,AgeOfFaith,LSUnderground,SundayB,BreakfastWithAmy+ CDR Sammy Horner(..)With Every Blessing 92$10 CD CDR Sandi Patti(AC)Lift Up The Lord 90....$10 CD CDR Sandi Patti(AC)Love Overflowing 90....$10 CD CDR Sandi Patti(AC)Songs From The Heart 90$10 CD CDR Sandi Patti(AC)The Finest Moments 89..$10 CD CDR Sandi Patti(AC,PO)Make HisPraiseGlor88$10 CD CDR Sarah DeLane(..)s/t 97................$10 CD CDR Sarah Laughing(PO,DA)Red 94 New Breed.$10 CD CDR Sardonyx(RO,ME)Majestic Serenity 92...$10 CD CDR Saviour Machine(GOTH)II 94............$10 CD CDR Saviour Machine(GOTH)s/t 90 Malenium..$10 CD also available with b/w inserts for addtional $5. CDR Saviour Machine(GOTH)s/t 93 Intense...$10 CD CDR Say What?(RP)Nuclear Fishin' 92.......$10 CD CDR Scarecrow & Tinman(..)No Place LikeHom$10 CD CDR Scarlet Red(ME)Don't DanceWithDanger89$10 CD CDR Scary Cats(RO)Smackaboom!.............$10 CD CDR Scaterd-few(AL)Omega No. 5 02 Accident$10 CD CDR Scaterd-few(AL)Out Of The Attic 94....$10 CD CDR Scaterd-few(AL)Sin Disease 90.........$10 CD CDR Schaliach(ME)Sonrise 96...............$10 CD CDR Scott Anderson(RO)By Myself ButNotAlon$10 CD CDR Scott Anderson(RO)Somebody Loves You..$10 CD CDR Scott Anderson(RO)Somebody Loves You89$10 CD CDR Scott Anderson(RO)Somethin' Different.$10 CD CDR Scott Blackwell(HS,RV)Walk OnTheWild92$10 CD CDR Scott Bradley(RO,ME)In The Beginning95$10 CD CDR Scott James(AC,RO)In The Mirror 96....$10 CD CDR Scott Springer(PO,AC)Hello Forever....$10 CD CDR Scott Wenzel(RO)Heart Like Thunder 93.$10 CD CDR Scott Wesley Brown(AC)Collect DISC 1..$10 CD CDR Scott Wesley Brown(AC)Living InTheComf$10 CD CDR Scott Wesley Brown(AC)To The EndsOfT88$10 CD CDR Screams Of The Guillotine(..)A Progres$10 CD A Progressive Rock Theatrical Production CDR Seawind(JZ)Window Of A Child 77.......$10 LP CDR Seawind(JZ)japanese only release......$10 LP This doesn't have a title but the first song is "What Cha Doin'", it came out in 1980 and only in Japan CDR Selah(..)With Clouds..................$10 LP No noise reduction on this, just taken straight from LP CDR Seraiah/Kid Promise(RO)Carnival World $10 CD CDR Seraiah/Kid Promise(RO)Carnival World $11 CD CDR Seraph/Urgent Cry(RO)"Silence"&"Love".$10 CD 4 songs on each album for 8 total CDR Servant(AC,RO)Caught InTheActOfLovingH$10 LP CDR Servant(AC,RO)Shallow Water...........$10 LP CDR Servant(RO,AC)Rockin' Revival 81......$10 TAPE CDR Servant(RO,AC)Swimming In A HumanOcean$10 LP CDR Servant(RO,AD)World of Sand 82........$10 LP Includes 2 songs from bonus 7" EP CDR Seventh Angel(HM)Lament For TheWeary92$10 CD CDR Seventh Angel(HM)The Torment 90.......$10 CD CDR Seventh Avenue(..)Southgate 98........$10 CD CDR Shack Of Peasants(BL,FO)Gospel BluesV2$10 CD CDR Shack Of Peasants(BL,GO)Classic Blues1$10 CD CDR Shaded Red(RO)Red Revolution 99.......$10 CD CDR Sheila Walsh(AC)Don't Hide Your Heart.$10 LP CDR Sheila Walsh(AC)Future Eyes...........$10 LP CDR Sheila Walsh(AC)Triumph In The Air....$10 LP CDR Sheila Walsh(AC)War of Love...........$10 LP CDR Sheila Walsh(AC,RO)Shadowlands 86.....$10 CD CDR Sheila Walsh(PO)Compact Favorites88[B]$10 CD CDR Sheila Walsh(PO)Say So 88.............$10 CD CDR Sheila Walsh(PO)Simple Truth 89.......$10 CD CDR Shout(ME)In Your Face 89..............$10 CD CDR Sibling Rivalry(..)Calibretto 13 Vs.No$10 CD CDR Side Walk(PU,PO)s/t 90 Royal Music....$10 CD CDR Silage(PU,RP,SK)Holy Cow Food! Bagman!$10 CD 1996 indie release CDR Siloam(ME,RO)Sweet Destiny 91.........$10 CD CDR Silverwind(AC)s/t/A Song InTheNight[!]$10 CD CDR Silverwind(RO)A Song In The Night.....$10 CD You can get both "Silverwind" and "A Song In The Night" on the CDR above if you prefer CDR Silverwind(RO)s/t.....................$10 CD You can get both "Silverwind" and "A Song In The Night" on the CDR above if you prefer CDR Simple Minds(..)Loreley '97 Disc 1....$10 CDR CDR Simple Minds(..)Loreley '97 Disc 2....$10 CDR CDR Simple Minds(..)Our Secrets AreTheSame$10 MP3 Unreleased Album CDR Sinai{Skypark}(MR)Live In Room 104 95.$10 CD CDR Sinai{Skypark}(MR)Sinai 96............$10 CD CDR Sincerely Paul(AL)Grieve 91 BlondVinyl$10 CD also available with b/w inserts for addtional $5. CDR Singing Prouses(TG)By Request.........$10 LP CDR Singing Prouses(TG)Movin' Up..........$10 LP CDR Skillet(RO,AL)Invincible 00...........$10 CD CDR Slick Shoes(PU)Slick Shoes 97 EP......$10 CD CDR SonicFlood(..)Sonic Praise............$10 CD CDR Soul-Junk(..)1955 98 Disc 1...........$10 CD CDR Soul-Junk(..)1955 98 Disc 2...........$10 CD CDR Spark(RO,ME,GT)Tomorrow Is Today 00...$10 CD CDR Sparks(PO,RO)Through Flood And Fire 90$10 CD CDR Sparks(RO)Sparks 89...................$10 CD CDR Speck(..)Speck 97.....................$10 CD CDR Split Level(AL,RO)Boomerang 92........$10 CD CDR Split Level(AL,RO)Call Me WhiteCalEP94$10 CD CDR Spudgun(PU)Spudgun....................$10 CD CDR Spy Glass Blue(RO)Loud As Feathers 01.$10 CD CDR St. Louis Jesuits(..)Earthen Vessels..$10 LP CDR Stained Pure (..)s/t 5 song EP 99.....$10 CD CDR Starflyer 59(..)Portuguese Blues 4song$10 LP CDR Starflyer 59(PR)She's The Queen 8sngEP$10 CD CDR Starflyer 59(RO)I Win EP [C]..........$10 CD CDR Starflyer 59(RO)The Last Laurel EP....$10 CD From Limited Pressing original CD CDR Starflyer 59(RO)the "gold" album 95...$10 CD CDR Starflyer 59(RO)the "silver" album 94.$10 CD CDR Starflyer59(PR)Fell InLoveAt22 5songEP$10 CD CDR Stavesacre(ME)Friction 96.............$10 CD CDR Stephen Crumbacher(AC)Take It In 91...$10 CD CDR Steve & Annie Chapman(AC)Guest OfHonor$10 CD CDR Steve & Annie Chapman(AC)No Regrets 90$10 CD CDR Steve & Annie Chapman(AC)Precious Mome$10 CD CDR Steve & Annie Chapman(AC)Time & Season$10 CD CDR Steve Archer(AC)Action 85............$10 CD CDR Steve Archer(AC)Hits 88...............$10 CD CDR Steve Camp(AC)For Every Man...........$10 LP CDR Steve Camp(AC)Music & More RadioShow83$10 LP Compassion Int'l Radio Show 1983 CDR Steve Camp(AC)Only The Very Best 83...$10 LP No noise reduction on this, just taken straight from LP. also available with b/w inserts for addtional $5. CDR Steve Camp(AC,PO)Start Believin'......$10 CD? CDR Steve Camp(PO)Compact Favorites 88....$10 CD CDR Steve Camp(PO)It's A Dying World 81...$10 LP also available with b/w inserts for addtional $5. CDR Steve Camp(PO)Sayin' It With Love.....$10 LP CDR Steve Camp(PO,A)After God's OwnHeart87$10 CD also available with b/w inserts for addtional $5. CDR Steve Camp(PO,AC)One On One 86........$10 CD CDR Steve Camp(RO)Fire And Ice 84.........$10 CD CDR Steve Camp/Steve Taylor(..)Steve2 90..$10 CD "Lord's Prayer"x2, "Finish Line" and 22 min Steve Camp Radio Special CDR Steve Grace Live(PO,FO)One NightInAMil$10 CD CDR Steve Grace(PO)Liberty Road 94........$10 CD CDR Steve Grace(PO,FO)Children OfTheWest88$10 CD CDR Steve Green(HL)Joy To The World 87....$10 CD CDR Steve Green(KI)Hide 'Em In Your Heart.$10 CD Bible Memory Melodies 2 CDR Steve Scott(RO,AL)The Butterfly Effect$10 CD CDR Steve Taylor&SomeBand(AL)LimelightLive$10 LP CDR Steve Taylor(AL)I Want To Be A CloneEP$10 CD CDR Steve Taylor(NW)On The Fritz..........$10 CD CDR Steve Taylor(RO)"Lament..."&JesusIsFor$10 CD Super rare promo with Lament,Jesus Is For Losers,20 "squintlets"-9 w/songs,11 w/o{Steve talking about the music} CDR Steve Taylor(RO)Meltdown & MeltdownRem$10 CD CDR Steve Taylor(RO)Now The TruthCanBeTol1$10 CD Disc 1 of 2 CD Set CDR Steve Taylor(RO)Now The TruthCanBeTol2$10 CD Disc 2 of 2 CD Set CDR Steve Taylor(RO,NW)I Predict 1990.....$10 CD CDR Steve Taylor(RO,NW)The Best WeCouldF+3$10 CD CDR Steven Curtis Chapman(AC)The GreatAdve$10 CD also available with b/w inserts for addtional $5. CDR Steven Patrick(RO)Red Reign...........$10 CD from Holy Soldier CDR Stinging Rain(..)Face Of Stephen 93...$10 CD CDR Stonehill(AC)The Lazarus Heart 94.....$10 CD also available with b/w inserts for addtional $5. CDR Stonehill(AC,RO)Thirst + bonus track98$10 CD Has some skips CDR Straightway(ME)Black Or White6songEP89$10 CD CDR Street Angel(RO,AC)Street Angel 88....$10 CD also available with b/w inserts for addtional $5. CDR Stryper(ME)I Believe/Come/Toget/Intv3"$10 CD 2 songs from "In God We Trust",1 unreleased song:"Together Forever" recorded live,Robert Sweet Interview CDR Stryper(ME)Reason ForTheSeason/ReachOu$10 LP 2 EPs on 1 CD. Includes 5 songs and 20 minute interview. CDR Stryper(ME)Seven: Best Of 03 Hollywood$10 CD CDR Stryper(RO)The Yellow&BlackAttack8song$10 CD CDR Sundays Child(..)Just A Whisper Mootwn$10 CD CDR Sundry(..)Happy Man 98 indie.........$10 CD CDR Sure Conviction(RO,ME)Get Ready 95....$10 CD CDR Surprise(RO)Fish!!! 90 Refuge Records.$10 CD CDR Sweet Comfort Band(..)Perfect Timing..$10 CD CDR Sweet Comfort Band(AC,JZ)Hold On Tight$10 CD CDR Sweet Comfort Band(PO)Cutting Edge 91.$10 CD CDR Sweet Comfort Band(PO)Hearts Of Fire..$10 CD CDR Sweet Comfort Band(PO)Prime Time 85[B]$10 CD CDR Sweet Comfort Band(PO)The DefinitiveC1$10 CD The Definitive Collection Disc 1: 'Breakin' The Ice' and 'Hold On Tight!'. Two albums on one disc. CDR Sweet Comfort Band(PO)The DefinitiveC2$10 CD The Definitive Collection Disc 2: 'Hearts Of Fire' and 'Cutting Edge'. Two albums on one disc. CDR Sweet Comfort Band(PO)The Light Yrs[B]$10 CD CDR Sweet Comfort Band(PO)s/t 77 Maranatha$10 CD CDR Swift,The(RO,AC)s/t 02................$10 CD CDR Switchfoot(MR)New Way To Be Human99[R]$10 CD CDR Swoon, The(AC,AL)The Swoon 90.........$10 CD CDR Syco(RV,HS)Kommand 92.................$10 CD CDR T Bone Burnett(..)The CriminalUnderMyH$10 CD CDR T Bone Burnett(..)The TalkingAnimals88$10 CD CDR T-Bone(RP)Tha Life Of A Hoodlum 95....$10 CD CDR Talbot Brothers(AC)s/t................$10 LP Somewhat poor quality recording. This was done without any noise reduction, just taken straight from LP CDR Tamplin & Friends(RO)Wake The Nations.$10 CD CDR Tamplin & Friends(RO,ME)An Axe ToGrind$10 CD CDR Tamplin(RO,ME)In The Witness Box 95...$10 CD CDR Tamplin(RO,ME)Tamplin 93..............$10 CD CDR Tanya Goodman Sykes(..)Innocent Eyes92$10 CD CDR Technokcraci(RV,AL,TE)Small SquareBoxs$10 CD CDR Technos(..)Songs For A Nervous World88$10 CD CDR Ted Sandquist(PW)The Courts Of TheKing$10 LP The Worship Music Of Ted Sandquist As performed by Phil Keaggy, Nedra Ross, Ted Sandquist and Love Inn Company CDR Tellus(..)Stand By 96 Tellurian Rec...$10 CD Christian? {showed thanks to Kemper Crabb, Galactic Cowboys} CDR Tempest(ME)Eye Of The Storm 88 PureMet$10 CD CDR Teri DeSario(AC)A Call To Us All......$10 CD CDR Teri DeSario(AC)Voices In The Wind 85.$10 CD CDR Terl Bryant's Psalm(IN)Beauty..As FarA$10 CD CDR Terry Clark(AC)Heaven IsNotThatFarAw90$10 CD CDR Terry McMillan(AC)I've Got A Feeling93$10 CD CDR Terry Talbot(AC)A Song Shall Rise.....$10 LP CDR Terry Talbot(AC)Face to Face..........$10 LP CDR Terry Talbot(AC)No Longer Alone.......$10 LP CDR Tess Wiley(RO)Rainy Day Assembly 01...$10 CD CDR Testify!BestOChristianMetal:BarrenCros$10 CD Bloodgood,Jerus,NeonC,Shout+ CDR Tetelestai(..)Tetelestai 84...........$10 LP CDR Third Day(PW)Offerings-A Worship Album$10 CD CDR Third Day(PW)Offerings-A WorshipAlbm00$10 CD CDR Third Day(RO)Time 99..................$10 CD CDR Third Day(RO)s/t 96...................$10 CD CDR Throes,The(AL)Era OfCondolence........$10 CD CDR Tiko & Gitta(RG)Royal Priesthood 02...$10 CD CDR Tim Miner(RO,PO)I KnowYouThinkYouKno88$10 CD CDR Tim Sheppard(AC)Forever...............$10 LP CDR Tim Sheppard(AC)Inside My Room........$10 LP CDR Tim Zimmerman & King'sBrass(..)Joyful.$10 CD CDR Titanic(..)Screaming In Silence 02....$10 CD CDR TobyMac(RP,VS)Momentum 01.............$10 CD CDR Tom Howard Ensemble(AC)The HiddenPassa$10 CD CDR Tom Howard(AC)View From The Bridge....$10 LP CDR Tom Howard(JZ,AC)Solo Piano 87........$10 CD CDR Toni Rossi(RO)Love In The City 90.....$10 CD CDR Tonio K.(RO)Romeo Unchained 86........$10 CD CDR Tonio K.(RO)Yugoslavia 99 Gadfly......$10 CD CDR Tony Melendez(AC,PW)Never Be TheSame89$10 CD CDR Tony Palacios(RO,IN)Epic Tales OfWhoa!$10 CD CDR Tony Vincent(PO)One Deed the Single...$10 CD 4 song single with One Deed (album mix), One Deed (The bonus room mix), High, and Must Be The Season CDR Torn Flesh(ID,ME)Crux Of The Mosh.....$10 CD CDR Tourniquet(ME)Psycho Surgery 91.......$10 CD CDR Tourniquet(ME)Stop The Bleeding 90....$10 CD CDR Tourniquet(ME)Vanishing Lessons 94....$10 CD CDR Trace Balin(PO)Champions 88...........$10 CD CDR Trace Balin(PO)Here And Now 89........$10 CD CDR Trace Balin(PO)Out Of The Blue 91.....$10 CD CDR Tramaine(GO)Freedom 87................$10 CD CDR Trouble(..)Run To The Light 93/87.....$10 CD CDR Troy Werner(AC)Different 90...........$10 CD CDR Truth(AC)Live 91 Benson...............$10 CD CDR Truth(AC)More ThanYou'll EverImagine91$10 CD CDR Truth(AC)Now And Forever..............$10 CD CDR Truth(AC)Something To Hold On To 92...$10 CD CDR Truth(AC,PO)Keep Believing 90.........$10 CD CDR Trytan(RO,ME)Celestial Messenger 93...$10 CD From German-only reissue CDR Trytan(RO,ME)Celestial Msngr+BonusT[S]$10 CD Reissue with bonus tracks CDR Tunnel Rats(RP)Experience 96..........$10 CD CDR Twenty Twenty(..)Altered..............$10 LP CDR Twenty Twenty(..)s/t..................$10 LP never released on CD CDR Twila Paris(AC)A Heart That KnowsYo[B]$10 CD CDR Twila Paris(AC)For Every Heart 88.....$10 CD CDR Twila Paris(AC)Kingdom Seekers 85.....$10 CD CDR Twila Paris(AC)Knowin' You're Around..$10 CD CDR Twila Paris(AC)Same Girl 87...........$10 CD CDR Twila Paris(AC)Sanctuary 91...........$10 CD CDR Twila Paris(AC)The Early Works 91.....$10 CD CDR Twila Paris(AC)The Early Years 96.....$10 CD you can get track titles for this email to you for $2 extra CDR Twila Paris(AC)The Warrior/Keepin' MyE$10 CD contains both "The Warrior Is A Child" and "Keepin' My Eyes On Him" on one CDR, 21 tracks CDR Twila Paris(HL,AC)It's The Thought 89.$10 CD CDR Twin Sister(..)s/t 96 Bionic/That'sNot$10 CD CDR Ty Tabor(..)Safety 02.................$10 CD CDR Ultrabeat(..)Beyond The Stars 01......$10 CD CDR Unchained(..)Never End 00.............$10 CD CDR Undercover(NW,RO)Volume 2:Boys&+Brande$10 CD "Boys And Girls Renounce The World" & "Branded" on 1 CDR CDR Undercover(RO,ME,AL)Balance OfPower 90$10 CD CDR Undercover(RO,NW)3-28-87-Live 88......$10 CD CDR Various(..)ACM Journal 1st Anniv......$10 CD DAS,BlueT,LSU,SincPaul,Blackh,Uthanda,WLyre90 CDR Various(..)Argh!!Rex Sampler 91.......$10 CD Throes,Haven,LivgSac,Lead,Sacramnt,Believr+5 CDR Various(..)ArtCore 2-Starflyr,Phantasm$10 CD JoyElec,SalParadise,RoseBlos,JesusFly+ CDR Various(..)Best Of The Early Works 92.$10 ? TwilaP,WWatson,DFrancisco,Farrel&F,MCard,DHolm+. also available with b/w inserts for addtional $5. CDR Various(..)Classic Gold...............$10 ? Grant,1stCall,RMull,Holm,Patti,Imper,Meece,Taff. also available with b/w inserts for addtional $5. CDR Various(..)Demolition 9 REX Demos.....$10 CD Thresher,MortalEnemy,HotPinkTurtle+ CDR Various(..)Demolition II - 12 REXDemos$10 CD Crucifix,ArgylePark,Rivot,Klank,Velociped+ CDR Various(..)Essential 80s ChristianColl$10 ? Rock Gospel Classics:SteveTaylor,DA,D&K,77s+ also available with b/w inserts for addtional $5. CDR Various(..)Handel's Young Messiah.....$10 CD Imper,Walsh,1stCal,WWatson,Twila,WHeart+ CDR Various(..)Helpless Amongst Friends...$10 CD Bloodshed,Blamed,Blenderhead,Unashamed+12 CDR Various(..)Hot Metal 5-Screaming Truth$10 CD Deliv,Rose,DHapp,Mortif,Mortal,Tourn+ CDR Various(..)Passion Of The Christ-Songs$10 CD Scc,MercyMe,POD,LaurynHill,CharCh,BeBeW+ CDR Various(..)Pop Pie In Sky.............$10 CD 1stCall,BDunc,CMorgan,Petra,Boltz,SPatti,WWat+3 93 CDR Various(..)Rock Pie In Sky............$10 CD 77s,DA,Undercov,Keag,UnderMidn,RachR,Fighter+3 CDR Various(..)Saviour....................$10 CD Steve Green,Larnelle Harr,Wayne Watson,WintleyPhip,Twila CDR Various(..)Slava:Voice Of The People..$10 CD XProp,DEITIPHOBIA,Wigtop,Exeges,DHChi+9[Z]$3 CDR Various(..)Three Times,We Pleaded.....$10 CD 14 songs:Glisten,Redline,Fool'sGold,GodShape+ CDR Various(AL,HL)Broken Christmas........$10 CD Riki Michelle,Undercover,441+ CDR Various(AL,RO,ME,NW)Brave New Music 91$10 CD Painted Orange,Paradox,DOC,Remnant,Legacy+ CDR Various(BL)Shades Of Blue 94..........$10 CD Lanny Cordola,GaryGr+ CDR Various(BL)The Blues Night............$10 CD Larry Howard,Glen Kaiser,DMansfield&TraceBalin CDR Various(HL)Happy Christmas 2..........$10 CD MxPx,AllStarU,Plank,JoyElec,Starf59,Norway+ CDR Various(HL)Happy Christmas 4..........$10 CD Emery,Anberlin,Starfl59,Mae,Reliant,Spoken+ CDR Various(HL)Happy Christmas 98.........$10 CD OCSupertONES,JoyE,Starf59,5IronF,7DayJ,BonVo+12 CDR Various(ME)Heaven's Metal Vol 1 ONLY..$10 CD ResBand,DanBand,Jerus,Strypr,1stStrik+9 CDR Various(ME)Heaven'sMetalHardMusicComp1$10 CD Bride,EDL,POD,Blamed,Precious Death+7 CDR Various(ME)Metamorphosis..............$10 CD BrainChild, Living Sacrifice,Circle Of Dust-remixes & unreleased songs. rex music CDR Various(ME)Northern Lights-NorweganMet$10 CD 3 Each from Schaliach,Groom,Antestor,Ex CDR Various(ME)Righteous Metal II.........$10 CD JetCirc,Josh,HolyS,Angel,X-Sin,SacW,Novella+ CDR Various(ME)The Axemen.................$10 CD Singers From:Whitecros,Bride,Saint,Force3,Jerus,Rosanna'sR+ CDR Various(ME)Underground Metal 2........$10 CD Zion,Xalt,Chalace+ CDR Various(ME)Underground Metal..........$10 CD Armada,BjornStigsson,Chariot,Paragn,Paradox,Watchman+3 CDR Various(PW)Maranatha 3RejoiceInTheLord$10 LP CDR Various(PW)Maranatha! 5 TheTenTopTunes$10 LP Note: tracks 2 and 3 are bad on this. Please check section 3 for good copy. CDR Various(RG)Dancehall Baptism Chapter 2$10 CD VanBriggs, Christafari, Tiko & Gitta+15 CDR Various(RO)Rock Of 80s V1.............$10 CD Whiteh,Rez,Strypr,77,D&K,DAmos,Mylon,GMoor,Petra+ CDR Various(RO)Rock Revival1-FeelingTheSpi$10 CD "Feeling The Spirit" CDR Various(RO)Rock Revival2-RememberingTh$10 CD "Remembering The Future":Barry McGuire,Liberation Suite,Randy Stonehill +15 CDR Various(RP)Next Level Of Hip Hop......$10 CD SFC-4songs,DynamicTwins-3songs,LPG-4songs 95$4 CDR Various(RP)Rap - 16 song..............$10 CD FreedomOfSoul,DynamicTwins,IdolKing,SFC,LPG,XL&DBD94$6 CDR Various(RP)Rap Pie In The Sky.........$10 CD JCCrew,True4U,SFC,FreeOfSoul,DynTwin,Cauzin'Efekt+$4 CDR Various(VS)WOW 96 Top 30 Disc One.....$10 CD MWS,GMoore,POG,DCTalk,AmyGrant,Petra,WayneWatson+ CDR Various(VS)WOW 96 Top 30 Disc Two.....$10 CD MWS,GMoore,POG,DCTalk,AmyGrant,Petra,WayneWatson+ CDR Various:Our Christmas.................$10 CD MWS,AlGeen,DMeece,BDunc,AmyGrant/SandiPatt,1stCa+$6 CDR Various:RockVs.Roll...................$10 CD TTay,LSU,77s,Bride,AltarB,LSU,DA,Trytan,Bloodgood+$3 CDR Vector(..)Simple Experience 89........$10 CD CDR Vector(RO)Mannequin Virtue/Please Stan$10 CD CDR Vector(RO)Time Flies Disc 2 [B].......$10 CD you can get track titles for this email to you for $2 extra CDR Vengeance Rising(ME)Anthology 93 [B]..$10 CD Best Of CDR Vengeance Rising(ME)Human Sacrifice 88$10 CD CDR Vengeance Rising(ME)Once Dead 90......$10 CD CDR Veni Domine(ME)Material Sanctuary 94..$10 CD CDR Veni Domine(RO,ME)Fall Babylon Fall 92$10 CD CDR Vibe Central Remixes 96...............$10 CD Jars Of Clay(3), Eric Champion(3), Imagine This(3) 2 Rhythm Of Creation & Hypersonic/Praise House CDR Vickie Winans(GO)Total Victory 89Light$10 CD CDR Vindication(..)s/t....................$10 LP CDR Vineyard Music(PW)The Burn Service 99.$10 CD CDR Violet Burning(AL)Chosen 89...........$10 CD also available with b/w inserts for addtional $5. CDR Violet Burning(AL)Demonstrates Plastic$10 CD CDR Violet Burning(AL)I Am A StrangerInThi$10 CD CDR Violet Burning(AL)Strength 92.........$10 CD also available with b/w inserts for addtional $5. CDR Violet Burning(AL)The VioletUndergroV4$10 CD "The Violet Underground Volume 4: Distortion Is Our Frind. Songs and Demo Versions That Didn't Make The LP" Fan club CD CDR Virgin Black(GT)Elegant...and dying 03$10 CD CDR Virus(RV,AMBIANT)Analogue 95..........$10 CD CDR Virus(RV,AMBIANT)Analogue 95..........$10 CD CDR Virus(RV,AMBIANT)Analogue 95..........$10 CD CDR Virus(RV,AMBIANT)Odd disc 1..........$10 CD CDR Virus(RV,AMBIANT)Odd disc 2..........$10 CD CDR Virus(RV,AMBIANT)Odd disc 1...........$10 CD CDR Virus(RV,AMBIANT)Odd disc 1...........$10 CD CDR Virus(RV,AMBIANT)Odd disc 1...........$10 CD CDR Virus(RV,AMBIANT)Odd disc 2...........$10 CD CDR Virus(RV,AMBIANT)Odd disc 2...........$10 CD CDR Virus(RV,AMBIANT)Odd disc 2...........$10 CD CDR Vision(RO)Vision......................$10 LP also available with b/w inserts for addtional $5. CDR Walt Whitman&SoulChOfChi(GO)Growing Up$10 CD CDR Warren Halstrom(..)Go! 90.............$10 CD CDR Warrior(ME)The Code Of Life 01........$10 CD CDR Water Into Wine Band(AC)Hill ClimbingF$10 LP CDR Waterdeep(..)To Chase Away The Birds95$10 CD CDR Waterstain(..)Broken Mind QuirkRecord$10 CD CDR Way, The(AC)The Way & Can It Be.......$10 CD CDR Wayne Watson(AC)New Lives/Man InThe[!]$10 CD CDR Wayne Watson(AC)The Early Works 91....$10 CD CDR Wayne Watson(AC)Watercolour Ponies 87.$10 CD CDR Wayne Watson(HL)One Christmas Eve 94..$10 CD CDR Wayside,The(RO,AL)Demonstaton 02......$10 CD Limited Edition Extended 10 track EP: 5 from Fall '02 album + 5 bonus tracks CDR Wayside,The(RO,AL)Demonstaton 5sngEP[N]$0 CD CDR Webber And The Buzztones(NW)s/t 4 song$10 LP The oringal LP has 4 songs on side one and the same 4 on side two. This is duplicated on the CDR with the 4 songs as tracks 1-4 and repeated as tracks 5-8 CDR Wes King(AC,RO)Signature Songs 99.....$10 CD CDR Wes King(AC,RO)Sticks And Stones 91...$10 CD CDR White Heart(AC)Live At Six Flags......$10 CD CDR White Heart(RO)Quiet Storm:Ballads 93.$10 CD CDR White Heart(RO)Whiteheart.............$10 CD CDR White River(CW)Have A Little Faith 93.$10 CD CDR White River(CW)Rodeo Preacher 92......$10 CD CDR Whitecross(ME)At Their Best 91........$10 CD CDR Whitecross(ME)Hammer & Nail 88........$10 CD CDR Whitecross(ME)High Gear 92............$10 CD CDR Whitecross(ME)In The Kingdom 91.......$10 CD CDR Whitecross(ME)To The Limit:Best Of 93.$10 CD CDR Whitecross(ME)Triumphant Return 89....$10 CD CDR Whitecross(ME)Whitecross 87...........$10 CD CDR Whiteheart(AC,RO)Greatest Hit 87 16sng$10 CD CDR Whiteheart(RO)Don't Wait ForTheMovie86$10 CD CDR Whiteheart(RO)Emergency Broadcast 87..$10 CD CDR Whiteheart(RO)Freedom 89..............$10 CD CDR Whiteheart(RO)Hotline.................$10 CD CDR Whiteheart(RO)Redemption 97...........$10 CD CDR Whiteheart(RO)Whiteheart/Vital Sign[!]$10 CD Both LPs on 1 CDR y CDR Whitsuntide Easter(..)Next Time You Pl$10 CD "Next Time You Play A Wrong Note" CDR William Becton&Friends(JZ,GO)Heart OfA$10 CD CDR Williams Brothers(VS)Feel The Spirit83$10 CD CDR Winans,The(GO)Heart & Soul 95.........$10 CD Last 3 songs don't play correctly CDR Winans,The(GO)Long Time Comin' 83 Lexi$10 CD CDR Wintley Phipps(GO)Favorite Hymns 96...$10 CD CDR Wintley Phipps(GO)nhe SunWillShineAgai$10 CD CDR Wisdom Call{membersOfNarnia}(..)s/t 00$10 CD CDR World Wide Message T(DA,TE)Heatseeker.$10 CD CDR World Wide Message Tribe(DA,PO)s/t 94.$10 CD CDR World Wide MessageTrib(DA)Dance Planet$10 CD CDR Wyrick(RO)Mental Floss 98.............$10 CD CDR X-Sinner(ME)Loud & Proud..............$10 CD CDR X-Sinner(RO)Get It 89.................$10 CD CDR X-Sinner(RO)Peace Treaty 91 Pakaderm.$10 CD CDR XL And DBD(RP,ME)Sodom & America 93...$10 CD CDR XT(RO)Tax Free 93 Swedish Import......$10 CD CDR Xalt(ME)Dark War......................$10 TAPE CDR Xalt(RO)Under The Ruins 90............$10 CD CDR Youth Choir(AL)Voices In Shadows 85...$10 CD CDR Zao(HC)All Else Failed 96-00..........$10 CD CDR Zao(HC)Self-Titled 00.................$10 CD CDR Zaxas(ME)Zaxas 95.....................$10 CD CDR Zero(RV)Ravenous 92...................$10 CD CDR Zion Mountain Folk(BG,FO)Grass RootsMu$10 LP "Grass Roots Music" CDR Zion w/Rich Mullins(AC)Behold The Man.$10 TAPE CDR Zion(ME)Thunder From Mountain 89 Image$10 CD CDR Zoegirl(PO)Life 01....................$10 CD CDR Zoegirl(PO)s/t 00.....................$10 CD * Items that are listed with an "*" will also have inserts avail- able if the same item is currently in stock on CD or tape. Please see above for prices on inserts. For inserts made from a tape insert, there won't be anything printed on the spine though there will be a blank insert included and you can have CMX write in the artist and title or do it yourself. This ONLY applies to CDRs from section 1. Sections 3, 4 and 5 have color inserts available and include printing on the spine). ================================================================= ================================================================= Section 2 (as of 11/28/05) CDRs in this section have no printing or artwork on the front of CDR and don't include any paper inserts. PRICE PER DISC - $15.00 (2-CD sets are $30) -- without inserts Note: For many of these you can get the same thing cheaper in the first section or the same price with printing on the front of CDR in section 3. You may want to check those sections first. These CDs are produced by a 3rd party so there is usually a delay of three to SEVERAL WEEKS in getting them. They're not ordered until payment is received since people sometimes request an item but then never send payment. If you've ordered other items (from the regular catalog or from section 1) and want them sent sooner you'll need to pay seperate shipping/handling. (All items in sections 3 and 4 have full color inserts available unless otherwise noted.) If you would like the artist and title written on the CDR and/or CD case spine, please specify this when ordering. Artist - Title CDR - 2020Blind - Never Far (source=CD) CDR - 2nd Chapter Of Acts - Mansion Builder (source=CD) CDR - 2nd Chapter Of Acts - Rejoice/Singer Sower (source=CD) CDR - 2nd Chapter Of Acts - With Footnotes/In the Volume of the Book (source=CD) CDR - 4Him - The Basics Of Life (source=CD) CDR - A Ragamuffin Band - Prayers of a Ragamuffin (source=CD) CDR - AD - Art Of The State (source=CD) CDR - AD - Prime Mover (source=CD) CDR - AD - Reconstruction (source=CD) CDR - Aerial View - AerialView (source=CD) CDR - After The Fire - Der Kommissar (source=CD) CDR - After The Fire - Der Kommissar The CBS Recordings (Disc 1) (source=CD) CDR - After The Fire - Der Kommissar The CBS Recordings (Disc 2) (source=CD) CDR - After The Fire - Signs of Change (source=CD) CDR - Agape - Gospel Hard Rock (source=CD) CDR - Agape - Vicitms Of Tradition (source=CD) CDR - Age Of Faith - Age Of Faith (source=CD) CDR - Age of Faith - Heart Of The Young (source=CD) CDR - Alathea - What Light Is All About (source=CD) CDR - Alice Cooper - The Last Temptation (source=CD) CDR - All Saved Freak Band - My Poor Generation (source=CD) CDR - Allies - Allies (source=CD) CDR - Allies - Long Way From Paradise (source=CD) CDR - Allies - The River (source=CD) CDR - Altarboys - Against The Grain (source=CD) CDR - Altarboys - Gut Level Music (source=CD) CDR - Altarboys - When You're A Rebel (source=CD) CDR - Altarboys Mike Stand - Mercy Thoughts: Unreleased Demo & Live Recordings (source=CD) CDR - Amy Grant - Age To Age (source=CD) CDR - Amy Grant - Heart in Motion (source=CD) CDR - Amy Grant - In Concert Volume 2 (source=CD) CDR - Amy Grant - Never Alone (source=CD) CDR - Amy Grant - The Collection (source=CD) CDR - Amy Grant - Unguarded (source=CD) CDR - Amy Wolter - Hit Me In The Heart (source=CD) CDR - Andrae Crouch - His Best (source=CD) CDR - Andy McCarroll And Moral Support - Zionic Bonds (source=LP) CDR - Andy Piercy and David Clifton - Praise God (source=CD) CDR - Angelica - Angelica (source=CD) CDR - Angelica - Rock Stock & Barrel (source=CD) CDR - Angelica - Time Is All It Takes (source=CD) CDR - Angelica - Walkin' In Faith (source=CD) CDR - Anthem - Cuttin' Thru' (source=LP) CDR - Anthem - Cuttin' Thru' II The Remix (source=CD) CDR - Ark/David Kelly - ...The Angels Come/Crowning Of A Simple Man (source=LP) CDR - Arkangel - Warrior (source=CD) CDR - Armageddon - The Money Mask (source=CD) CDR - Arsenal - Armored Choir (source=CD) CDR - Ashley Cleveland - Bus Named Desire (source=CD) CDR - Ashley Cleveland - Lesson of Love (source=CD) CDR - Ashton Becker Dente - Along The Road (source=CD) CDR - Audio Adrenaline - Bloom (source=CD) CDR - Avalon - A Maze Of Grace (source=CD) CDR - Avalon - Avalon (source=CD) CDR - Avalon - Oxygen (source=CD) CDR - Balance Of Power - Ten More Tales Of Grand Illusion (source=CD) CDR - Barnabas - Approaching Light Speed (source=CD) CDR - Barnabas - Artifacts And Relics (source=CD) CDR - Barnabas - Feel The Fire/Little Foxes (source=CD) CDR - Barnabas - Hear The Light/Find Your Heart A Home (source=CD) CDR - Barnabas - The Gospel According To Barnabas (source=CD) CDR - Barren Cross - Atomic Arena (source=CD) CDR - Barren Cross - Hotter Than Hell! Live (source=CD) CDR - Barren Cross - Live 1989 (source=LP) CDR - Barren Cross - Live 2002 (source=LP) CDR - Barren Cross - Rattle Your Cage (source=CD) CDR - Barren Cross - Rock For The King (source=CD) CDR - Barren Cross - Rock For The King V2 (source=CD) CDR - Barren Cross - State Of Control (source=CD) CDR - Believer - Extraction From Mortality (source=CD) CDR - Believer - Sanity Obscure (source=CD) CDR - Benny Hester - Benny (source=CD) CDR - Benny Hester - Benny Hester (Self Titled) (source=CD) CDR - Benny Hester - Personal Best (source=CD) CDR - Big Tent Revival - Amplifier (source=CD) CDR - Big Tent Revival - Big Tent Revival (source=CD) CDR - Big Tent Revival - Open All Nite (source=CD) CDR - Bjorn Stigsson - Together With Friends (source=CD) CDR - Bloodgood - Alive In America Live Vol. 1 (source=CD) CDR - Bloodgood - All Stand Together (source=CD) CDR - Bloodgood - All Stand Together (source=CD) CDR - Bloodgood - Bloodgood (source=CD) CDR - Bloodgood - Detonation (source=CD) CDR - Bloodgood - Live 1988 (source=LP) CDR - Bloodgood - Out Of The Darkness (source=CD) CDR - Bloodgood - Rock In A Hard Place (source=CD) CDR - Bloodgood - Shakin' The World Live Vol. 2 (source=CD) CDR - Bloodgood - To Germany With Love! 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At Carnegie Hall (source=CD) CDR - Glass Harp - Strings Attached (Disc 2) (source=CD) CDR - Glass Harp - Strings Attached (source=CD) CDR - Glass Harp - Synergy (source=CD) CDR - Glen Kaiser - Winter Sun (source=CD) CDR - Glenn Kaiser - Blacktop (source=CD) CDR - Glenn Kaiser - Carolina Moon (source=CD) CDR - Glenn Kaiser - Ripley County Blues (source=CD) CDR - Glenn Kaiser - Spontaneous Combustion (source=CD) CDR - Greg X Volz - The River Is Rising (source=CD) CDR - Guardian - Bottle Rocket (source=CD) CDR - Guardian - Fire And Love (source=CD) CDR - Guardian - First Watch (source=CD) CDR - Guardian - Live At Cornerstone 2001 (source=CD) CDR - Guardian - Miracle Mile (source=CD) CDR - Guardian - No Gap (source=CD) CDR - Guardian - The Yellow and Black Attack is Back (source=CD) CDR - Guardian - Voyager And Fusion (source=CD) CDR - Halo - Halo (source=CD) CDR - Halo - Heaven Calling (source=CD) CDR - Hank Laake - Life And Death (source=LP) CDR - Harvest - Carry On (source=CD) CDR - Harvest - Holy Fire (source=CD) CDR - Harvest - Let's Fight For A Generation (source=CD) CDR - Haven - Age Of Darkness (source=CD) CDR - Haven - Your Dying Day (source=CD) CDR - Holy Soldier - Encore (source=CD) CDR - Holy Soldier - Holy Soldier (source=CD) CDR - Holy Soldier - Last Train (source=CD) CDR - Holy Soldier - Promise Man (source=CD) CDR - Ideola - Tribal Opera (source=CD) CDR - Idle Cure - 2nd Avenue (source=CD) CDR - Idle Cure - Eclipse (source=CD) CDR - Idle Cure - Idle Cure (source=CD) CDR - Idle Cure - Inside Out (source=CD) CDR - Idle Cure - Tough Love (source=CD) CDR - Impellitteri - Crunch (source=CD) CDR - Impellitteri - Eye Of The Hurricane (source=CD) CDR - Impellitteri - Screaming Symphony (source=CD) CDR - Impellitteri - Victim of the system (source=CD) CDR - In 3-D - Barrage (source=CD) CDR - Ishmael United - If You Can't Shout Saved! (source=CD) CDR - JC Power Outlet - Forgiven (source=LP) CDR - Jaci Velasquez - Crystal Clear (source=CD) CDR - Jacobs Dream - Theater Of War (source=CD) CDR - Jan Krist - Love Big Us Small (source=CD) CDR - Jars Of Clay - Furthermore: From The Stage (source=CD) CDR - Jars Of Clay - Furthermore: From The Studio (source=CD) CDR - Jars Of Clay - If I Left The Zoo (source=CD) CDR - Jars Of Clay - Jars Of Clay (source=CD) CDR - Jars Of Clay - The Eleventh Hour (source=CD) CDR - Jars Of Clay - Who We Are Instead (source=CD) CDR - Jennifer Knapp - Kansas (source=CD) CDR - Jennifer Knapp - Lay It Down (source=CD) CDR - Jennifer Knapp - The Way I Am (source=CD) CDR - Jerusalem - 10 Years After (source=CD) CDR - Jerusalem - Classics 1 (source=CD) CDR - Jerusalem - Classics 2 (source=CD) CDR - Jerusalem - Dancing On The Head Of The Serpent (source=CD) CDR - Jerusalem - Prophet (source=CD) CDR - Jerusalem - Pε Ren Svenska Live [cd 1 av 2] (source=CD) CDR - Jerusalem - Pε Ren Svenska Live [cd 2 av 2] (source=CD) CDR - Jerusalem - RAD (source=CD) CDR - Jerusalem - Those Were The Days (source=CD) CDR - Jesusfreaks - Jesus Freaks (source=CD) CDR - Jet Circus - Step On It (German Import) (source=CD) CDR - Jim Cole - Merciful God (source=CD) CDR - Joe English - Lights In The World/Held Accountable (source=CD) CDR - Joe English - What You Need (source=CD) CDR - John Elefante - Corridors (source=CD) CDR - John Elefante - Defying Gravity (source=CD) CDR - John Elefante - Windows Of Heaven (source=CD) CDR - John Fischer - Some Folk's World (source=CD) CDR - John Michael Talbot and Terry Talbot - The Painter (source=CD) CDR - John Schlitt - Shake (source=CD) CDR - John Schlitt - Unfit For Swine (source=CD) CDR - Johnny Cash - American IV: The Man Comes Around (source=CD) CDR - Kaiser Mansfield - Slow Burn (source=CD) CDR - Kaiser Mansfield - Trimmed And Burnin' (source=CD) CDR - Kansas - Audio-Visions (source=LP) CDR - Kansas - Drastic Measures (source=CD) CDR - Kansas - Live At The Whisky (source=CD) CDR - Kansas - Live In Omaha 1982 (source=LP) CDR - Kansas - Vinyl Confessions (source=CD) CDR - Kathy Troccoli - Love And Mercy (source=CD) CDR - Kathy Troccoli - Pure Attraction (source=CD) CDR - Keith Green - For Him Who Has Ears to Hear (source=CD) CDR - Keith Green - No Compromise (source=CD) CDR - Keith Green - The Ministry Years Vol 2 (Disc 2) (source=CD) CDR - Keith Green - The Ministry Years Vol 2 (source=CD) CDR - Kenny Marks - Attitude (source=CD) CDR - Kenny Marks - Make It Right (source=CD) CDR - Kerry Livgren - Decade (Disc 1) (source=CD) CDR - Kerry Livgren - Decade (Disc 2) (source=CD) CDR - Kim Hill - Brave Heart (source=CD) CDR - Kim Hill - Kim Hill (source=CD) CDR - Kim Hill - Talk About Life (source=CD) CDR - Kim Hill - The Fire Again (source=CD) CDR - King James - King James (source=CD) CDR - King James - The Fall (source=CD) CDR - King's X - Faith Hope Love (source=CD) CDR - King's X - Out Of The Silent Planet (source=CD) CDR - King's X - Please Come Home...Mr. Bulbous (source=CD) CDR - Kreyson - Crusaders (source=CD) CDR - Kutless - Kutless (source=CD) CDR - Larry Howard - Redeemed (source=CD) CDR - Lead - Burn This Record (source=CD) CDR - Legend - Legend (source=CD) CDR - Leslie Phillips - Black and White in a Grey World (source=CD) CDR - Leslie Phillips - Dancing With Danger (source=CD) CDR - Leviticus - I Shall Conquer (source=CD) CDR - Leviticus - Knigts Of Heaven (source=CD) CDR - Leviticus - Live At Bobfest 2003 (source=CD) CDR - Leviticus - Setting Fire To The Earth (source=CD) CDR - Liaison - Hard Hitter (source=CD) CDR - Liaison - Liaison (source=CD) CDR - Lifesavors - Us Kids (source=CD) CDR - Lightforce - Mystical Thieves (source=CD) CDR - Living Sacrifice - Living Sacrifice (source=CD) CDR - Love Life - Good Bye Lady Jane (source=CD) CDR - Love Song - Love Song/Final Touch (source=CD) CDR - Lovewar - Soak Your Brain (source=CD) CDR - M*Pire - Chapter One (source=CD) CDR - Mad at the World - Boomerang (source=CD) CDR - Mad at the World - Flowers in the Rain (source=CD) CDR - Mad at the World - Seasons of Love (source=CD) CDR - Mad at the World - Through The Forest (source=CD) CDR - Magdallan - Big Bang (source=CD) CDR - Malcolm And Alwyn - Fool's Wisdom (source=CD) CDR - Malcolm And Alwyn - Wildwall (source=CD) CDR - Mansfield Turner - Blues With A Feelin' (source=CD) CDR - Margaret Becker - Immigrant's Daughter (source=CD) CDR - Margaret Becker - Never For Nothing (source=CD) CDR - Margaret Becker - Simple House (source=CD) CDR - Margaret Becker - The Reckoning (source=CD) CDR - Margaret Becker - What Kind Of Love (source=CD) CDR - Mark Farner - Just Another Injustice (source=CD) CDR - Mark Farner - Some Kind Of Wonderful (source=CD) CDR - Mark Farner - Wake Up (source=CD) CDR - Mark Heard - Dry Bones Dance (source=CD) CDR - Mark Heard - Fingerprint (source=CD) CDR - Mark Heard - Mosaics (source=CD) CDR - Mark Heard - Satellite Sky (source=CD) CDR - Mark Heard - Second Hand (source=CD) CDR - Mark Heard - Stop The Dominoes (source=CD) CDR - Mark Heard - Victims Of The Age (source=CD) CDR - Mass - Take You Home (source=CD) -- note: this has some SKIPS CDR - Mastedon - It's A Jungle Out There! (source=CD) CDR - Mastodon - Lofcaudio (source=CD) CDR - Matrix - 1983-1984 (source=CD) CDR - Matthew Ward - Armed And Dangerous (source=CD) CDR - Matthew Ward - Point Of View (source=CD) CDR - Matthew Ward - Toward Eternity (source=CD) CDR - Messiah Prophet - Colors (source=CD) CDR - Messiah Prophet - Master Of The Metal (source=CD) CDR - Messiah Prophet - Rock The Flock (source=CD) CDR - Michael Card - Present Reality (source=CD) CDR - Michael Card - The Beginning (source=CD) CDR - Michael Card - The Life (Disc 2) (source=CD) CDR - Michael Card - The Life (source=CD) CDR - Michael Card - The Way of Wisdom (source=CD) CDR - Michael Gleason - Children Of Choices (source=CD) CDR - Michael Omartian - White Horse/Adam Again (source=CD) CDR - Michael Sweet - Michael Sweet (source=CD) CDR - Michael Sweet - Real (source=CD) CDR - Michael Sweet - Truth (source=CD) CDR - Michael W. Smith - I 2 (Eye) (source=CD) CDR - Michael W. Smith - I'll Lead You Home (source=CD) CDR - Michael W. Smith - Live The Life (source=CD) CDR - Michael W. Smith - Project (source=CD) CDR - Michael W. Smith - This Is Your Time (source=CD) CDR - Michele Pillar - Compact Favorites (source=CD) CDR - Michele Pillar - Love Makes All The Difference (source=CD) CDR - Midsouth - Lessons Of Life (source=CD) CDR - Modest Attraction - Divine Luxury (source=CD) CDR - Mortification - EnVision EvAngelene (source=CD) CDR - Mortification - Mortification (source=CD) CDR - Mortification - Triumph Of Mercy (source=CD) CDR - Motherlode - The Sanctuary (source=CD) CDR - Mustard Seed Faith - Sail on Sailor (source=CD) CDR - Mylon LeFevre - Mylon (source=LP) CDR - Mylon Lefevre - Big World (source=CD) CDR - Mylon Lefevre - Crack the Sky (source=CD) CDR - Mylon Lefevre - Crank It Up (source=CD) CDR - Mylon Lefevre - Sheep In Wolves Clothing (source=CD) CDR - Narnia - Awakening (source=CD) CDR - Neon Cross - Neon Cross (source=CD) CDR - Neon Cross - Torn (source=CD) CDR - New Jerusalem - New Jerusalem (source=CD) CDR - Newsong - Sheltering Tree (source=CD) CDR - Norman Barratt - Barratt (source=CD) CDR - Nouveaux - . . . And This Is How I Feel (source=CD) CDR - Nouveaux - Beginnings (source=CD) CDR - Novella - A Liquid Earth (source=CD) CDR - Novella - One Big Sky (source=CD) CDR - Oden Fong - Come For The Children (source=CD) CDR - Oil - Refine (source=CD) CDR - One Bad Pig - I Scream Sunday (source=CD) CDR - One Bad Pig - Live: Blow the House Down (source=CD) CDR - One Bad Pig - Smash (source=CD) CDR - One Bad Pig - Swine Flew (source=CD) CDR - Ordained Fate - Ordained Fate (source=CD) CDR - Out Of The Gray - Gravity (source=CD) CDR - Out Of The Grey - (See Inside) (source=CD) CDR - Out Of The Grey - Diamond Days (source=CD) CDR - Out Of The Grey - Out of the Grey (source=CD) CDR - Out Of The Grey - The Shape of Grace (source=CD) CDR - P K Mitchell - All Hail The Power (source=CD) CDR - PFR - Great Lengths (source=CD) CDR - PFR - Them (source=CD) CDR - Pam Thum - Pam Thum (source=CD) CDR - Paul Clark - Awakening From The Western Dream (source=CD) CDR - Paul Clark - Minstrel's Voyage Vol. 1 (Disc 2) (source=CD) CDR - Paul Clark - Minstrel's Voyage Vol. 1 (source=CD) CDR - Paul Clark - Minstrel's Voyage Vol. II 1975-1979 (Disc 1) (source=CD) CDR - Paul Clark - Minstrel's Voyage Vol. II 1975-1979 (Disc 2) (source=CD) CDR - Paul Clark - Minstrel's Voyage Vol. III 1980-1985 (Disc 2) (source=CD) CDR - Paul Clark - Minstrel's Voyage Vol. III 1980-1985 (source=CD) CDR - Paul Colman Trio - New Map Of The World (source=CD) CDR - Petra - Back To The Street (source=CD) CDR - Petra - Beat The System (source=CD) CDR - Petra - Beyond Belief (source=CD) CDR - Petra - Captured In Time And Space (source=CD) CDR - Petra - Come And Join Us (source=CD) CDR - Petra - Double Take (source=CD) CDR - Petra - God Fixation (source=CD) CDR - Petra - Jekyll & Hyde (source=CD) CDR - Petra - More Power To Ya (source=CD) CDR - Petra - No Doubt (source=CD) CDR - Petra - Not of this World (source=CD) CDR - Petra - On Fire! (source=CD) CDR - Petra - Petra (source=CD) CDR - Petra - Petra Praise: The Rock Cries Out (source=CD) CDR - Petra - Praise 2... We Need Jesus (source=CD) CDR - Petra - Revival (source=CD) CDR - Petra - This Means War! (source=CD) CDR - Petra - Unseen Power (source=CD) CDR - Petra - Wake Up Call (source=CD) CDR - Petra - Washes Whiter Than/Never Say Die (source=CD) CDR - Phil Joel - Watching Over You (source=CD) CDR - Phil Keaggy - Crimson and Blue (source=CD) CDR - Phil Keaggy - Emerging (source=LP) CDR - Phil Keaggy - Find Me In These Fields (source=CD) CDR - Phil Keaggy - Ph'lip Side/Play Thru Me (source=CD) CDR - Phil Keaggy - Phil Keaggy (source=CD) CDR - Phil Keaggy - Phil Keaggy and Sunday's Child (source=CD) CDR - Phil Keaggy - The Best Of Keaggy The Early Years 1973-1978 (source=CD) CDR - Phil Keaggy - Town To Town/Ph'lip Side (source=CD) CDR - Phil Keaggy - Way Back Home (source=CD) CDR - Phil Keaggy - What A Day/Love Broke Thru (source=CD) CDR - Phil Keaggy Wes King Scott Dente - Invention (source=CD) CDR - Philadelphia - Search And Destroy (source=CD) CDR - Philadelphia - Tell The Truth (source=CD) CDR - Phillips Craig & Dean - Let My Words Be Few (source=CD) CDR - Phillips, Craig & Dean - Lifeline (source=CD) CDR - Phillips, Craig & Dean - Phillips, Craig, & Dean (source=CD) CDR - Phillips, Craig & Dean - Restoration (source=CD) CDR - Phillips, Craig & Dean - Trust (source=CD) CDR - Point Of Grace - Free To Fly (source=CD) CDR - Point Of Grace - I Choose You (source=CD) CDR - Point Of Grace - Life Love & Other Mysteries (source=CD) CDR - Point Of Grace - Point of Grace (source=CD) CDR - Point Of Grace - Rarities & Remixes (source=CD) CDR - Point Of Grace - Steady On (source=CD) CDR - Point Of Grace - The Whole Truth (source=CD) CDR - Project 86 - Drawing Black Lines (source=CD) CDR - Rachel Rachel - Way To My Heart (source=CD) CDR - Rachel Rachel - You Oughta Know By Now (source=CD) CDR - Rage Of Angels - Rage of Angels (source=CD) CDR - Randy Matthews - Randy Matthews (source=LP) CDR - Randy Rose - Healing (source=CD) CDR - Randy Rose - Into The Unknown (source=CD) CDR - Randy Rose - Sacrificium (source=CD) CDR - Randy Stonehill - Can't Buy A Miracle (source=CD) CDR - Randy Stonehill - Get Me Out Of Hollywood (source=CD) CDR - Randy Stonehill - Love Beyond Reason (source=CD) CDR - Randy Stonehill - Return To Paradise (source=CD) CDR - Randy Stonehill - The One Way Sessions (source=LP) CDR - Randy Stonehill - The Sky Is Falling (source=CD) CDR - Randy Stonehill - The Wild Frontier (source=CD) CDR - Randy Stonehill - Until We Have Wings (source=CD) CDR - Randy Stonehill - Welcome To Paradise (source=CD) CDR - Randy Stonehill - Wonderama (source=CD) CDR - Ransom - Ransom (source=CD) CDR - Ransom - Soul Asylum (source=CD) CDR - Rebecca St. James - God (source=CD) CDR - Recon - Behind Enemy Lines (source=CD) CDR - Recon - Live At Cornerstone 2001 (source=CD) CDR - RedSea - Blood (source=CD) CDR - Resurrection Band - Ampendectomy (source=CD) CDR - Resurrection Band - Awaiting Your Reply/Rainbow's End (source=CD) CDR - Resurrection Band - Between Heaven 'n' Hell (source=CD) CDR - Resurrection Band - Civil Rites (source=CD) CDR - Resurrection Band - Colours (source=CD) CDR - Resurrection Band - D.M.Z (source=CD) CDR - Resurrection Band - Hostage (source=CD) CDR - Resurrection Band - Innocent Blood (source=CD) CDR - Resurrection Band - Lament (source=CD) CDR - Resurrection Band - Live Bootleg (source=CD) CDR - Resurrection Band - Mommy Don't Love Daddy Anymore (source=CD) CDR - Resurrection Band - Music To Wake The Dead (source=LP) CDR - Resurrection Band - Rainbow's End (source=CD) CDR - Resurrection Band - Reach of Love (source=CD) CDR - Resurrection Band - Silence Screams (source=CD) CDR - Resurrection Band - Twenty Years (Disc 2) (source=CD) CDR - Resurrection Band - Twenty Years (source=CD) CDR - Rev. Gary Davis - The Complete Early Recordings of Rev. Gary Davis (source=CD) CDR - Rhythm House - Rhythm House (source=CD) CDR - Rich Mullins - A Liturgy A Legacy & A Ragamuffin Band (source=CD) CDR - Rich Mullins - Never Picture Perfect (source=CD) CDR - Rich Mullins - Pictures in the Sky (source=CD) CDR - Rich Mullins - The Jesus Demos (source=CD) CDR - Rich Mullins - The Jesus Record (source=CD) CDR - Rich Mullins - Winds of Heaven Stuff of Earth (source=CD) CDR - Rick Cua - Can't Stand Too Tall (source=CD) CDR - Rick Cua - Koo'-ah (source=CD) CDR - Rick Cua - No Mystery (source=CD) CDR - Rick Cua - Wear Your Colors (source=CD) CDR - Rick Cua - You're My Road (source=CD) CDR - Rob Castles - Straight Shot (source=CD) CDR - Rob Rock - Holy Hell (source=CD) CDR - Rosanna Palmer - Changes (source=CD) CDR - Rosannas Raiders - Calling Down Fire (source=CD) CDR - Rosannas Raiders - Clothed In Fire (source=CD) CDR - Russ Taff - Medals (source=CD) CDR - Russ Taff - Right Here Right Now (source=CD) CDR - Russ Taff - Walls of Glass (source=CD) CDR - Sacrament - Testimony Of Apocalypse (source=CD) CDR - Sacred Warrior - Live At Cornerstone 2001 (source=CD) CDR - Sacred Warrior - Master's Command (source=CD) CDR - Sacred Warrior - Obsessions (source=CD) CDR - Sacred Warrior - Rebellion (source=CD) CDR - Sacred Warrior - Wicked Generation (source=CD) CDR - Saint - In The Battle (source=CD) CDR - Saint - The Perfect Life (source=CD) CDR - Saint - Time's End (source=CD) CDR - Saint - Too Late For Living (source=CD) CDR - Saint - Warriors Of The Son (source=CD) CDR - Sara Groves - Add To The Beauty (source=CD) CDR - Scarlet Red - Don't Dance With Danger (source=CD) CDR - Scott Wenzel - Film At Eleven (source=CD) CDR - Scott Wenzel - Heart Like Thunder (source=CD) CDR - Selah/Emerald - Armed For battle/Selah (source=CD) CDR - Seraiah - Carnival World (source=CD) CDR - Seraiah - Seraiah (source=CD) CDR - Servant - Shallow Water (source=LP) CDR - Seventh Avenue - Tales Of Tales (source=CD) CDR - Shaun Groves - Invitation To Eavesdrop (source=CD) CDR - Sheila Walsh - Compact Favorites (source=CD) CDR - Sheila Walsh - Hope (source=CD) CDR - Sheila Walsh - Shadowlands (source=CD) CDR - Shlock Rock - Learning Is Good! (source=CD) CDR - Shout - In Your Face (source=CD) CDR - Shout - It Won't Be Long (source=CD) CDR - Sierra - Change (source=CD) CDR - Sierra - Devotion (source=CD) CDR - Sierra - Sierra (source=CD) CDR - Sierra - Story of Life (source=CD) CDR - Sierra - The Journey (source=CD) CDR - Siloam - Dying to Live (source=CD) CDR - Siloam - Sweet Destiny (source=CD) CDR - Soldier - The Definitive Collection 1985-1989 (source=CD) CDR - Steve Camp - Fire And Ice (source=CD) CDR - Steve Camp - It's A Dying World (source=LP) CDR - Steve Camp - One On One (source=CD) CDR - Steve Camp - Shake Me To Wake Me (source=CD) CDR - Steve Taylor - Meltdown (source=CD) CDR - Steve Taylor - On the Fritz (source=CD) CDR - Steve Taylor - The Best We Could Find [+ 3 That Never Escaped] (source=CD) CDR - Steven Chapman - Speechless (source=CD) CDR - Steven Curtis Chapman - All About Love (source=CD) CDR - Steven Curtis Chapman - Declaration (source=CD) CDR - Steven Curtis Chapman - Heaven In The Real World (source=CD) CDR - Steven Curtis Chapman - Signs Of Life (source=CD) CDR - Steven Patrick - Red Reign (source=CD) CDR - Stryper - 7 Weeks: Live In America 2003 (source=CD) CDR - Stryper - In God We Trust (source=CD) CDR - Stryper - Soldiers Under Command (source=CD) CDR - Stryper - The Yellow And Black Attack (source=CD) CDR - Stryper - To Hell With The Devil (source=CD) CDR - Susan Ashton - Angels Of Mercy (source=CD) CDR - Susan Ashton - Wakened By The Wind (source=CD) CDR - Sweet Comfort Band - Breakin' The Ice (source=CD) CDR - Sweet Comfort Band - Cutting Edge (source=CD) CDR - Sweet Comfort Band - Hearts Of Fire! (source=CD) CDR - Sweet Comfort Band - Hold On Tight (source=CD) CDR - Sweet Comfort Band - Perfect Timing (source=CD) CDR - TRB - TRB (source=CD) CDR - Tamplin & Friends - Wake The Nations (source=CD) CDR - Tamplin - An Axe To Grind (source=CD) CDR - Tamplin - Soul Survivor (source=CD) CDR - Tamplin - Tamplin (source=CD) CDR - Tempest - Eye Of The Storm (source=CD) CDR - Tempest - Lost In The Storm (source=CD) CDR - Teramaze - Tears To Dust (source=CD) CDR - Terry Talbot - Terry Talbot (source=CD) CDR - The 2nd Chapter of Acts & Phil Keaggy - How the West Was One (source=CD) CDR - The 2nd Chapter of Acts & Phil Keaggy - How the West Was One (Disc 2) (source=CD) CDR - The Awakening - Into Thy Hands (source=CD) CDR - The Brave - Battle Cries (source=CD) CDR - The Brave - Trust (source=CD) CDR - The Imperials - The Very best of The Imperials (source=CD) CDR - The Kidz - 1991 (source=LP) CDR - The Kidz - The Kidz (source=LP) CDR - The Regime - Straight Through Your Heart (source=CD) CDR - The Stand - Heartbreak Town (source=CD) CDR - The Stand - In Three Days (source=CD) CDR - Third Day - Come Together (source=CD) CDR - Third Day - Live 10-17-2002 (source=LP) CDR - Third Day - Live 3-31-2001 (source=LP) CDR - Third Day - Live Wire (source=CD) CDR - Third Day - Time (source=CD) CDR - Three Crosses - Jefferson Street (source=CD) CDR - Three Crosses - Skinny Flowers (source=CD) CDR - Three Crosses - Three Crosses (source=CD) CDR - Titanic - Maiden Voyage (source=CD) CDR - Toni Rossi - Love In The City (source=CD) CDR - Torn - Tree (source=CD) CDR - Tourniquet - Carry The Wounded (source=CD) CDR - Tourniquet - Crawl To China (source=CD) CDR - Tourniquet - Microscopic View Of A Telescopic Realm (source=CD) CDR - Tourniquet - Stop The Bleeding (source=CD) CDR - Tourniquet - Vanishing Lessons (source=CD) CDR - Trace Balin - Champions (source=CD) CDR - Trace Balin - Here And Now (source=CD) CDR - Trace Balin - Out Of The Blue (source=CD) CDR - Trytan - Celestial Messenger (source=CD) CDR - Trytan - Live At Cornerstone 2001 (source=CD) CDR - Trytan - Sylentiger (source=CD) CDR - Twila Paris - Beyond A Dream (source=CD) CDR - Twila Paris - Cry For the Desert (source=CD) CDR - Twila Paris - For Every Heart (source=CD) CDR - Twila Paris - Kingdom Seekers (source=CD) CDR - Twila Paris - Same Girl (source=CD) CDR - Twila Paris - Sanctuary (source=CD) CDR - Twila Paris - The Warrior is a Child/Keepin' My Eyes on You (source=CD) CDR - Twila Paris - True North (source=CD) CDR - Twila Paris - Where I Stand (source=CD) CDR - U2 - October (source=CD) CDR - U2 - Under a Blood Red Sky (source=CD) CDR - U2 - War (source=CD) CDR - Undercover - Balance Of Power (source=CD) CDR - Undercover - Devotion (source=CD) CDR - Undercover - Undercover Volume 1: Undercover & God Rules (source=CD) CDR - Valeri Barinov - The Trumpet Call (English) (source=LP) CDR - Valor/Golgatha - Fight For Your Life/Prisoner (source=CD) CDR - Various - California Metal (source=CD) CDR - Various - California Metal II (source=CD) CDR - Various - City On A Hill (source=CD) CDR - Various - City On A Hill: Sing Alleluia (source=CD) CDR - Various - City On A Hill: The Gathering (source=CD) CDR - Various - First Love (Disc 2) (source=CD) CDR - Various - First Love (source=CD) CDR - Various - Metal Praise (source=CD) CDR - Various - One Way The Songs Of Larry Norman (source=CD) CDR - Various - Premium Cuts (source=CD) CDR - Various - Strong Hand of Love A Tribute to Mark Heard (source=CD) CDR - Various - The Everlastin' Living Jesus Music Concert (source=CD) CDR - Various - Traveling Light: Songs From The 23rd Psa (source=CD) CDR - Various - Underground Metal (source=CD) CDR - Vengeance Rising - Human Sacrifice (source=CD) CDR - Veni Domine - Fall Babylon Fall (source=CD) CDR - Watchmen - Generation (source=CD) CDR - Watermark - Watermark (source=CD) CDR - Wes King - Common Creed (source=CD) CDR - Wes King - Sticks & Stones (source=CD) CDR - Wes King - The Robe (source=CD) CDR - Wes King - The Ultimate Motivation Underlying No Denying (source=CD) CDR - White Heart - Tales of Wonder (source=CD) CDR - Whitecross - Equilibrium (source=CD) CDR - Whitecross - Flytrap (source=CD) CDR - Whitecross - Hammer & Nail (source=CD) CDR - Whitecross - High Gear (source=CD) CDR - Whitecross - In The Kingdom (source=CD) CDR - Whitecross - One More Encore (source=CD) CDR - Whitecross - Triumphant Return (source=CD) CDR - Whitecross - Unveiled (source=CD) CDR - Whitecross - Whitecross (source=CD) CDR - Whiteheart - Don't Wait For The Movie (source=CD) CDR - Whiteheart - Emergency Broadcast (source=CD) CDR - Whiteheart - Freedom (source=CD) CDR - Whiteheart - Highlands (source=CD) CDR - Whiteheart - Hotline (source=CD) CDR - Whiteheart - Inside (source=CD) CDR - Whiteheart - Power House (source=CD) CDR - Whiteheart - Whiteheart/Vital Signs (source=CD) CDR - Wilshire - Wilshire (source=CD) CDR - X-Sinner - Get It (source=CD) CDR - X-Sinner - Loud And Proud (source=CD) CDR - X-Sinner - Peace Trety (source=CD) CDR - XL & Death Before Dishonor - Sodom and America (source=CD) CDR - XT - XT (source=CD) CDR - Xalt - Helium Blue Gazebo (source=CD) CDR - Xalt - History (source=CD) CDR - Xalt - Under The Ruins (source=CD) CDR - Zion - Rock For Eternity (source=LP) CDR - Zion - Thunder From The Mountain (source=CD) ================================================================= ================================================================= Section 3: These CDRs come with case (either regular or slimline), have some sort of printing on face (artist, title and usually a song list) and have color inserts if wanted. The inserts have no lyrics or other printing on the inside. You may sometimes be able to get the lyrics for an additional fee if you wish. The person that makes these CDRs does a very nice job with them. In fact it's often hard to tell at first that they're not the originals. These CDs are produced by a 3rd party so there is usually a delay of two to SEVERAL WEEKS in getting them. They're not ordered until payment is received since people sometimes request an item but then never send payment. If you've ordered other items (from the regular catalog or from section 1) and want them sent sooner you'll need to pay seperate shipping/handling. ---------------------------------------------------------------- PRICE PER DISC - $20.00 (2-CD sets are $28) -- without inserts $25.00 (2-CD sets are $30) -- with color inserts ---------------------------------------------------------------- ARTIST NAME ALBUM NAME [SOURCE] NOTES ----------- ---------- -------- ----- Artist Title Source --------------------------- 100% Proof (self-titled) LP 100% Proof Power and The Glory LP 2nd Chapter of Acts & Michael & Stormie Omartian Together Live / Live concert recording LP 2 Disc Set 2nd Chapter of Acts In The Volume Of The Book CD 2nd Chapter of Acts Night Light CD 2nd Chapter of Acts Rejoice CD 2nd Chapter of Acts Singer Sower CD 2nd Chapter of Acts With Footnotes CD ATF Der Komissar (UK Version) CD Adahl, Simon Im In Touch LP Adam Again Homeboys CD Adam Again In a New World of Time CD Adam Again Ten Songs by Adam Again CD Alive (self-titled) Compilation of 1970's UK artists mostly psychedelic rock - recommended LP All Star Compassion Band 1 by 1 Live – various artists including Steve Camp CD Allies A Long Way From Paradise CD Allies Man With a Mission CD Allies Shoulder to Shoulder CD Allies The River CD Altar Boys Altar Boys LP Altar Boys Gut Level Music CD Altar Boys When Youre a Rebel CD Alvarez, Jason Just Give Me Jesus LP Amaziah Straight Talker LP Anderson, Jon 3 Ships – Christmas music from former member of YES LP Andrus, Blackwood & Company Grand Opening LP Andrus, Blackwood & Company Soldiers Of The Light CD Andrus, Blackwood & Company Step Out Of The Night CD Angelica Angelica CD Angelica Walkin In Faith CD Archers (The) Fresh Surrender LP Archers (The) Golden Classics Tape Archers, The All Systems Are Go LP Archers, The Colors Of Your Love CD Archers, The Keep Singin That Love Song LP Archers, The Stand Up LP Archers, The Things We People Feel LP Ark Voyages – 70's band with a "DOORS" like sound CD ArkAngel Warrior one of the best Christian art rock / apocalyptic rock albums ever / with Kemper Crabb CD Armagedon The Money Mask CD Avion (self-titled) with Randall Waller LP Awakening, The Into Thy Hands CD Ayala, Bob Joy By Surprise LP Ayala, Bob Recued LP Ayala, Bob Wood Between the Worlds LP Azitis Help CD Bailey, Philip The Wonders of His Love LP Balin, Trace Champions CD Balin, Trace Here And Now CD Balin, Trace Out Of The Blue CD Banks, Jeff (& the Revival Temple Mass Choir) Love Lifted Me LP Bannister, Brown Talk to One Another LP Barnabas Feel the Fire LP Barnabas Little Foxes LP Barratt Band Barratt CD Barratt Band Playin In The City CD Barratt, Norman Rock for All Ages LP Barren Cross Atomic Arena CD Barren Cross Rock For The King – Starsong original CD Barren Cross Rock For The King – remixed Medusa version with bonus tracks CD Barren Cross State Of Control / with Escape in the Night CD Barren Cross State Of Control CD Bash N The Code (self-titled) LP Baumgart, Bill The Kindling CD Believer Dimensions CD Believer Extraction From Mortality CD Bennett, Bob First Things First CD Bennett, Bob Lord of the Past CD Bennett, Bob Matters of the Heart LP Bennett, Bob Non-Fiction LP Bennett, Bob Songs From Bright Avenue CD Bethlehem (self-titled) LP Blessitt, Arthur Live From The Sunset Strip LP Bloodgood All Stand Together CD Bloodgood Bloodgood CD Bloodgood Detonation CD Bloodgood Out of the Darkness CD Bloodgood Rock in a Hard Place CD Bold Ones, (the) (self-titled) LP Boone, Debbie Choose Life CD Boone, Debbie Friends For Life CD Boyce, Kim (self-titled) CD Brave, The Battle Cries – Japanese version with extra track CD Bride Across The Border CD Bride Live to Die CD Bridge, The He Hath Done Great Things LP Bridge, The Unto the Lord LP Browning, Laury Prayers & Promises Thursdays Child – 2 titles on 1 CD CD Bullfrogs & Butterflies Parts I and III – 2 classic children's LPs on 1 CD LP Caedmon Caedmon Live CD Caedmon Caedmon – Great UK folk rock CD California Metal Vol.2 - Mastedon, Holy Soldier, Recon, Vision and others CD Camp, Steve Fire & Ice LP Camp, Steve For Every Man LP Camp, Steve Its A Dying World LP Camp, Steve Music and More LP Camp, Steve One On One CD Camp, Steve Shake Me To Wake Me CD Camp, Steve Start Believing CD Camp,Steve Sayin It With Love LP Card, Michael Legacy LP Carroll, Rex The Rex Carroll Sessions / from White Cross CD Castles, Rob Straight Shot CD Children of the Day Come to the Waters LP Children of the Day With All Our Love LP Choir (The) Diamonds in Rain CD Choir, The Chase the Kangaroo CD Choir, The Kissers and Killers – independently released CD Choir, The Wide Eyed Wonder CD Christiansson, Ulf In My Dreams LP Christiansson, Ulf The Lifestyle From Above CD Circle of Dust Circle of Dust (1992) CD Clark, Paul (and Friends) Good To Be Home LP Clockwise Anthem for His Majesty LP Concrete Rubber Band Risen Savior Tape Contender Fighting to Win CD Cornerstone Dust LP Crabb, Kemper The Vigil LP Crimson Bridge,The (self-titled) – great, psych, funk, jazz album LP Crouch, Andrae & Disciples Just Andrae LP Crouch, Andrae & Disciples Soulfully LP Crouch, Andrae & Disciples Take The Message Everywhere LP Crow, Robin Windows To The World CD Crucified (The) Pillars of Humanity CD Crumbacher Escape From the Fallen Planet CD Crumbacher Incandescent LP Crumbacher Take It In CD Crumbacher Tam the Volcano CD Crumbacker - Duke Worlds Away CD Cruse Cruse Praise LP Cruse, Cindy The Edge CD Cryar, Morgan Fuel On the Fire CD Cryar, Morgan Keep No Secrets LP Crystavox ( Self- titled) CD Cua, Rick Cant Stand too Tall LP Cua, Rick Koo-Ah LP Cua, Rick No Mystery LP Cua, Rick Wear Your Colors CD Cua, Rick Youre My Road LP D.O.X. (self-titled) LP D.O.X. Through the Fire CD Damascus Road A Glimpse of Freedom – Texas band LP Damascus Road I am a Light – Georgia band LP Daniel Band Best Of CD Daniel Band On Rock / this is a much better mastered CD than the "official" release from m8 LP Daniel Band Rise Up LP Daniel Band Run From The Darkness LP Daniel Band Running out of Time CD Daniel Band Straight Ahead LP Danny & Lynda Gospel Music LP David & The Giants (self-titled) LP David & The Giants Distant Journey CD David & The Giants Giant Hits CD David & The Giants Heaven or Hell Tape David & The Giants Inhabitants of the Rock LP David & The Giants Long Time Coming CD David & The Giants Magnificat LP David & The Giants R U Gonna Stand Up CD David & The Giants Riders in the Sky LP David & The Giants Step In My Shoes Tape David & The Giants Strangers To The Night CD David & The Giants Under Control LP Dawn Treader One (self -titled) various artists including Arkangel LP DeGarmo & Key Commander Sozo & the Charge of the Light Brigade CD DeGarmo & Key Communication CD DeGarmo & Key Mission of Mercy CD DeGarmo & Key No Turning Back –Live - 2 Disc Set from CD DeGarmo & Key Straight On CD DeGarmo & Key Street Light CD DeGarmo & Key The Pledge CD DeGarmo & Key This Ain't Hollywood Radio Special LP DeGarmo & Key This Aint Hollywood CD DeGarmo & Key This Time Thru CD Dion I Put Away My Idols LP Dion Inside Job LP Dion Kingdom in the Streets LP Dion Only Jesus CD Dion Seasons LP Dion Velvet & Steal LP Dogwood After The Flood, Before The Fire CD Dove 1 & 2 – with Bob Farrell of Farrell & Farrell 2 LPs on 1 CD Dual Edge Knock Em Alive LP Duke, Roby Blue Eyed Soul CD Duke, Roby Bridge Divine CD Duke, Roby Come Let Us Reason Tape Duke, Roby Down to Business CD Duke, Roby Not the Same CD Duncan, Bryan Have Yourself Committed CD Duncan, Bryan Holy Roller CD Duncan, Bryan Strong Medicine CD Duncan, Bryan Whistlin In The Dark CD Dust & Ashes From Both Sides LP Farrell & Farrell Let the Whole World Know - Live LP Farrell & Farrell Manifesto CD Farrell & Farrell The Best of LP Farrell & Farrell The Early Works CD Felix, James White as Snow LP Field, Fred Fred Field & Friends LP Fireworks (self-titled) LP Fireworks Live LP Fireworks Shatter The Darkness LP Fireworks Sightseeing At Night LP Fireworks with Marty McCall Up LP First Call God Is Good CD First Call Human Song CD First Gear Caution Steep Hill – with Larnelle Harris LP First Revelation The Side of Eternity with Danny & Lynda LP First Strike Rock of Offence LP Fischer, John Cold Cathedral LP Fish House Fellowship Band Desert Plains LP Flight Final (self-titled) LP Flock 14 Brave New World ? CD Fong, Oden Come for the Children LP Force 3 Warrior Of The Light CD Forerunner A.K.A. LP Fraction Moonblood – rare Christian Psychedelic music CD Francisco, Don Brother of the Son CD Francisco, Don Forgiven CD Francisco, Don The Power CD Francisco, Don The Traveler CD Frazier, Rob Cut It Away LP Frazier, Rob This Town LP Fresh Claim Broken CD Front, The (Self- titled) CD Fry, Steve We are Called Tape Furay, Richie Dance a Little Light LP Furay, Richie Ive Got A Reason LP Gaither Vocal Band One X 1 Tape Gaither, Bill (Trio) Very Best of the Very Best LP Gentle Faith (self-titled) LP Giantkiller Alternative (The) – Great alternative British band LP Gideons Army Grace CD Gideons Army Rock & Roll For Your Soul LP Gideons Army Warriors of Love LP Girard, Chuck (self-titled) CD Girard, Chuck Glow in the Dark LP Girard, Chuck Take It Easy LP Girard, Chuck The Stand LP Girard, Chuck Written on the Wind LP Glad (self-titled) Tape Glad Beyond a Star LP Glad Captured In Time / No Less Than All – 2 albums on 1 CD CD Glad Romans CD Glass Harp (self-titled) CD Glass Harp It Makes Me Glad CD Glass Harp Synergy CD Glass Harp with Phil Keaggy Song in the Air LP Gleason, Michael Children Of Choices CD Gleason, Michael Voices from the Old World LP Gold City Double Take - Live LP Good News (self-titled) LP Gospel Ship Various Artists LP Gospelfolk The Prodigal – Scottish group – very rare album LP Green, Keith I Only Want To See You There CD Guardian First Watch CD Guitar Ensemble You N You - recommended LP Hall, Pam Mark Never Fades Away LP Hall, Sammy A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Hell LP Hall, Sammy If You Cant Believe in Love LP Hallelujah Joy Band (self-titled) LP Hallen, Per-Erik Better Late Than Never CD Hardy, Bob (Lead singer of SERVANT) Face The Distance CD Harvest (self-titled) Tape Harvest 41 will Come CD Harvest Carry On CD Harvest Flight One Way CD Harvest Give Them Back CD Harvest Holy Fire CD Harvest Its Alright Now LP Harvest Morning Sun LP Harvest Only the Overcomers CD Harvest Send Us to the World LP Harvest Voices CD Harvest, with Jerry Williams Mighty River CD Haven Age Of Darkness CD Hawkins, Edwin Have Mercy LP Hawkins, Edwin Live - Volume II LP Haworth, Bryn The Gap LP Heard, Mark Appalachian Melody LP Heard, Mark Eye Of The Storm CD Heard, Mark Mosaics CD Heard, Mark On Turning To Dust LP Heard, Mark Stop the Dominoes CD Heard, Mark The Best of Acoustic CD Heard, Mark Victims of the Age CD Heirborn Undercover Christian LP Henderson, Kyle More Than the Look of Love LP Henderson, Stewart Whose Idea of Fun is a Nightmare LP Herring, Annie (& Kids of the Kingdom) Sharing Songs of Worship LP Herring, Annie Search Deep Inside LP Herring, Annie Through A Childs Eyes LP Hester, Benny Benny From Here LP Hester, Benny Nobody Knows Me Like You CD Hockensmith, Hadley Heartsongs CD Holm, Dallas & Praise All That Matters LP Holm, Dallas & Praise This is My Song LP Holm, Dallas I saw The Lord / Signal CD Holm, Dallas Live CD Holm, Sheppard, Johnson (self-titled) Tape Holm, Sheppard, Johnson Soldiers Again CD Holy Ghost Reception Com. #9 Songs for Liturgical Worship LP Holy Ghost Reception Com. #9 Torchbearers (The) LP Holy Soldier Last Train CD Honeytree Evergreen CD Honeytree The Melodies In Me CD Hotz, Jimmy Beyond the Crystal Sea – another great Christian art rock / psychedelic album LP Howard, Tom View From The Bridge LP Ideola Tribal Opera CD Idle Cure Idle Cure CD Idle Cure Tough Love CD Imperials (self- titiled) LP Imperials Big God CD Imperials Blends and Rhythms LP Imperials Christmas LP Imperials Fireside Hymns LP Imperials Follow the Man with the Music LP Imperials Free The Fire CD Imperials Gospels Alive and Well LP Imperials He Was a Preachin Man LP Imperials Heed The Call LP Imperials Introducing the Illustrious LP Imperials Jake Hess and the Imperials LP Imperials Just Because LP Imperials Let The Wind Blow CD Imperials Live Double Album Double LP on 2 CDs Imperials Live Single Album LP Imperials Love is the Thing LP Imperials Loves Still Changing Hearts Tape Imperials New Dimensions LP Imperials No Shortage LP Imperials One More Song For You LP Imperials Priority CD Imperials Sail On LP Imperials Side by Side Double LP on 2 CDs Imperials Sing Inspirational Classics LP Imperials Sing Their Favorite Hymns LP Imperials Sing the Classics LP Imperials Slaughter Writes Imperials Sing LP Imperials Slightly Regal LP Imperials Stand By The Power LP Imperials Talent Times Five LP Imperials The Happy Sounds of LP Imperials The Imperials … Now LP Imperials The Very Best Of CD Imperials This Years Model CD Imperials Time to Get it Together LP Imperials To Sing is the Thing LP In 3-D Barrage CD In 3-D No Glasses Needed LP Isaac Air Freight Foolish Guys to Confound the Wise LP Isaac Air Freight Freights Designer Album LP Isaac Air Freight Fun in the Son LP Isaac Air Freight In The Air On The Air LP Isaac Air Freight My Kingdom Come / Thy Kingdom Come LP Isaac Air Freight Over our Heads LP Isaac Air Freight Pick of the Litter LP Isaac Air Freight Snooze Ya Looze LP Ishmael & Andy Ready Salted LP Ishmael Life Begins at 30 CD Ishmael The Charge of the Light Brigade CD Ishmael United If You Cant Shout Saved CD Jars of Clay Frail CD Jerusalem 10 Years After 2 Disc Set Jerusalem Cant Stop Us Now LP Jerusalem Dancing on the Head of the Serpent CD Jerusalem Live in U.S.A. - On His Majestys Service CD Jerusalem Prophet CD Jerusalem Volume 1 LP Jerusalem Volume 2 LP Jerusalem Warrior LP Johnson, Jeff Anvil of Gods Word (The) LP Johnson, Jeff The Face Of The Deep CD Johnson, Mike The Velvet Prince LP Johnson, Phil Somebody Like You LP Jonathan & Charles Another Week to Go LP Joshua And God Spoke… LP Joshua Intense Defense CD Joshua The Hand Is Quicker Than The Eye CD Justus Dont Turn Away LP Justus Someones Waiting LP Keaggy, Phil & Sundays Child (Self- titled) CD Keaggy, Phil Band Emerging LP Keaggy, Phil Getting Closer CD Keaggy, Phil Private Underground CD Keaggy, Phil Re-Emerging CD Keaggy, Phil Town to Town / Ph'lip Side / Play Thru Me – 3 albums on 2 CDs 2 CD set Keaggy, Phil Way Back Home – original 1986 version LP Keaggy, Phil What a Day / Love Broke Thru – 2 albums on 1 CD CD Keaggy, Phil with Glass Harp Song in the Air LP Keaggy,Phil Sojourner – No inserts – CD only CD - $10.00 King James (Self- titled) CD Knott, Michael Screaming Brittle Siren CD Koinonia (Self- titled) CD Koinonia Celebration CD Koinonia Compact Favorites CD Koinonia Frontline CD Koinonia More Than a Feelin CD Kryst The Conqueror Deliver Us From Evil CD Lafferty,Karen Bird In A Golden Sky LP Lafferty,Karen Life Pages - Love Of The Ages LP Lafferty,Karen Sweet Communion LP Lamb (self-titled) LP Lamb Lamb II LP Lamb Lamb III LP Lamb Lamb Trilogy – Lamb I, Lamb II and Lamb III – 3 albums on 2 CD set 2 Disc Set Last Adam (Self- titled) LP LeFevre, Mylon & Broken Heart Crank It Up CD LeFevre, Mylon & Broken Heart Live Forever LP -- 2 tracks, one for each side of live LP LeFevre, Mylon (Look Up) LOOK UP (self-titled) with Degarmo & Key. LP LeFevre, Mylon Holy Smoke LP LeFevre, Mylon Love Rustler LP LeFevre, Mylon New Found Joy LP LeFevre, Mylon On the Road to Freedom LP LeFevre, Mylon Over the Influence LP LeFevre, Mylon Pierce & Mylon LP LeFevre, Mylon Rock & Roll Resurrection LP LeFevre, Mylon Weak at the Knees LP LeFevre, Mylon Your Only Tomorrow LP Lefevre, Mylon "We Believe" LP Lefevre, Mylon Big World CD Lefevre, Mylon Brand New Start LP Lefevre, Mylon Crack the Sky CD Lefevre, Mylon Face the Music CD Lefevre, Mylon More CD Lefevre, Mylon Sheep in Wolves Clothing CD Legend (Self- titled) CD Legend Seven Blind Faith CD Leviticus I Shall Conquer CD Leviticus The Strongest Power CD Lifesavers (The) Dream Life LP Light Force Battlezone Tape Limit X Mali Bongwe CD Listen (self -titled) LP Livgren, Kerry (AD) Art of the State CD Livgren, Kerry (of Kansas) Seeds Of Change CD Lost and Found Welcome to the Real World Tape Love Song Feel the Love CD Love Song Final Touch CD Love Song Love Song CD Love Song Self-titled CD Lyrix Songs from the Earth – with Mark Williamson & Chris Eaton. Produced by Larry Norman. LP Mad At The World (self-titled) CD Mad At The World Flowers In The Rain CD Mansfield, Darrell Higher Power LP Mansfield, Darrell Revelation CD Maranatha 1 Everlasting Livin' Jesus Music Concert CD Maranatha 3 Rejoice in the Lord LP Maranatha! 5 The Ten Top Tunes LP Marcellino/Navarro Third Heaven LP Mark, Pam Flying LP Marks, Kenny Life Of Forgiveness LP Marks, Kenny Make it Right CD Marks, Kenny Right Where You Are LP Mason Proffit Wanted LP Mass Take You Home CD Mass Voices In The Night CD Mastedon Its A Jungle Out There Tape Mastedon Lofcaudio CD Matthews, Randy All I Am is What You See LP Matthews, Randy Edge Of Flight CD Matthews, Randy Eyes to the Sky LP Matthews, Randy Now Do You Understand? 2 LPs on 1 CD Matthews, Randy Son of Dust LP Matthews, Randy The Best of LP McGuire Destined to be Yours LP McGuire, Barry & the 2nd Chapter of Acts To The Bride 2 CD Set McGuire, Barry CMon Along LP McGuire, Barry Cosmic Cowboy CD McGuire, Barry Have You Heard LP McGuire, Barry Lighten Up LP McGuire, Barry Seeds LP McPheeters, Charles Faces LP McPheeters, Charles High on Life LP Medical Mission Sisters Knock Knock LP Medical Mission Sisters Seasons LP Meece, David 7 CD Meece, David Are You Ready? LP Meece, David Candle In The Rain CD Meece, David David LP Meece, David Everybody Needs a Little Help LP Meece, David Front Row Live CD Meece, David I Just Call On You LP Meece, David Learning to Trust CD Mehler, John Bow & Arrow LP Messenger Bringin The Message LP Messiah Final Warning CD Messiah Prophet Band Master of The Metal CD Messiah Prophet Band Rock the Flock CD Metal Praise (Self- titled) CD Millenium (self-titled) – with Bob Farrell of Farrell & Farrell LP Miller, Julie Meet Julie Miller CD Moore, Geoff (and The Distance) A Place to Stand CD Moore, Geoff Over the Edge LP Moore, Geoff The Distance CD Moore, Geoff Where are the Other Nine LP Moore, Ron Silence Is Music CD Morales, Armond (from The Imperials) The Velvet Voice of LP Music Machine Volume I and II – 2 great children's albums on 1 CD 2 LPs on 1 CD Mustard Seed Faith Limited Edition LP Mustard Seed Faith Sail on Sailor CD Nelson, Erick Flow River Flow LP Neon Cross (self-titled) CD Newsong All Around The World CD Newsong Living Proof CD Newsong One Heart at a Time Tape Newsong Say Yes Tape Norman, Larry & The Young Lions Quiet Night Tape Norman, Larry Back to America LP Norman, Larry Barchaeology - Labour of Love LP Norman, Larry Barchaeology - Letter of the Law LP Norman, Larry Barchaeology - Street Level {Original Version} LP Norman, Larry Barking At The Oops LP Norman, Larry Best of Second Trilogy Tape Norman, Larry Bootleg (A Documentary) - Double LP on 2 CDs 2 CDs Norman, Larry Come As A Child LP Norman, Larry Down Under – Swedish version LP Norman, Larry Footprints In The Sand CD Norman, Larry Friends On Tour LP Norman, Larry In Another Land CD Norman, Larry Only Visiting This Planet CD Norman, Larry Rehearsal 4 Reality LP Norman, Larry Roll Away The Stone LP Norman, Larry So Long Ago The Garden CD Norman, Larry Something New Under the Sun LP Norman, Larry Sonrise Sampler – CD only – no inserts CD - Norman, Larry Starstorm CD Norman, Larry Street Level LP Norman, Larry The Best Of CD Norman, Larry The Son Worshippers LP Norman, Larry The Story Of The Tune CD Norman, Larry Totally Unplugged CD Norman, Larry Upon This Rock - Capitol Version LP Norman, Larry Upon This Rock - Impact Version CD Norman, Larry White Blossoms From Black Roots CD Norman, Larry and Others The Son Worshippers Movie Soundtrack LP Omartian, Michael & Stormie Mainstream CD Omartian, Michael & Stormie Seasons of the Soul CD Omartian, Michael & Stormie The Builder LP Omartian, Michael Conversations LP Omartian, Michael The Race CD Omartian, Michael White Horse / Adam Again – 2 albums on 1 CD CD One Bad Pig A Christian Banned Tape Out Of Darkness Celebration Club Session –live recording CD Out Of Darkness Debut LP CD Pantano - Salsbury Hit the Switch LP Parchment Hollywood Sunset – phenomenal British band LP Parchment Light Up the Fire CD Parchment Rehearsal for a Reunion LP Parchment Shamblejam LP Paris, Twila Keepin My Eyes On You LP Paris, Twila The Warrior Is A Child LP Pat Terry (self-titled) Original Custom LP Pat Terry Film at Eleven Tape Pat Terry Group (The) (self-titled) LP Pat Terry Group (The) Heaven Ain"t All There Is LP Pat Terry Group (The) Songs of the South LP Pat Terry Group (The) Sweet Music LP Pat Terry Humanity Gangsters LP Pat Terry The Silence LP Patillo, Leon Dance Children Dance LP Patillo, Leon Ill Never Stop Loving You LP Patillo, Leon Live Experience LP Patillo, Leon The Classics CD Patillo, Leon The Skys The Limit CD Peek, Dan Doer Of The Word CD People I Love You – Larry Norman's 1st band CD Petra War & Remembrance CD 2 Disc Set Petra Washes Whiter Than CD Phillips, Leslie Beyond Saturday Night CD Phillips, Leslie Black and White in a Grey World CD Phillips, Leslie Dancing With Danger CD Phillips, Leslie The Turning CD Phoenix Sonshine The Exodus LP Phoenix Sunshine Shinin In The Light LP Pillar, Michele (self-titled) LP Pillar, Michele Look Who Loves You Now LP Pillar, Michele Reign On Me LP Prayer Chain (The) Live – 8 song version CD Prayer Chain (The) Neverland Sessions CD Pringle, Keith (& the Pentecostal Community Choir) Prayer and Faith LP Prism Blue – wonderful kids music from the 80's LP Prism Hits CD Prism Red CD Prism Yellow LP Prodigal (self-titled) LP Prodigal Electric Eye LP Prodigal Just Like Real Life LP Psalm 150 Make Up Your Mind LP Quickflight Breakaway LP Quickflight Decent Beat LP RFD Lead Me Home LP Rachel, Rachel Way To My Heart CD Raetzloff, Ed Drivin Wheels LP Raetzloff, Ed It Took A Long Time To Get To You LP Rage of Angels (self-titled) CD Rainbow Promise (self-titled) Tape Reba Lady LP Reba The Lady is a Child LP Resurrection Band Awaiting Your Reply CD Resurrection Band Colors CD Resurrection Band Mommy Don't Love Daddy Anymore CD Resurrection Band Music To Raise The Dead LP Resurrection Band Rainbow's End CD Rev. Counta & the Speedoze Life Begins at 30 (Ishmael United) CD Revolutionary Army of the Infant Jesus Mirror CD Revolutionary Army of the Infant Jesus The Gift of Tears CD Reynard Green Anthem LP Rez Band An Interview With Rez LP Rez Band Between Heaven N Hell CD Rez Band Hostage LP Rez Band Innocent Blood CD Rez Band Live Bootleg CD Rez Band Silence Screams CD Richard, Cliff Walking In the Light CD Rosannas Raiders Calling Down Fire CD Rossi, Toni from The Daniel Band Love In The City CD Ruscha Come Alive CD Sacred Warrior Wicked Generation CD Salsbury, Ron & JC Power Outlet (self-titled) LP Salsbury, Ron & JC Power Outlet Forgiven LP Sandquist, Ted (The Worship Music of) The Courts of the King LP Scarlet Red Dont Dance With Danger CD Scepter (self-titled) LP Sea Stone Mirrored Dreams LP Search Party, The ( Self- titled) Seawind (self-titled) LP Seawind Light the Light Tape Seawind Window Of A Child LP Selah Consider These Words LP September Lines Are Falling LP Servant Caught in the Act of Loving Him LP Servant Light Manouvers CD Servant Rockin Revival Tape Servant Shallow Water LP Servant Swimming in a Human Ocean LP Servant World of Sand LP Seventh Angel Lament For The Weary CD Seventh Angel The Torment CD Seventy Sevens,The 77s CD Seventy Sevens,The All Fall Down CD Seventy Sevens,The Ping Pong Over The Abyss CD Seventy Sevens,The Sticks and Stones CD Sheep (members of Servant) (self-titled) LP Sheppard, Tim Forever LP Sheppard, Tim Inside My Room LP Silverwind A Song In The Night CD Silverwind Gold – 20 classic hits on 1 CD CD Silverwind Silverwind CD Simple Truth Aint Jesus Good LP Sir Olivers Song (self-titled) – children's music LP Smith, Paul Back To Who I AM CD Smith, Paul Live & Learn CD Smith, Paul No Frills Cd Souther, Richard Innermission CD Souther,Hillman,Furay Band (self-titled) CD Souther,Hillman,Furay Band Trouble In Paradise CD Sprague, Billy Serious Fun LP Sprague, Billy What a Way to Go LP Stewart & Kyle Yours Ever CD Stonehill, Randy Between the Glory and the Flame LP Stonehill, Randy Born Twice LP Stonehill, Randy Cant Buy A Miracle CD Stonehill, Randy Celebrate This Heartbeat LP Stonehill, Randy Equator LP Stonehill, Randy Get me Out of Hollywood CD Stonehill, Randy Judgement Day At Speedee Mart LP Stonehill, Randy Love Beyond Reason LP Stonehill, Randy Return to Paradise CD Stonehill, Randy Sky Is Falling CD Stonehill, Randy The Lazarus Heart CD Stonehill, Randy Until We Have Wings CD Stonehill, Randy Welcome To Paradise CD Stonehill, Randy Will We Have Wings CD Stonehill, Randy Wonderama CD Street Angel Newland CD Stronghold Fortress Rock LP Stryken First Strike Tape Stryper Reason for the Season / Reach Out 2 EPs on 1 CD Stryper The Yellow And Black Attack CD Sweet Comfort Band (self-titled) CD Sweet Comfort Band Breakin' The Ice CD Sweet Comfort Band Cutting Edge CD Sweet Comfort Band Hearts Of Fire CD Sweet Comfort Band Perfect Timing CD Taff, Russ (self-titled) Tape Taff, Russ Walls of Glass CD Taff,Russ Medals CD Talbot, John Michael John Michael Talbot CD Talbot, John Michael The New Earth CD Talbot, Terry A Song Shall Rise LP Talbot, Terry Face to Face LP Talbot, Terry No Longer Alone LP Tamplin (Self- titled) CD Taylor, Steve I Predict 1990 CD Taylor, Steve Lament – promo CD for Squint CD Taylor, Steve Limelight – Live at Greenbelt LP Taylor, Steve Live at Cornerstone 95 & 96 Tape Taylor, Steve Meltdown CD Taylor, Steve Now The Truth Can Be Told 2 Disc Set Taylor, Steve On The Fritz CD Taylor, Terry Scott A Briefing For The Ascent CD Tempest Lost In The Storm __ Tempest Eye of the Storm LP Tetelestai (self-titled) – apocalyptic rock based on the book of Daniel LP Thomas, BJ Home Where I belong CD Thomas, Keith Kaleidoscope LP Troccoli, Kathy Images CD Twenty Twenty (self-titled) LP Twenty Twenty Altered LP Undercover Underground Compilation - From Custom Made CD Various Artists / CCM Hits of 76 & 77 Randy Stonehill, Larry Norman & others CD Various Artists Bootlevel Volume I - LP Version LP Various Artists Bootlevel Volume II - CD Version CD Various Artists California Metal 2 CD Various Artists Oldie Juke Box CD Various Artists The Joy Album LP Vatten Plain Water – Swedish band LP Vaughan, Robert & The Shadows Songs From The Riverhouse CD Vaughan, Robert (and The Shadows) Love and War LP Vindication (self-titled) – excellent progressive rock from Indiana band LP Violet Burning (The) Strength CD Vision (self-titled) – with Billy Powell of Lynnrrd Skynnrrd LP Voegtlin, Karen Love Explosion LP Volz, Greg X Come Out Fighting CD Volz, Greg X Exodus (The) CD Volz, Greg X No Room In The Middle CD Volz, Greg X The River Is Rising CD Wakeman, Rick ( formerly of Yes) In Beginning CD Wall, Alwyn Invisible Warfare LP Wall, Alwyn The Prize LP Walsh, Sheila Dont Hide Your Heart LP Walsh, Sheila Drifting LP Walsh, Sheila Future Eyes LP Walsh, Sheila Say So CD Walsh, Sheila Shadowlands CD Walsh, Sheila Simple Truth CD Walsh, Sheila Triumph In The Air LP Walsh, Sheila War of Love LP Ward, Mathew Fade to White CD Ward, Mathew Towards Eternity CD Ward, Matthew Armed And Dangerous CD Ward, Matthew Fortress CD Ward, Matthew Point of View CD Ward, Matthew The Mathew Ward Collection CD Warnke, Mike Alive Tape Warnke, Mike Jester in the Kings Court LP Warnke, Mike One In A million Tape Watchmen Fear No Evil Tape Water into Wine Band Harvest Time CD Water into Wine Band Hill Climbing for Beginners – original UK version CD Water into Wine Band Hill Climbing for Beginners – later US version CD Watson, Wayne New Lives For Old / Man In The Middle – 2 albums on 1 CD CD Way, The The Way & Can it be – 2 albums on 1 CD CD Wenzel, Scott (of White Cross) Heart Like Thunder CD White Heart (self-titled) CD White Heart Emergency Broadcast CD White Heart Hotline CD White Heart Live at Six Flags CD White Light Parable Tape Whitecross (self-titled) CD Whitecross High Gear CD Whitsuntide Easter Next Time You Play A Wrong Note LP Willard, Kelly Blame it on the One I Love LP Williamson Band Get The Drift LP Williamson, Mark "Debut" LP Williamson, Mark I Need You CD 2 Disc Set Williamson, Mark Missing in Action Tape Wisdom Face to Face LP X-Sinner Get It CD X-Sinner Peace Treaty CD Xalt Dark War Tape Xalt Under the Ruins CD Yivisaker, John A Love Song LP Zion Behold The Man Tape Zion Mountain Folk Grass Roots Music LP ================================================================= ================================================================= Section 4: Items in this section are basically identical to the items in the section above. However they cost more because they're made up by a different person who charges more. If the same item is listed in the section above, you probably want to get it from there. These CDRs come with a regular or slimline case and are either blank or printed on the front. The printing consist or artwork and/or track listings, depending on the item and are very nicely done. None include any paper inserts. These are produced by a 3rd party so there is often a delay in getting them. They're not ordered until payment is received since people sometimes request an item but then never send payment. If you've ordered other items (from the regular catalog or from section 1) and want them sent sooner you'll need to pay seperate shipping/handling. For items listed with a video (or DVD) source you can usually get these on DVD without inserts for $40 per disc. Please check with CMX if you see something you'd like to get on DVD. ------------------------------------------------------------------ PRICE PER DISC - $27.00 for plain CDR (no printing on front of CD) $31.00 for CDR with printing on face ------------------------------------------------------------------ Artist / Title / Source / Comments ---------------------------------- Rachel Rachel - Way To My Heart CD X-Sinner - Get It CD X-Sinner - Peace Treaty CD 4.4.1 Sacrifice CD AD Reconstructions (1986 version) CD AD Time Line CD (aka "timeline") Adam Again In A New World Of Time CD Alarm, The Change Demos (2CD) CD Alarm, The Knife Edge (Live) Vinyl Alarm, The Out Of The Cupboard & Into The Real World Various Allies Allies CD Allies Long Way From Paradise CD Allies Man With A Mission CD Allies Shoulder To Shoulder CD Allies The River CD Allies Virtues CD Alpha Band, The Self Titled Vinyl Alpha Band, The Spark In The Dark Vinyl Alpha Band, The Statue Makers Vinyl Altar Boys The Collection CD Aunt Betty's Ford Demo Cassette Aunt Betty's Ford Ford Supersonic CD Big Faith Undertow CD Bourgeois Tagg Bourgeois Tagg CD Bourgeois Tagg In Concert (Westwood One) Vinyl Bourgeois Tagg Yoyo CD Brent Bourgeois A Matter Of Feel CD Brent Bourgeois Brent Bourgeois CD Brent Bourgeois Come Join The Living World CD Caedmon's Call Just Don't Want Coffee CD Caedmon's Call My Calm Your Storm CD Call, The In Concert (Westwood One) Vinyl Call, The Modern Romans Vinyl Call, The Scene Beyond Dreams Vinyl Call, The The Call Vinyl Chagall Guevara Chagall Guevara CD Charlie Peacock Charlie Peacock CD includes 4 bonus tracks Charlie Peacock Last Vestiges Of Honor CD Charlie Peacock Lie Down In The Grass CD Charlie Peacock Lie Down In The Grass (A&M version) Vinyl Contains 2 songs not on the Exit release Choir, The Free Flying Soul CD Choir, The Kissers & Killers CD Choir, The Let It Fly CD Choir, The Nevermind The Extras CD Choir, The Speckled Bird CD Cliff Richard Walking In The Light Vinyl Common Bond Anger Into Passion CD Common Bond Heaven Is Calling Vinyl Common Children Delicate Fade CD Common Children Skywire CD Common Children The Inbetween Time CD Compassion All Star Band One By One CD Crumbacher Escape From The Fallen Planet CD Crumbacher Reinvention CD Crumbacher Tame The Volcano CD Crumbacher Thunder Beach CD Crumbacher / Duke Worlds Away CD Daniel Band On Rock CD Daniel Band Rise Up CD Daniel Band Run From The Darkness CD Daniel Band Running Out Of Time CD Daniel Band Straight Ahead CD Dave Perkins The Innocence CD DeGarmo & Key Commander Sozo & The Charge Of Light Brigade CD DeGarmo & Key Communication CD DeGarmo & Key D&K CD DeGarmo & Key Mission Of Mercy CD DeGarmo & Key Rock Solid - Absolutely Live CD DeGarmo & Key Street Light CD Donna Summer Donna Summer Vinyl Donna Summer The Wanderer Vinyl Farrell And Farrell Manifesto Vinyl First Strike Rock Of Offense Vinyl Fourthwatch, The Dare To Be The One Vinyl Member of Undercover & the Altar Boys Front, The The Front CD Greg X. Volz Come Out Fighting Vinyl Greg X. Volz The River Is Rising CD Ideola Tribal Opera CD Imitators, The Once And For All / The Imitators EP Vinyl 2 albums on one CD Imperials This Years Model CD In 3-D Barrage Vinyl In 3-D No Glasses Needed Vinyl Jars Of Clay Frail CD original independent release Jars Of Clay Seatbelt Tuba/Front Yard Luge CD 2 albums on one CD Jars Of Clay Stringtown CD 2 disc fan club release Jars Of Clay The White Elephant Sessions CD Jimmy A Entertaining Angels CD Jimmy A Secrets CD Judson Spence Hot & Sweaty Remixes Vinyl Judson Spence Judson Spence CD Kaja Best Of CD Kaja Extra Play Vinyl Kajagoogoo White Feathers Vinyl Kathy Trocolli Everything Changes (Remixes) CD Kathy Trocolli Heart & Soul Vinyl Kerry Livgren Prime Mover (1988 version) CD Kerry Livgren Seeds Of Change CD Kevin Clay Watch Me Fall CD Kings X Live At Woodstock Video Kings X Sneak Preview Vinyl Koinonia Celebration Vinyl Koinonia Frontline CD Koinonia Koinonia CD Koinonia More Than A Feeling Vinyl L.S. Underground Bring It Down Now CD L.S.U. Cash In Chaos World Tour CD L.S.U. Dogfish Jones CD L.S.U. Grace Shaker CD L.S.U. This Is The Healing CD LSU The Grape Prophet CD Leslie Phillips Beyond Saturday Night CD Leslie Phillips Black And White In A Grey World CD Leslie Phillips Dancing With Danger CD Leslie Phillips Recollection CD Leslie Phillips The Turning Radio Special Vinyl Lifesavers Huntington Beach CD Lifesavers Underground Wakin' Up The Dead CD Lifesavors 3/14/81 Cassette Lifesavors Dreamlife Vinyl Lifesavors Us Kids CD Lifters, The The Lifters Vinyl Love CD Loyd Boldman Sleep Without Dreams Cassette solo release from Prodigal band member Mad At The World Mad At The World Vinyl Mark Heard Appalachian Melody Vinyl Mark Heard Mystery Mind CD Mark Heard On Turning To Dust Vinyl Mastedon It's A Jungle Out There CD Mastedon Lofcaudio CD Michael Gleason Children Of Choices CD Michael Knott Definitive Collection CD Michael Knott Fluid Michael Knott Hearts Of Care CD Michael Knott Life Of David CD Michael Knott Screaming Brittle Siren CD Midnight Oil Acoustic 1993 CD Midnight Oil In Concert (Westwood One) Vinyl Midnight Oil MTV Unplugged Video abridged stereo version Midnight Oil Oil From The Outback Live 5/12/90 Vinyl Midnight Oil The Best Of The B-Sides CD Mr. Mister Live At The Ritz 2-23-86 Vinyl Mr. Mister Pull (Unreleased Album) mp3 Mylon LeFevre & Broken Heart Big World CD Mylon LeFevre & Broken Heart Crack The Sky CD Mylon LeFevre & Broken Heart Crank It Up CD Mylon LeFevre & Broken Heart Face The Music CD Mylon LeFevre & Broken Heart Sheep In Wolves Clothing CD Newsboys Adoration The Tour 3-27-2004 CD Ojo Relative CD P.O.D. Boom / Rock The Party Remixes Vinyl Paul Smith Back To Who I Am CD Paul Smith Human Touch CD Paul Smith Live & Learn CD Paul Smith No Frills CD Phil Keaggy Backroom Trax (6CD) Cassette Phil Keaggy Cuts From How The West Was One CD Phil Keaggy Getting Closer CD includes 2 bonus tracks Phil Keaggy Love Broke Thru CD Phil Keaggy Ph'lip Side CD Phil Keaggy Play Thru Me CD Phil Keaggy ReEmerging CD includes 4 bonus tracks Phil Keaggy Town To Town CD Phil Keaggy Underground CD includes 2 bonus tracks Phil Keaggy What A Day CD Phil Keaggy & Glass Harp Song In The Air Vinyl contains live bonus tracks Prayer Chain Mercurios CD Prayer Chain So Close.Yet So Far CD 2 disc rare release Prayer Chain The Neverland Sessions CD Prodigal Electric Eye Vinyl Prodigal Just Like Real Life Vinyl Prodigal Prodigal Vinyl Quickflight Decent Beat Vinyl Randy Stonehill Between The Glory & The Flame Vinyl Randy Stonehill Born Twice Vinyl Randy Stonehill Can't Buy A Miracle Vinyl Randy Stonehill Celebrate This Heartbeat Vinyl contains live bonus version of "Who Will Save The Children" Randy Stonehill Equator Vinyl contains live bonus version of "Shut De Do" Randy Stonehill Judgment Day At Speedie Mart Vinyl Randy Stonehill Love Beyond Reason CD contains 2 bonus remixed tracks Randy Stonehill Return To Paradise Vinyl Randy Stonehill Stonehill Vinyl Randy Stonehill The Wild Frontier CD Randy Stonehill Thirst CD Randy Stonehill Until We Have Wings CD Randy Stonehill Wonderama CD Rez Band Awaiting Your Reply CD Rez Band Between Heaven 'N Hell CD Rez Band Civil Rights CD Rez Band Colours CD Rez Band D.M.Z. CD Rez Band Hostage CD Rez Band Innocent Blood CD Rez Band Lament CD Rez Band Mommy Don't Love Daddy Anymore CD Rez Band Music To Raise The Dead Vinyl Rez Band Rainbow's End CD Rez Band Silence Screams CD Rez Band Twenty Years CD 2 disc live set Rez Band Reach Of Love Rez Band Bootleg CD Rick Cua Koo-ah Vinyl Rick Cua No Mystery Vinyl Rob Frazier Cut It Away Vinyl Rob Frazier This Town Vinyl Robert Vaughn & The Dead River Angels CD Robert Vaughn Love And War Vinyl Robin Crow Windows To The World Vinyl Servant Light Maneuvers Vinyl Servant Swimming In A Human Ocean Vinyl Sheila Walsh Don't Hide Your Heart Vinyl Sheila Walsh War Of Love Vinyl Simple Minds 95 Sunset Strip Vinyl Simple Minds Our Secrets Are The Same CD Simple Minds Real Live 91 CD fan club release Simple Minds Themes Volume 1-7 (7 CD's) CD also available separately Simple Minds Verona '89 Video Sixpence None The Richer The Original Demos CD Steve Scott Lost Horizon CD Steve Scott Love In The Western World CD includes bonus tracks Steve Scott Magnificent Obsession CD Steve Taylor Limelight (Live) Vinyl T-Bone Burnett Behind The Trap Door CD T-Bone Burnett Proof Through The Night Vinyl T-Bone Burnett T-Bone Burnett CD T-Bone Burnett The B-52 Band & The Fabulous Skylarks CD T-Bone Burnett The Criminal Under My Own Hat CD T-Bone Burnett The Talking Animals CD T-Bone Burnett Truth Decay CD Third Day Third Day CD original Grey Dot records version Throes, The The Era Of Condolence CD Limited edition 9 song version Tonio K. La Bomba Vinyl Uthanda Believe CD Uthanda Groove CD Various Bootlevel Vinyl Various The Broken Christmas CD Various What's Shakin' Vinyl Vinyl What If (The Front) What If CD Youth Choir Shades Of Grey CD ================================================================= ================================================================= Section 5: Redone CDRs This section contains CD's that have been digitally remastered and will sound significantly better than the original CD. Why is there a need for this? Give a listen to a CD from the 80's and compare that to something that was recently released. You will hear a dramatic difference in loudness, bass, treble and pretty much every aspect of the recording. This is because of the evolution of mastering techniques over the past 20 years. Because of the low budgets of most CCM music and the high cost of mastering those recordings, corners were cut many times when it came to mastering the original recordings. With prices dropping dramatically on digital equipment, it is now easier than ever to take these recordings and make them sound much better using state of the art digital signal processing. Even if you already own the original CD, you will want to upgrade to these because of the improved sound. Typically, we will only do this to recordings originally released on CD, but as you can see there are a couple that we have also done from LP or even cassette source (because I love them and know there is not a chance in the world they will ever see the light of day on CD). All CD's have labels printed directly on the CD (no stick on labels) and are made with CD Text, so that when they are played back on a CD player with this capability the song names will appear on the display. This is a very time consuming project, which is why the prices here are more expensive than the normal CD-R's. Price: $35 per disc. Includes printed front but no paper inserts. Artist / Title / Source / Comments (if any) ------------------------------------------- 4.4.1 4.4.1 CD --- 4.4.1 Morning Into Dancing CD --- Adam Again Ten Songs By Adam Again CD --- Crumbacher Incandescent Vinyl includes bonus track "It Don't Matter (early version)" --- Idle Lovell Surge Et Illuminare Vinyl rare Michael Knott release from 1984 --- Kansas Drastic Measures CD includes the bonus track "Perfect Lover" --- Kansas Vinyl Confessions CD --- Kyle Henderson More Than The Look Of Love Vinyl Look Up/Mylon LeFevre LP --- Mylon LeFevre - We Believe (first Christian album) LP --- Petra Beat The System CD --- Petra Captured In Time & Space CD --- Petra More Power To Ya CD --- Petra Never Say Die CD --- Petra Not Of This World CD --- Petra Washes Whiter Than CD --- Russ Taff Medals CD --- Russ Taff Russ Taff CD --- Russ Taff The Way Home CD --- Steve Taylor I Predict 1990 CD --- Steve Taylor I Want To Be A Clone CD --- Steve Taylor Meltdown CD --- Steve Taylor On The Fritz CD --- Undercover 3/28/1987 CD --- Undercover Balance Of Power CD includes bonus track "Love Me Dangerously (early version)" --- Undercover Boys And Girls Renounce The World CD includes two bonus tracks --- Undercover Boys Club Cassette 14 previously unreleased songs --- Undercover Branded CD includes bonus track "I'm Just A Man (early version)" --- Undercover Devotion CD includes bonus live acoustic version of "Promenade" --- Undercover Forum CD --- Undercover God Rules CD --- Undercover Undercover CD includes the bonus track "Dying In Love" --- Vector Mannequin Virtue CD --- Vector Please Stand By CD includes the bonus track "Surrender (Dance Mix)" --- Vector Simple Experience CD --- Violet Burning, The Chosen CD --- Violet Burning, The Strength CD --- Violet Burning, The The Violet Burning CD --- Whiteheart Don't Wait For The Movie CD --- Whiteheart Emergency Broadcast CD --- Whiteheart Freedom CD --- ================================================================= Section 6: DVDs These should play in virtually every DVD player but you may want to check your owner's manual to make sure that yours will play DVD-Rs. These are plain DVDs with no label or paper inserts unless other- wise noted. Most have menus but not all. Artist Title Source ------ ----- ------ DVD Randy Stonehill(AC)One Night In 20Yrs with color inserts.$30 VHS DVD Allies/Mylon Concert amatuer video.......................$10 VHS DVD Ruscha Concert video.....................................$10 VHS DVD Undercover at Snow Summit................................$10 VHS DVD Undercover Final.........................................$10 VHS ================================================================= ================================================================= Section 7: DVDs All are made from VHS unless otherwise noted. Prices are per disc. You can get these with or without a label on the DVD. None of these have any paper inserts included. DVD, no label, single item: $35 (there are a few items such as Whiteheart that contain both "Don't Wait For The Movie" and "Live At The Powerhouse". This would be 2 items on one DVD and cost more. DVD, with label, single item: $40 ( " DVD, no label or paper inserts, 2 items on one DVD: $40 (such as Whiteheart that contain both "Don't Wait For The Movie" and "Live At The Powerhouse". This would be 2 items on one DVD and cost more. DVD, with label, 2 items on one DVD: $45 ( " DVD copied from your VHS or a VHS in CMX stock: $45 DVD copied from your VHS or a VHS in CMX stock, with label: $50 ----------------------------------------------------------------- Artist / Title / Source / Comments ---------------------------------- 441 Live At Calvary Chapel VHS - this DVD does not contain chapter stops Alarm, The Blaze Of Glory Live In Concert 1991 VHS Alarm, The Spirit Of '86 VHS Alarm, The Standards VHS Allies Live At Calvary Chapel VHS - this DVD does not contain chapter stops Altar Boys Live At Calvary Chapel VHS - this DVD does not contain chapter stops Amy Grant Heart In Motion Video Collection VHS Chagall Guevara Violent Blue VHS Charlie Peacock Front Row VHS ALSO contains "Charlie Peacock Talks About Love Life" Collective Soul Reverb VHS contains bonus live performances from other TV shows Crossroads Magazine Video Collection Vol. 1 VHS 11 concept videos Crumbacher Live At Calvary Chapel VHS - this DVD does not contain chapter stops Crystal Lewis On Film VHS DC Talk Narrow Is The Road VHS Darrell Mansfield Live At Calvary Chapel VHS - this DVD does not contain chapter stops DeGarmo & Key Rock Solid - The Rockumentary VHS Family Force 5 - Front Row Live (TV) Imagine This Love VHS Imitators Live At Calvary Chapel VHS - this DVD does not contain chapter stops Kansas Live In Omaha 1982 VHS Kathy Troccoli KT Live VHS Leslie/Sam Phillips Assorted Videos VHS 2 hours of rare videos and live footage Margaret Becker Front Row VHS ALSO contains Live Acoustic show from TV appearance Mark Heard Strong Hand Of Love Tribute VHS Mark Lowry Mouth In Motion VHS Mark Lowry The Last Word VHS Michael W. Smith Change Your World Live VHS Michael W. Smith In Concert VHS Michael W. Smith The Big Picture Tour VHS Midnight Oil Live At Wave Aid TV Midnight Oil MTV Unplugged VHS Moby Reverb VHS Mr. Mister Live At The Ritz TV Mr. Mister Live-Spring Break '86 TV Mylon LeFevre & BrokenHeart - Sheep In Wolves Clothing Live Concert VHS Mylon Lefevre Sheep in Wolves Clothing - DVD mastered from original VHS DVD PFR Unleashed VHS Peter Shambrook Live At Cafe Lido VHS Petra Captured In Time And Space VHS Randy Stonehill One Night In 20 Years VHS Sheila Walsh - "Shadowlands" in Concert Live in London VHS Simple Minds Glittering Prizes LaserDisc Simple Minds Live In Paris 10/31/95 TV Simple Minds Verona (Live) LaserDisc Sixpence None The Richer Hard Rock Live TV Steve Taylor I Predict 1990 VHS Steve Taylor Limelight VHS Steve Taylor Movies From The Soundtrack VHS Steve Taylor Now The Truth Can Be Told VHS Steve Taylor Videoworks VHS Steven Curtis Chapman The Live Adventure VHS Stryper In The Beginning VHS Stryper Live At Calvary Chapel VHS - this DVD does not contain chapter stops Stryper Live In Japan VHS Tait An Evening With Tait TV TobyMac & Newsboys - Live At Stand Up 2004 Satellite Undercover #1 Live At Calvary Chapel VHS - this DVD does not contain chapter stops Undercover #2 Live At Calvary Chapel VHS - this DVD does not contain chapter stops Vibe Central Jars Of Clay, Eric Champion, Imagine This VHS Whiteheart Don't Wait For The Movie-Live VHS ALSO contains "Live At The Powerhouse" - this one does not have paper inserts available. ================================================================= ================================================================= Section 8: CDRs in this section have no printing or artwork on the front of CDR and don't include any paper inserts. PRICE PER DISC - $15.00 (2-CD sets are $30) -- without inserts Note: For many of these you can get the same thing cheaper in the first section or the same price with printing on the front of CDR in section 3. You may want to check those sections first. These CDs are produced by a 3rd party so there is usually a delay of three to SEVERAL WEEKS in getting them. They're not ordered until payment is received since people sometimes request an item but then never send payment. If you've ordered other items (from the regular catalog or from section 1) and want them sent sooner you'll need to pay seperate shipping/handling. (All items in sections 3 and 4 have full color inserts available otherwise noted.) If you would like the artist and title written on the CDR and/or CD case spine, please specify this when ordering. 2nd Chapter of Acts In the Volume of the Book 1975 2nd Chapter of Acts Mansion Builder 1978 2nd Chapter of Acts Rejoice 1981 2nd Chapter of Acts Roar of Love 1978 2nd Chapter of Acts Singer Sower 1984 2nd Chapter of Acts With Footnotes 1974 2nd Chapter of Acts and a Band called David To The Bride 1975 "2nd Chapter of Acts, Phil Keaggy and a band called 'David'" How The West Was One 1977 "77s, The" Ping Pong Over The Abyss 1982 AD Art of the State 1985 AD Prime Mover 1988 AD Reconstructions 1986 AD Reconstructions Reconstructed 1997 AD Time Line 1984 Adam Again Ten Songs By Adam Again 1988 After The Fall Demo 2006 After The Fire ATF 1982 Alice Cooper The Last Temptation 1994 Amy Grant Age To Age 1982 Amy Grant Behind The Eyes 1997 Amy Grant Heart in Motion 1991 Amy Grant Home For Christmas 1992 Amy Grant House Of Love 1994 Amy Grant Legacy... Hymns & Faith 2002 Amy Grant Never Alone 1980 Amy Grant Simple Things 2003 Amy Grant Straight Ahead 1984 Amy Grant The Collection 1986 Amy Grant Time Again 2006 Amy Grant Unguarded 1985 Andy McCarroll & Moral Support Zionic Bonds 1981 Audio Adrenaline Bloom 1996 Audio Adrenaline Don't Censor Me 1993 Audio Adrenaline Hit Parade 2001 BarlowGirl Another Journal Entry 2006 BarlowGirl How Can We Be Silent 2007 Barry McGuire Seeds 1973 "Barry McGuire, 2nd Chapter of Acts" To The Bride 1975 Bride End Of The Age: Best Of Bride 1990 Building 429 Space in Between Us 2004 Burlap to Cashmere Anybody Out There Caedmon's Call Share the Well 2004 Carman Live...Radically Saved 1988 Carman R.I.O.T. (Righteous Invasion Of Truth) 1995 Casting Crowns Lifesong 2005 Chris Rice Amusing 2005 Creed Human Clay 1999 Creed My Own Prison 1997 Creed Weathered 2001 Cynthia Clawson Cynthia Clawson 1977 dc Talk Free At Last 1992 dc Talk Intermission - The Greatest Hits 2000 dc Talk Jesus Freak 1995 dc Talk Nu Thang 1991 dc Talk Supernatural 1998 DeGarmo & Key Destined To Win 1992 DeGarmo & Key Heat It Up 1993 DeGarmo & Key The Pledge 1989 DeGarmo & Key To Extremes 1994 Evanescence Fallen 2003 Evanescence Origin 2000 Fernando Ortega Home 2000 Fernando Ortega This Bright Hour 1998 Gary Chapman Outside 1999 Gary Chapman The Light Inside 1994 Geoff Moore & The Distance Evolution 1993 Geoff Moore & The Distance Greatest Hits 1996 Grammatrain Grammatrain 1996 Jars Of Clay Good Monsters 2006 Jars of Clay If I Left the Zoo 1999 Jars of Clay Jars of Clay 1995 Jars of Clay Much Afraid 1997 John Fischer Casual Crimes 1986 John Fischer Dark Horse 1982 Josh Bates Perfect Day 2005 Kansas Drastic Measures 1983 Kansas Vinyl Confessions 1982 Kerry Livgren Collector's Sedition 2000 Kerry Livgren Decade 1992 Kerry Livgren Odyssey Into The Mind's Eye 1997 Kerry Livgren One Of Several Possible Musiks 1989 Kerry Livgren Prime Mover II 1998 Kerry Livgren Seeds of Change 1980 Kerry Livgren When Things Get Electric 1995 King's X Dogman 2006 King's X Gretchen Goes To Nebraska 2006 Kutless Hearts of the Innocent 2006 Kutless Kutless 2002 Kutless Sea Of Faces 2004 Kutless Strong Tower 2005 Kutless To KnowThat You're Alive 2008 Lamb Lamb I 1972 Lamb Lamb II 1974 Lamb Lamb III 1976 Lamb The Lamb Trilogy 1993 Larry Norman Copper Wires 1998 Larry Norman Down Under (But Not Out) 1986 Larry Norman Father Touch 1999 Larry Norman Home at Last 1986 Larry Norman In Another Land 1976 Larry Norman Only Visiting This Planet 1972 Larry Norman Rehearsal 4 Reality 1986 Larry Norman So Long Ago The Garden 1973 Larry Norman Something New Under the Son 1981 Larry Norman Upon This Rock 1969 Lifehouse Diffs Lucky Day Lifehouse Lifehouse 2005 Lifehouse No Name Face 2000 Lifehouse Stanley Climbfall 2003 Lifehouse Who We Are Love Song Welcome Back 1995 Malcolm and The Mirrors Red Alert 1982 Mark Farner Just Another Injustice 1988 Mark Farner Some Kind Of Wonderful 1991 Mark Farner The Complete Atlantic Sessions 1978 Matthew Ward Armed And Dangerous 1987 Matthew Ward Fade to White 1988 Matthew Ward Fortress 1990 Matthew Ward Toward Eternity 1979 MC Dash Live in Concert 2006 MercyMe Almost There 2001 MercyMe Spoken For 2002 mewithoutyou A to B: Life 2002 mewithoutYou "Brother, Sister" 2006 Michael Sweet Real 1995 Michael W. Smith Change Your World 1992 Michael W. Smith Freedom 2000 Michael W. Smith Go West Young Man 1990 Michael W. Smith Healing Rain 2004 Michael W. Smith i 2 (EYE) 1988 Michael W. Smith I'll Lead You Home 1995 Michael W. Smith Live The Life 1998 Michael W. Smith Michael W. Smith Michael W. Smith My Utmost For His Highest: Anthems 1997 Michael W. Smith Project 1987 Michael W. Smith Stand 2006 Michael W. Smith The Big Picture 2000 Michael W. Smith The First Decade 1983-1993 1993 Michael W. Smith This Is Your Time 1999 Michael W. Smith Worship 2001 Michael W. Smith Worship Again 2002 Mike Warnke Hey Doc! 1978 Mike Warnke Higher Education 1982 Narnia Desert Land 2001 Narnia Enter the Gate 2006 Narnia Long Live The King 1999 Narnia The Awakening 1998 Narnia The Great Fall 2003 Newsboys Adoration - The Worship Album 2003 Newsboys Boys Will Be Boyz 1991 Newsboys Devotion 2004 Newsboys Going Public 1994 Newsboys Hell Is For Wimps 1990 Newsboys Love Liberty Disco 1999 Newsboys Newsboys 2000 Newsboys Not Ashamed 1992 Newsboys Read All About It Newsboys Shine: The Hits 2000 Newsboys Step Up To The Microphone 1998 Newsboys Take Me To Your Leader 1996 Newsboys Thrive 2002 Nichole Nordeman Brave 2005 Nichole Nordeman This Mystery 2000 Nichole Nordeman Woven and Spun 2002 P.O.D. Brown 1996 P.O.D. P.O.D. P.O.D. Payable On Death 2003 P.O.D. Satellite 2002 P.O.D. Snuff The Punk 1993 P.O.D. The Fundamental Elements of Southtown 2000 P.O.D. The Warriors E.P. 1998 P.O.D. The Warriors EP Vol. 2 2005 Petra Back To The Street 1986 Petra Beat the System 1985 Petra Beyond Belief 1990 Petra Captured In Time And Space 1986 Petra Come And Join Us 1977 Petra Double Take 2000 Petra Farewell 2005 Petra God Fixation 1998 Petra Jekyll & Hyde 2003 Petra More Power To Ya 1982 Petra Never Say Die 1981 Petra No Doubt 1995 Petra Not of This World 1983 Petra On Fire! 1988 Petra Petra 1974 Petra Petra Means Rock 1989 Petra Petra Praise - The Rock Cries Out 1989 Petra Praise 2 1997 Petra Revival 2001 Petra This Means War! 1987 Petra Unseen Power 1992 Petra Wake-Up Call 1993 Petra Washes Whiter Than 1979 PFR Disappear 2001 PFR Goldie's Last Day 1993 PFR Great Lengths 1994 PFR Pray for Rain 1992 PFR Them 1996 Phil Keaggy 220 1996 Phil Keaggy Courts Of The King 1977 Phil Keaggy Crimson and Blue 1993 Phil Keaggy Find Me in These Fields 1990 Phil Keaggy Getting Closer 1985 Phil Keaggy Love Broke Thru 1976 Phil Keaggy Ph'lip Side 1980 Phil Keaggy Play Thru Me 1982 Phil Keaggy Sunday's Child 1988 Phil Keaggy The Master & The Musician 1978 Phil Keaggy The Wind And The Wheat 1987 Phil Keaggy Town To Town 1981 Phil Keaggy Underground 1983 Phil Keaggy What A Day 1973 Phil Keaggy Band Emerging 1977 "Phil Keaggy, 2nd Chap. of Acts" How The West Was One 1977 "Phillips, Craig & Dean" The Worship Collection 2005 Plumb Blink 2007 Plumb Chaotic Resolve 2006 Proto-Kaw Before Became After 2004 Proto-Kaw The Wait of Glory 2006 Randy Stonehill Between the Glory and the Flame 1981 Randy Stonehill Can't Buy a Miracle 1988 Randy Stonehill Celebrate This Heartbeat 1984 Randy Stonehill Equator 1983 Randy Stonehill Judgement Day At The Speedy Mart Randy Stonehill Our Recollections 1995 Randy Stonehill Return To Paradise 1989 Randy Stonehill The Lazarus Heart 1994 Randy Stonehill The Sky Is Falling 1980 Randy Stonehill Welcome To Paradise 1976 Randy Stonehill Wild Frontier 1986 Relient K "Deck The Halls, Bruise Your Hand" 2003 Relient K mmhmm 2004 Relient K Relient K 2000 Relient K The Anatomy Of The Tongue In Cheek 2001 Relient K The Creepy EP 2001 Relient K Two Lefts Don't Make A Right...But Three Do 2003 Resurrection Band Ampendectomy 1997 Resurrection Band Awaiting Your Reply 1978 Resurrection Band Between Heaven 'n Hell 1985 Resurrection Band Civil Rites 1991 Resurrection Band Colours 1980 Resurrection Band DMZ 1983 Resurrection Band Hostage 1984 Resurrection Band Innocent Blood 1989 Resurrection Band Lament 1995 Resurrection Band Live Bootleg 1984 Resurrection Band Mommy Don't Love Daddy Anymore 1981 Resurrection Band Music To Raise The Dead 1974 Resurrection Band Rainbow's End 1979 Resurrection Band Reach of Love 1993 Resurrection Band Silence Screams 1988 Resurrection Band Twenty Years 1992 Sanctus Real We Need Each Other 2008 Sara Groves Conversations 2001 Seven Glory Over The Rooftops 2006 Shane & Shane An Evening With Shane & Shane 2005 Shane & Shane Clean 2004 Shawn McDonald Ripen 2006 Sheila Walsh Shadowlands 1986 Sheila Walsh Triumph In The Air 1984 Sheila Walsh War Of Love 1983 Sonicflood Sonicflood 1999 Starflyer 59 Portuguese Blues 2006 Steve Taylor Meltdown 1984 Steve Taylor On the Fritz 1985 Steve Taylor Squint 1993 Steve Taylor The Best We Could Find 1988 Steven Curtis Chapman Heaven in the Real World 1994 Steven Curtis Chapman The Great Adventure 1992 Stryper 7: The Best Of Stryper 2003 Stryper Against The Law 1990 Stryper Can't Stop The Rock: The Stryper Collection 1984-1991 1991 Stryper In God We Trust 1988 Stryper Reborn 2005 Stryper Soldiers Under Command 1985 Stryper The Yellow And Black Attack! 1984 Stryper To Hell With The Devil 1986 Switchfoot Learning to Breathe 2000 Switchfoot New Way to Be Human 1999 Switchfoot The Beautiful Letdown 2003 Switchfoot The Legend of Chin 1997 The Alpha Band Spark In The Dark 1977 The Alpha Band Statue Makers Of Hollywood 1978 The Alpha Band The Alpha Band 1976 The Alpha Band The Arista Albums 2005 The Imitators Once And For All 1985 The Imperials Let The Wind Blow 1985 The Lou Gramm Band The Lou Gramm Band 2009 The Maranatha! Singers Praise 5 1981 The Maranatha! Singers Praise 6 1982 The Maranatha! Strings Strings Praise 5 1981 The Maranatha! Strings Strings Praise 6 1983 The Musical Vanns "MV 1003 Have Faith, Don't Cry" The Musical Vanns MV 1004 Presenting... The Musical Vanns MV 1005 All Aboard The Musical Vanns MV 1006 Singing In The South The Musical Vanns "MV 1007 Sing About ""Him""" The Musical Vanns MV 1008 My Tribute The Musical Vanns MV 1009 It Is Finished The Musical Vanns MV 1010 All Aboard The Singing Prouses By Request 1971 The Singing Prouses Moving Up! 1975 The Way Can It Be? 1975 The Way The Way 1973 Third Day Come Together 2001 Third Day Conspiracy No. 5 1997 Third Day Offerings II: All I Have to Give 2003 Third Day Offerings: A Worship Album 2000 Third Day Third Day 1996 Third Day Third Day Third Day Time 1999 Third Day Wire 2004 TobyMac Portable Sounds 2007 TobyMac Welcome to Diverse City 2004 Todd Agnew Grace Like Rain 2003 Various Artists City on a Hill: Sing Alleluia 2002 Various Artists City on a Hill: Songs of Worship and Praise 2000 Various Artists City on a Hill: The Gathering 2003 Various Artists Cool Tunes Various Artists Godspell 1973 Various Artists Heartrock Vol. 1 1984 Various Artists WOW #1s Various Artists WOW 1996 1995 Various Artists WOW 1997 1996 Various Artists WOW 1998 1997 Various Artists WOW 1999 1998 Various Artists WOW 2000 1999 Various Artists WOW 2001 2000 Various Artists WOW Christmas 2002 Various Artists WOW Gold 2000 Various Artists WOW Hits 2002 2002 Various Artists WOW Hits 2002 2001 Various Artists WOW Hits 2003 2003 Various Artists WOW Hits 2003 2002 Various Artists WOW Hits 2004 2004 Various Artists WOW Hits 2004 2003 Various Artists WOW Hits 2005 2004 Various Artists WOW Hits 2006 2005 Various Artists WOW Hits 2007 2006 Various Artists WOW Hits 2008 2007 Various Artists WOW Hits 2009 2008 Various Artists WOW The 90s 1999 Weber and the Buzztones Weber and the Buzztones 1983 White Heart Freedom 1989 White Heart Highlands 1993 White Heart Power House 1990 Whitecross By Demand 1995 --------------------------------------------------------------- [**] If any item is listed with an double asterisk (**), then permission has been received to copy these and you do not need to already own a copy on tape, record, etc to get a remastered CDR of the item(s). ================================================================= ================================================================= Section 9 (as of 04/15/11) CDRs in this section have no printing or artwork on the front of CDR and don't include any paper inserts. PRICE PER DISC - $15.00 (2-CD sets are $30) -- without inserts Note: For many of these you can get the same thing cheaper in the first section or the same price with printing on the front of CDR in section 3. You may want to check those sections first. These CDs are produced by a 3rd party so there is usually a delay of three to SEVERAL WEEKS in getting them. They're not ordered until payment is received since people sometimes request an item but then never send payment. If you've ordered other items (from the regular catalog or from section 1) and want them sent sooner you'll need to pay seperate shipping/handling. (All items in sections 3 and 4 have full color inserts available unless otherwise noted.) If you would like the artist and title written on the CDR and/or CD case spine, please specify this when ordering. Artist - Title Adrian Snell - Midnight awake (1983) Altar Boys - Against the grain (1987) Altar Boys - Gut level music (1986) Amy Grant - A Christmas album (1983) Amy Grant - Age to age (1982) Amy Grant - Greatest hits (2007) Amy Grant - Lead me on (1988) Amy Grant - My Father's eyes (1979) Amy Grant - Straight ahead (1984) Amy Grant - The collection (1986) Amy Grant - Unguarded (1985) Amy Shreve - Peace in the puzzle (1986) Andrus-Blackwood & Co. - Soldiers of the light (1981) Andrus-Blackwood & Co. - Step out of the night (1982) B.J. Thomas - Home where I belong (1976) B.J. Thomas - Our ReCollections (1996) Barry McGuire - Best of Barry McGuire (1995) BeBe & CeCe Winans - Greatest hits (1996) Benny Hester - Perfect (1989) Benny Hester - Personal best (1988) Bob Bennett - Matters of the heart (1982) Bob Dylan - Slow train coming (1979) Brush Arbor - Favorites (1992) Carman - Carman (1982) Carman - Comin' on strong (1984) Carman - The best of the early years (1997) Charlie & Jill LeBlanc - Seeing by faith, A collection of favorites (2000) Chris Christian - Essential hits (1999) Chris Christian - Higher ways (1987) Chris Christian - Let the music start (1984) Chris Christian - Love them while we can (1983) Chris Eaton - Vision (1986) Chuck Girard - Chuck Girard (1975) Cliff Richard - Now you see me, now you don't (1982) Cliff Richard - Wired for sound (1981) Craig Smith - Worship (1988) Cynthia Clawson - Finest hour (1981) Dallas Holm & Praise - I saw the Lord (1983) Dallas Holm & Praise - Signal (1983) Dan Peek - All things are possible (1978) Dan Peek - Doer of the word (1984) Daniel Amos - Alarma 1 - Alarma (1981) Daniel Amos - Alarma 2 - Doppelganger (1983) Daniel Amos - Horrendous disc (1981) David & The Giants - David & The Giants (1982) David & The Giants - Stangers to the night (1988) David Martin - Stronger than the weight (1985) David Meece - 7 (1985) David Meece - Are you ready (1980) David Meece - Count the cost (1983) DeGarmo & Key - Greatest hits (1994) DeGarmo & Key - Mission of mercy (1983) Dion - I put away my idols (1983) Dion - Inside job (1980) Dion - Kingdom in the street (1985) Dion - Only Jesus (1981) Don Francisco - Forgiven (1977) Don Francisco - Got to tell somebody (1979) Douglas Trowbridge - Second story (1987) Evie - Christmas memories (1987) Farrell & Farrell - A portrait of us all (1979) Farrell & Farrell - Farrell & Farrell (Volume 2) (2004) Farrell & Farrell - Make me ready (1981) Gentle Faith - Gentle Faith (1976) Hadley Hockensmith - Heartsongs (1986) Joe English - Held accountable (1982) Joe English - Lights in the world (1980) John Michael Talbot - The early years (1996) Jon Gibson - Standing on the One (1983) Kansas - Drastic measures (1983) Kathy Troccoli - Stubborn love (1982) Keith Green - The ministry years 1977-1979 (1999) Keith Thomas - Kaleidoscope (1986) Kelly Willard - Lookin' back '77-'86 (1991) Kenny Marks - Absolutely positively (1993) Kenny Marks - Right where you are (1984) Kim Boyce - Kim Boyce (1986) Lamb - Lamb favorites (1995) Larry Norman - Home at last (1986) Larry Norman - In another land (1976) Larry Norman - Only visiting this planet (1972) Leon Patillo - The sky's the limit (1984) Leslie Phillips - Beyond Saturday night (1983) Leslie Phillips - Dancing with danger (1984) Maranatha - Colours - A time for joy - Reflections in guitar (1985) Maranatha - Colours - Harlan Rogers & Smitty Price - The Colours of Praise 2 (1988) Maranatha - Colours - Palette - A Colours Sampler (1988) Maranatha - Colours - Phil Keaggy - The wind and the wheat (1987) Maranatha - Colours - The gift - A Colours Christmas (1986) Maranatha - Colours - Tom Howard - The harvest (1985) Maranatha - Maranatha Music - Praise Strings 1 (1977) Maranatha - Maranatha Music - Praise Strings 7 (1984) Maranatha - Maranatha Music - Praise Strings 8 (1986) Maranatha - Maranatha Music - Psalms alive 1 (1983) Maranatha - Maranatha Music - Psalms alive 2 (1984) Maranatha - Maranatha Music - Psalms alive 3 (1986) Maranatha - The Maranatha Singers - Praise 1 (1974) Maranatha - The Maranatha Singers - Praise 7 (1984) Maranatha - The Maranatha Singers - Praise 8 (1986) Mark Heard - Greatest hits (1999) Marty Goetz - Psalm enchanted evening (1998) Matthew Ward - The Matthew Ward Collection (1992) Michael & Stormie Omartian - Seasons of the soul (1978) Michael Card - Signature songs (1999) Michael W. Smith - Project (1983) Michele Pillar - Compact favorites (1989) Mustard Seed Faith - Sail on sailor (1975) Mylon LeFevre & Broken Heart - More (1983) Paul Clark - A new horizon (1981) Paul Clark - Aim for the heart (1980) Paul Clark - Drawn to the light (1982) Paul Clark - Out of the shadow (1983) Paul Smith - Live & Learn (1986) Petra - Never say die (1981) Petra - Petraphonics (1992) Petra - This means war (1987) Petra - Washes whiter than (1979) Phil Driscoll - I exalt Thee (1983) Phil Driscoll - Sound the trumpet (1982) Phil Keaggy - History makers (2003) Phil Keaggy - Time (1995) Prism - Blue (1986) Prism - Green (1988) Prism - Red (1988) Prism - Yellow (1987) Randy Stonehill - Equator (1983) Randy Stonehill - Our ReCollections (1998) Randy Stonehill - The sky is falling (1980) Randy Stonehill - Welcome to paradise (1976) Resurrection Band - DMZ (1982) Rich Mullins - Songs 1 (1996) Richard Souther - Innermission (1986) Richie Furay - I've got a reason (1976) Rick Cua - No mystery (1983) Rob Frazier - Retrospect (1992) Russ Taff - Walls of glass (1983) Scott Wesley Brown - All my best (1984) Scott Wesley Brown - Collection (1995) Scott Wesley Brown - The language of Jesus is love (1987) Servant - Light maneuvers (1984) Steve & Annie Chapman - Circle of two (1984) Steve Archer - Through His eyes (1983) Steve Camp - Doing my best (1990) Steve Taylor - The best we could find (1988) Steven Curtis Chapman - First hand (1987) Steven Curtis Chapman - Real life conversations (1988) Stryper - 7 - The best of Stryper (2003) Stryper - Can't stop the rock (1992) Stryper - Soldiers under command (1985) Stryper - The yellow and black attack (1984) Stryper - To hell with the devil (1986) Sweet Comfort Band - Breakin' the ice (1979) Sweet Comfort Band - Cutting edge (1982) Sweet Comfort Band - Hearts of fire (1981) Sweet Comfort Band - Hold on tight (1980) Sweet Comfort Band - Sweet Comfort Band (1977) The 77's - All fall down (1984) The 77's - Ping pong over the abyss (1982) The 77's - Pray naked (1992) The 77's - Sticks and stones (1990) The Choir - Chase the kangaroo (1988) The Choir - Diamonds and rain (1986) The Choir - Shades of grey (1986) The Daniel Band - Run from the darkness (1984) The Daniel Band - Straight ahead (1983) The Don Marsh Orchestra - Beside still waters 1 (1985) The Don Marsh Orchestra - Beside still waters 2 (1985) The Front - The Front (1984) The Imperials - Legacy (1996) The Imperials - Stand by the power (1982) The Imperials - The very best of The Imperials (1981) The Imperials - This year's model (1987) Tommy Coomes - Love is the key (1981) Twila Paris - For every heart (1988) Various Artists - Classical relaxation meditation (2000) Various Artists - History Makers - The best of Christian pop (Volume 1) (2003) Various Artists - Love songs for christian couples 1 (1988) Various Artists - Songs 4 Life - Celebrate the promise (1999) Various Artists - Songs 4 Life - Embrace His grace (1998) Various Artists - Songs 4 Life - Nurture your soul (1999) Various Artists - Songs 4 Life - Renew your heart (1998) Various Artists - Songs 4 Worship - Shout to the Lord (2001) Various Artists - Voices (1987) Various Artists - WOW Gold (2000) Vector - Mannequin virtue (1983) Vector - Please stand by (1985) Vector - Simple experience (1989) Wayne Watson - Man in the middle (1984) Wayne Watson - New lives for old (1982) Wendy & Mary - Out of the fullness (1981) Wendy & Mary - The wind came singing (1983) Whiteheart - Hits from the heart (1999) ================================================================= ================================================================= Section 10 (as of 11/28/05) ************************************************** NOTE: THESE ARE (AT LEAST TEMPORARILY) UNAVAILABLE ************************************************** You can always check with CMX to find out for sure but it seems unlikely that these will be able to be ordered any time soon. Sorry for the inconvenience. Thanks CDRs in this section have no printing or artwork on the front of CDR and don't include any paper inserts. PRICE PER DISC - $20.00 (2-CD sets are $40) -- without inserts Note: For many of these you can get the same thing cheaper in the first section or the same price with printing on the front of CDR in section 3. You may want to check those sections first. (All items in sections 3 and 4 have full color inserts available otherwise noted.) If you would like the artist and title written on the CDR and/or CD case spine, please specify this when ordering. These CDs are produced by a 3rd party so there is usually a delay of three to SEVERAL WEEKS in getting them. They're not ordered until payment is received since people sometimes request an item but then never send payment. If you've ordered other items (from the regular catalog or from section 1) and want them sent sooner you'll need to pay seperate shipping/handling. The listings for section 10 are extensive. Please click Here for those listings
Rick Cua regular CDs
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