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Christian  Music  X-Change  gives  credit  or  cash on used & new
Christian CDs, tapes, videos, records, DVDs and the like. You can
also send secular music and such but credit is usually pretty low.

Please note the following guidelines and if you agree  (and  only
if you agree) then send a list of items you wish to sell or trade
and  offers  will  be returned.  If you prefer you can send items
without prior approval but  by  doing  so  you  agree  to  accept
whatever credit or cash amount CMX deems appropriate. Please send
your list to cmxmusic@gmail.com as an email attachment in ***PLAIN ASCII
TEXT *** ONLY  (please, no Word, WordPerfect, Excel, Write, etc.
formats)  or,  better yet,  as text in an email.  If you're using
WordPerfect,etc please save the list in plain  text  by  choosing
"save as" and "ascii text","DOS text" or something similar. Also,
please list each item on a SINGLE line rather than everything  in
one continuous line.  Thank you.


Trade  info: Credit amounts vary greatly but for items that there
are  few  or  none  already  in stock and are undamaged credit is
GENERALLY about $4 for CDs, $.10 for tapes,$.25 to $1 for records
and $2 to $5 for videos.  Some of the factors affecting price are
style, condition, demand and current stock. Credit on items could
be anywhere from almost nothing to $100+.

Items marked with "?" are unrecognized by CMX. If they're normal,
regular issue Christian CDs on a label that CMX recognizes,credit
will probably be about $4.  If  you want, you can email back with
the year and label for a more accurate quote.

Credit prices only apply to one copy of each item unless more are
listed.  If multiple copies are sent, credit prices will probably
be lower on additional copies than on the first copy.

IMPORTANT:  For  full  credit  all  items  must be Christian full
length  original  non-compilation  regular  issue  CDs on a major
labels in undamaged condition in undamaged  standard  cases  with
both front and back undamaged inserts unless otherwise described.
All  offer  amounts  are  tentative  upon  examimation of trades.
Independant releases are generally less credit  but  not  always.
NOTE:  deductions will be made for scratches, damaged or  missing
cases, damaged  or  missing  inserts  (regardless  of  how   they
were originally  issued),  marks,  used  items  listed as "SS" or
the like*, etc.  Please, DO NOT send  damaged items if you're not
willing  to  accept  possible  deductions.  Please also make sure
everything plays properly and doesn't skip and that all items are
in their correct cases. If you send defective items it means that
someone down the line is going to wind up with a bad CD.

TRADE/CASH: Offer amounts are for credit toward future purchases.
CMX deals almost exclusivly in credit.  You can get cash but it's
only 25% of the credit price.  Sorry about this but  it's  really
hard  to  make any money when paying out cash.  Credit price does
not include  shipping, handling or insurance to or from CMX.   So
for example  if your trade credit was $30 and you want 3 $10 CDs,
you  would  still  need  to send more for shipping/handling, etc.
Credit does not expire and can be used any time for  merchandise,
shipping/handling, insurance, etc, just like cash.  Cash payments
are normally made via check but you can have it done  via  PayPal
if you prefer.  Offers are for  the  items  only.  Any  shipping,
insurance or other costs are paid by you.  So for example if your
credit was $24 you would get  $24  (assuming  no  deductions  for
damage, etc), not $24 plus your postage.

If you do want cash, you should keep in mind  that  cash  amount,
especially if the items are damaged or there are  already lots in
stock, may not even cover your postage costs.

By sending  items  you  agree to these conditions.  Again, DO NOT
send items if you're not willing to abide  by  these  conditions.
(Sorry  to  keep  saying  this  but  every once in awhile there's
someone that  just  doesn't get it).  If you do decide  that  you
want items sent back (excluding anything already sold) there is a
charge of $1.00 for EACH item (regardless of offer  amount)  plus
the  normal  charges for shipping/handling to  cover the time  to
unpack, examine, catalog and file the item(s).

CONSIGNMENT: You can also sell your items on consignment  if  you
think the item is worth at least $10. If you want to do this, you
would set  whatever price you want for an item ($10 minimum) then
when it sells,  you get half the seling price in trade credit (or
40% of selling price in cash if you prefer).  So say  you  have a
rare CD and think it should sell for $100. It would be listed for
that then when it sold your account would be credited for $50 and
this credit could  be used whenever you wish.  Or you could get a
$40 check sent to you. If you  decide  you want your item(s) back
you would need to pay normal shipping/handling and insurance just
as any regular order.  If you  don't set a price for your item it
will set by CMX.  You can also change the price at any time.

SENDING TRADES: If you want you can send items without the cases.
Credit would be less (see below for  deductions)  but  if  you're
sending a lot and/or you're sending them from outside the USA, it
may  save  you money on postage.  Inserts and CDs should be layed
flat between two pieces of stiff cardboard  and  well  padded  so
they  aren't  damaged. Pack items very well in a sturdy box.  For
best results, wrap  items  INDIVIDUALLY  in  crumpled  newspaper,
bubble  wrap,  etc and make sure the box is sturdy & well secured
with packing tape.  The  Post  Office  can  be  pretty  rough  on
packages  sometimes  so  make  sure everything is well padded and
well secured.  The heavier a package is, the more likely it is to
be damaged in transit.   It's  also  good  to  mark  the  package
"fragile".  Prices are based on how items arrive, not on how they
were  sent. Please make sure that the correct CD, tape, etc is in
each case and rewind tapes.

IMPORTANT: If you decide to send some  or  all  of  these  items,
please  print  the  offer  section  of the email and send it with
your shipment.  BE SURE TO INCLUDE THIS.  If this information  is
not included $3 will be deducted.  Please  SEND A PRINTOUT OF THE
OFFERS. Also be sure  to  include  your  name, address  and email
INSIDE  the  package  along  with a list of items/services wanted
if you're also ordering.

The following deductions to the cash or  credit  amount  will  be
made  up  to  almost the full amount of the offer for any damage,
missing inserts, etc. unless noted. Please be certain to note any
problems or damage or be prepared to accept the following deductions.


Regular CD case damaged:                                $ .50
Double CD case damaged:                                 $2.00
CD Thin case:                                           $ .50
Scratched/Scuffed CD:                                   $3.00
Minor marks on front of CD or tape shell:               $1.00
Used items listed as new:                               $3.00
Minor insert damage, stamped, stickers, etc:            $1.00
Major insert damage or missing insert (front or back):  $2.00 each
Tape case damaged:                                      $ .25
Tape insert damaged or missing:                         $ .50
Tape shell cracked:                                     $ .50

Radio promo type items, unless they contain  something  otherwise
unavailable  are  usually  of very low trade value, especially if
they come in a cardboard case, don't have inserts, etc.

*  All  items  listed  as  "new",  "still  sealed",  "SS", "(s)",
"unopened", etc must show evidence of being  FACTORY  sealed  and
never  opened.  This would include such things as cellophane wrap
instead of the stretchy  plastic  heat  sealed  shrink-wrap,  the
artist  and  title  label  on the top edge, factory stickers with
song titles or other information relevant to the item,  and  pull
tabs to easily unwrap the CD. Sometimes pawn shops or other  used
music  stores  will take used items and reseal them with a shrink
wrap machine.  This  is still used even though they may look like
they're new and unopened. Credit on these is $3 less than if they
were factory sealed.

Address to send trades to is:

2127 SE 155th Av
Portland, OR 97233 (USA)

If you agree to everything above please  send  a  list  of  items
you're  interested  in  trading to cmxmusic@gmail.com and offers will be
returned to you.  Please list format, artist  and  title and send
it as a PLAIN text attachment (please, no Word, Excel, etc format
files) or preferably, as text inside an email.

Do NOT send a list if any of the above is  unacceptable  to  you.
Again, sorry to keep saying this. There's normally no problem but
every once in awhile there's someone that ignores the information
then thinks that the guidelines shouldn't apply to them.  Please,
read  EVERYTHING  above  and if you still agree to all of it then
please send your list of trades. Please don't send a list or send
items unless you've read and agree to all of it.  Thank you.


Do you agree to everything listed above?

Yes.                       No.

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